[] Dark One's tale continue - The VinEland Saga! Grasping Vines/Totems full acid Archon


Dark One’s conquers new grounds and achieve discovering new uncharted territory on the dangerous land of Vinland, full of acid vines. Dark One found another threat - dangerous cult of shamanism using corrupted totems. Dark One prevails and thus unities the land.

So this is interesting take on Dark One set, using full acid/poison totems and vines, combined with many procs. Build have 100% vitality to acid conversion. It’s not the strongest Dark One build and it’s certainly the glassiest of them all but it’s fun character with one of the most devastating AoE damages.

Dark One’s family

Catalog to all previously posted Dark One builds and credit to the authors:

You’ve got the message, only vitality builds in recent times :roll_eyes:


  • pic with permanent buffs+Ascension(should be permanent too).

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NO0eaK2


Key is Dark One set, target farmable one. Also are used Conduit, Medal and Weapon for Grasping Vines mode.

  • Off-Hand. Contagion for -RR proc and overall nice stats.

  • Rings. Double Shuroth are rare but also super nice here with their procs and conversion.

  • Belt. OK belt with conversion and OA. Unlike most acid builds, here acid resistance is welcomed.

  • Relic. Meditation is hard to beat. Full flat acid on the proc and nice % acid damage.

  • Pants&Boots. Acid items in this slot don’t give me much value, so I took generic casters items.

I use Biting Blades from component despite low casting speed and Purified Salt to deal with these pesky aetherials and some of them like Alex have monster resistance to acid damage.


I like to experiment wit devotions. So took Aeon+Dying God and few procs. Guardian’s Gaze on BBlades is proven concept, also took Fetid Pool, since I haven’t use it before and don’t play retal builds. Proc is probably "shitty’’ :smile: but nodes are fine and I have full vitality conversion.


Build have nice absorb, some healing from Wendigo and Dark One’s set proc but it’s fairly susceptible to big damage hits and bigger streaks of attacks, since life steal isn’t that impressive. In Crucible biggest issues are MadQueen and wave 170 in particular. Alex is mega slow even with Salt. Kaisan isn’t much of a problem actually. Rest of enemies are dying in a flash :sunglasses:

Times are around 6:25 on average. My fastest run is 5:54!


LoL, I surprise an acid Archon can still achieve that good time. Especially with that devo map. Although this make your %vitality damage quite high.

It will change the build too much, but have you thought using 2 or 3 pc of wildblood set instead + dark one for vitality grasping vines? Seems rad…

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Vitality Vines Archon have been done by Valinov but it’s full Dark One with vitality Acid Purge. Wildblood+Dark One is done by DMT as Conjurer. So I prefer to do something different. Build is almost a meme but it’s actually good.

Nice build! Although my Acid Retaliation Grasping Vines Archon is closer to this one than my Dark One Conjurer :slight_smile:

What do you think about hard capping GV thru gear? Smth like that: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRkK6ON
Not sure about the boots, leaves you too exposed, but there is like 30 points of flat damage in the last two ranks.

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Yes Acid Dark One is not really common. Green Wendigo sounds mega cool. Green piece everywhere :smile:

Show, you mean Vinland Saga?


I remember your Archon but wanted to list only Dark One builds.

If you look closely most of the Vines damage come from skill modifiers. Their bonuses are much bigger than flat damage from the skill. I don’t like the off hand too. But that’s something for the people with OCD, having your main skill always at hardcap level :wink:

Yeah, just 30-40 flat gain. And some duration gain. However, it might scale really really well if you can squeeze in an extra vine into vines stack. This skill is god-tier.

Or you maybe right and it won’t matter :rofl:

But seriously, from my experience of buildmaking sometimes very tiny little things give the build the big push.

Build looks really nice I may give it a try. Is there anything that has changed with

Dark One was slightly nerfed but more importantly since I made this build, you can’t use double conversion shenanigans to make Storm totems fully acid. Vines are still cool though.

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