[] DARKER ONE (conjurer remake, cr5:30, sr95, HC viable)

Hello World!

First, credits to @mad_lee for creating the original Dark One conjurer after the set was revamped in, being the first in these forums to showcase the newfound strength of the set. Also, shout-out to @Nery and @sir_spanksalot for making respective cabalist and ritualist.

This build was born in hardcore mode which I play legit and self-found. After collecting some realistically obtainable gear, I realized I had arrived at almost exactly the same conclusions as Mad Lee. Build was super solid and fast enough for most people. But NOT FOR ME! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So I copied the char onto softcore, opened GD Stash and viola. Thanks to the purple MI added in the update, this here is probably the strongest no-green all-round Dark One conjurer up to date.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EwE3JZ

  • crafted with freeze res
  • ele res is 15% higher, and phys res is 56%
  • max %vit is nearly 3,450%

Crucible 4+3 in 5:30: https://youtu.be/M-HJmd0TNRM

  • average no-gimp mutators, bad enemy combos, feels like it’s possible to approach 5 minutes on top pilots with some grind
  • with Fevered Rage it can probably go sub 5 but I wanted to stick to one all-round setup (Fevered is a no-go in SR over 80-85)




First, because it has better life leech than just about any melee build on Ghoul - as long as you got your stuff deployed - just about ALL THE TIME. Its peek heal is well into six digits per second (yes, health regen afficionados, Dark One can reach the equivalent of 100k regen lol). That means until things start dealing that much dmg you’re just about immortal. That is somewhere in the SR eighties.

Second, most if its damage is passive. It means you activate a skill, and it keeps dealing dmg all on its own for a while. During that time you can do whatever you want. This is why charging Savagery is noty a bad idea. This is s also why 0 cc res does not hurt at all - your skills keep dealing dmg and healing you even if you’re stunned/frozen.

Third, it’s got pretty good AoE. In fact, in this installment it is competitive with the best - lightning Cyclones, demo fire/burn casters, AAR.



This particular setup got 3 items that require hundreds of hours of farming. For more realistic setup try this or better yet Mad Lee’s setup linked at the top. Getting the right Pestilence of Dreeg might also be a grind (I managed on the first try on my legit version :slightly_smiling_face:) so you can replace with anything of value (I used Stone of Halakor before I crafted Pestilence, Eye of Beronath is also ok).

Most gear is pretty much standard. The weapon and the rings were chosen for raw stats and procs. These procs are very strong. Pants are arguable. Wendigomane Leggings are pretty good in the spot. Belt can be replaced by Chains of Anguish which I’m still using on my legit version (that’s right, Anguish on hardcore, that’s how unsinkable this is) because I haven’t dropped the Stolen Dreams.



Build takes optimizing your buttons and then some getting used to. It’s important not to mash everything, especially Bloody Pox, CoF and Devouring Swarm - pressing each once is enough, and one Bloody Pox cast is sometimes enough for a whole wave. Once you get that, it’s no longer such a piano. It’s only got 3 casts you want as often as possible: totems and sigil. And Wendigo Totem has lots of spare uptime so you can also cast it sparingly if you’re not mobile.



Matter of taste. I recommend looking out for a decent 2h (rifle or melee - both good) and going for lightning Primal Strike. Every level 1 point in Primal, 2 points in mastery and 1p essentials: PS line, Mogdrogen’s Pact line, Howling Wind, Brute Force (only the first), Stormcaller. Once shaman is done with PS, HW and SP maxed, you can go for occultist and pick up Vulnerability, BoD line and Witchfire. Devos, take Ghoul and Revenant asap, then Hawk, Sailor, Eel, Viper, Kraken, Widow, Ultos, Spear. Leveling is super comfortable, and with that brought to 100 you can easily farm Dark One with faction gear.



Oh another monster vitality caster!

5:30 on the clock and SR 95 is impressive.

What I find weird is lack of -RR ring like Cursebearer or Fallen. Physical resistance is insane.

Morgo ring got really sick proc worth 150dmg in AoE, boosts Bat and gives needed oa (I’m not sure how %healing effects affects Dark One…). Basti is needed for Sigil, and the proc is also grand. From vit rr rings, I only like Cursebearer (others are single target) which has no useful stats here.

These items are really worth the status of purple MI.

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Those new purple m.i.-s boost the offensive power of my concept quite a bit it seems! Had freeze or trap been a problem here you could sacrifice + skills from your boots and take Morgo or Magi boots too. But I can see that it’s not a problem at all.

Well done! Nice polish in the end (glad you let go of Fiend).

Now get this stuff on your legit hc char )

EDIT: I just thought that Grey Magi boots not only cover your trap res and give you additional crafting bonus for freeze res AND give you Vulnerability hard cap (and run speed boost which is not lost here). But they also give you proc that gives you even more ridiculous Physical resist!

Check this out https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GKg152 @ya1 (not sure which racial damage is more important but Imbued Silver allows us better res overcaps for even more immortality)

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So does black death not make your runs worse? I mean confuse has been everyone’s worst enemy for a while already

I wish someone better took it for a spin. I hardly ever play vitality. That Devouring Swarm is weird for me.

But it does feel like sub 5 potential.

I also thought about Guardian’s Gaze, lol. But no. Wendigo is very good. Even if it doesn’t proc all that often. And the nodes are great.

I tried to fit in different boots, Finals, Boneshatters, Magis, but Voids got 6 ranks in mains (and 4 of them un-hardcappable without) and bunch of %dmg and dmg from spirit. Trap res really has no use here unless in SR deep enough where you gotta run from Benn’s bombs.

Good point with Imbued Silver, it also gives some bleed res. Actually, neither aetherial nor chthonian nemeses got high vit res. But I’ll take that 2-3 seconds off 163 with the trio, you know, and Alex always pops up so Purified Salt might be slightly better. Actually, at first I took Seal of Might for the sexy 60% phys res. lol.

Yeah, good point. But it’s extra dmg and uptime for cheap… Things that get affected usually die off Totems and procs anyway. And confuse is not like terrify where they run away and hide in a corner of the spawn zone. Plus, those micro cc effects like this and freeze from Amatok rune are pretty useful in deep SR where exploration shards are no longer easy.

Dropping it MIGHT result in better runs, though.

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Can you test that spec I drew up? I suspect extra minus res and higher running speed might win in the end

Good job @ya1 ! Now I don’t even have to post mine anymore :rofl:

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Pretty sure Voids are BiS here unless for deep SR if you’re afraid of Benn. I was trying to make a setup for really deep SR. Magi boots would fix trap res, and that’s about it. The rest is only possible through greens, and greens do the whole thing better even in boots slot: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYXbPAZ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What do you mean minus res? 2% RR from Vulnerability? Pretty sure 80% vit and 4 ultimate ranks in Sigil are better. But that’s too minor to be testable, imo.

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I have to tell you that this is the most fun I have had with a build in a while. I love my blade master build but it has nowhere near the tankiness that this build has. The damage is also amazing! I am still working through committing all of the keyboard strokes to memory, as there are a lot of keys that need to be pushed to affectively make this build run smoothly. I am still having some trouble not pulling multiple bosses in SR 75-76 from agro in small boss room, if you have some advice that would be much appreciated. This is by far the most fun I have had with a build and I appreciate you making it!

Thanks a lot for the advice I will have to try this out!

Quick question, are there some changes that can be made to effectively tank mad queen in SR? Mad queen keeps wrecking me. Thanks for any advice!

Nope. She machineguns shotguns when cast on. If you’re really fixated on facetanking her in SR you could try Mark of Burning Shadows and a conduit or another amulet (Avenger of Cairn or something) for max pierce res. But she is not normally facetankable in SR by anything.

Hey, any changes for ?

Your build is not in the Compendium X found by reading other builds ;(

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not every build ends up in the Compendium; it’s up to a build’s creator to submit it for inclusion.