[ -] [DW Ranged] Mortal Reminder - Vitality FS Defiler [c+] [sr+]

I think one of the reasons for the multiple good Russian players are the Discord channels and sites, where you can share knowledge and ideas, but also have competition.

I would say though that Anton(last name too long) is capable of pushing build to absolutely different level. He beats my best time with Blazerush by more than 30 seconds, 50 seconds with the Soulrend Reaper. I mean it’s always scary to see how some people are capable to do what seems impossible!

But always good to see rare and exotic concepts that are working and posting Defiler is nice achievement!

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I think, the time in Cruci also depends on how good your PC is and how straight hands you have :thinking:
And probably also on hours of practising the piloting skill. Because you know, average players as me make it far slower.

Thanks! I really like this build and it is probably one of the best defilers ever made :thinking: especially in modern reality of Crucible.

Really solid Defiler @afanasenkov26 and excellent confessions as well! Seals of the Void are my favorite components especially if you convert the damage.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is pretty much the main reason by far. It’s just one channel though, the rest of ru discords and websites are inhabited by casual players. :grinning:

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I love it. I had posted a similar build concept way back in AoM when I was comparing the 3 endgame ranged DW FS specs:

Nice to see that it can translate well into FG.

Regarding OP’s build - bloodfury spaulders is definitely BiS here.

EDIT: ah…the use of double green MI’s. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s funny to revisit my newbie theorycrafting days

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Why? 3pc BK bonus seemingly outweights whatever Bloodfury Spaulders offer.

Personally I think it’s worth trying to replace one of Gargabols with Morgul’s Mortality. 5% less RR but 14% more AS. Here’s my theorycrafted shit: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD4BOpZ

Use BK’s ammy instead. Those skeles are actually pretty powerful too. They also help aggro stragglers in Cr.

Then it’s -15% RR from Nazaran vs 14% AS with 75% uptime. Worth considering, but not obviously a BiS to me.

Interesting…you don’t think the massive AS + %vit damage proc on blood fury is good?

Because OP has perfect elemental conversion, and about 50-60% chaos conversion on items as it is.

Though, defensively, conduit is the best option here

i.e. 3 piece BK set + bloodfury spaulders

Not saying it’s not good, just that it’s not that obvious.

E.g. getting -15% RR from 4pc BK set allows to drop Signet of the Fallen and get an extra Deathlord Band with 8% attack speed, which could be rolled as high as 10% - about as much as Bloodfury given it’s uptime.

True, or you could also keep signet for moar RR :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno, all boils down to testing I guess.

As for armor, I think 3/4 pts BK is BiS here.
Double rare MI’s are not used in my calc :slight_smile: and in the alternative setup “of Dranghoul” can be freely replaced by “of Readiness”.
Pistols - really want them to get at least 14% as

Yeah, I don’t doubt that. Like I said, I was a lot more inexperienced back then :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I think I misunderstood you then :smile:
I also used to use Double Rares when got well with Stasher! But now trying not to do that without real need :slight_smile:

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Pushed the build to SR76.
Video goes here:

Although the build completed SR75-76, it is faster and safer to farm SR65-66, of course.
And I’ve made only this one run so far in high SR so can’t talk about % of successful runs.

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Great job, Afanasenkov26, Defilers need some love!

@Zantai Please, consider adding attack speed to those pistols, Defilers really need this :cry:

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Upd: added … Lokarr’s kill video!

(yes, I’m having a Lokarr-killing fiesta right now)
Jokes aside, I like this build. Certainly one of my favourites.


Just wanted to say that this is a solid fun build after playing it for a while. The leech and damage is top notch. I play campaign, so I changed it up a little bit to get more damage. They might not be the best changes, but it seems to work fine for me! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQOb4pV

Thanks @afanasenkov26 for posting it. :sunglasses:

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I’m very glad you have a good time playing this build and had even come up with an idea how to improve it for yourself :slight_smile: