[] Deadly combo-SR set+Chillstrifes DW Infiltrator. SR 85/Ravager/Naked Crucible

Ulo gives YOU life leech resistance, Rattosh lowers MONSTER life leech resistance

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Thanks, overlooked that part!

Thanks @fordprefect, did the farming before the MI update, probably will get some better rolls now :wink:

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Yup, good catch!

Rattosh is very nice against bosses/Nemesis and with vitality to cold conversion deals AoE damage, especially on spread skill Word of Pain. You and @WhiteWalker should check it out!

Yes I know I use similar things on my builds too :slight_smile: I mentioned it in the rattosh proc need buff thread

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Yup but I didn’t notice if you mentioned which skill you’ve put it. It’s very good on Pain and @grey-maybe have used it on aether Reaper on Aether Corruption.

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depends on build which I put it on but yes aether corruption agree wery good skill to bind on

Thanks @Nery will check it out, did not consider the syngery with WoP :slight_smile: many thanks