[] Deadly combo-SR set+Chillstrifes DW Infiltrator. SR 85/Ravager/Naked Crucible

The Ancient Guardian protecting the body of the holy Infiltrator!


So decided to do cold Infiltrator, but instead of doing the classical Deathmarked build, decided to go with SR set. The problem with it, I lack flat cold and also mods to WPS skills. So decided to go with unrealistic Chillstrifes to give me the much needed damage, while SR set grants fortitude.

Credit for the initial idea to @ya1 who theorycrafted different version with Chillhearts and to @sir_spanksalot who showed me the fun of naked Crucible runs.

Update for

  • pic with permanent buffs and Lethal Assault, DPS for Beronath

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZem1KvZ

Build is even stronger now, with Nightblade belt converting vitality to cold, which allowed me to take unique devotion map for cold build featuring Scales, Rattosh but also Phoenix. Also Serenity, cause who doesn’t want extra defense :stuck_out_tongue:

Video SR 85+bonus Ravager kill with no consumables:

Video naked Crucible run of 7:12


GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrOOx6N


Other than SR set and Chillstrifes I select gloves and pants to cap Lethal Assault, even with nerfs to it, it’s quite the potent damage buff source. One can have even better damage with some conversion, but SR set occupies the shoulder slot, so no Silver Sentinel.

Jewels are rally no brainier-dual Alkamos purple rings(you can use blue too) also Undying oath for flat cold. Relic is Nidalla, to empower further the Nightblade + skills. Boots are here to cap my slow resistance, also some physical res.


My favorite cold route with Amatok+Ultos+Dying God. Also since Chillstrifes are daggers, you can use Lantern for extra stat boost.


I managed to reach SR 84 in my sole attempt. Have the absolute bad luck of having one at least from the: Kaisan, Grava and Slathasar in each boss chunk. That makes my idea for recording so difficult :frowning_face: Anyway up until SR 80 there’s basically no unbeateable combo, unless you somehow find Kaisan, Grava and Slathasar/Gargabol/Annie all in same wave.

Video from full SR 75 clear with NO consumables or cluster-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fvj7bGwRU8&t=7s

Video from SR 78 boss chunk only, again NO consumables-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fEXCkMKl7s&t=4s


Build is virtually unkillable in buffed Crucible. You can play full kamikaze with no fear. Times are nice too, slightly over 6 minutes at best and around 6.25 at average. But I wanted more, so naked Crucible spanking, here I comes!

I tried 4 runs naked, died in 170 first and completed the next three. So look at this video of naked 150-170 8:14: with NO consumables and clusters except aetherward oil.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-LWv4RqZb4


There aren’t enough hearts to give for the DW melee naked clear. :clap::clap::clap:

^ @nery: What you did in that 154 fight against kuba and co.
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Thanks, that mean a lot, coming from you!

But the build deserves the credits, I basically play rush in naked Crucible :smile:

Huh? I facetank it of course. I am proud melee after all :muscle:

Took me awhile to learn not to reflexively run or use things like mirror when I have ghoul or other circuit breakers up.

Also requires you to know the limits of the spec quite well. Well done!

Well, this was my third(and second made) naked run, so I was already familiar where I can face tank, play aggressive and where I need to make few steps and wait for Ghoul or PB CD. Also look 169 and Anasteria rush. But my playing is far from good, since I often stay in bottom left corner, where usually is located the banner.

Naked runs is all about using the corners effectively. Unless you’re rocking a tank, being forced to the middle is usually a kite fest with a very sloppy victory, or death.

^This is why I’m not the best speed buffed/bannered pilot

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In 165 I used massive body of Grava to block Maiden from running 2 vs 1 on me. Also at Nemesis wave, used the small podium with the spirit spirit guide, not to allow being surrounded. That’s very important, since I can’t out steal 3 or 4 Nemesis, but can control 1 or 2 with ease.

PS, that’s why I credit you for naked runs, by watching/reading you I learn lot of the things required. Still the skill level is most important in order to do naked runs. I will not try this with glassy specs like some of your videos!

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That looks very nice, especially naked run!
Seems like the build is a destruction machine (but we remember it’s an infil in SR set with chillstrifes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

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It is! Usually when you achieve good surviving, it’s for the expense of damage. But here Infiltrator excel at both. So Infiltrators…

Whaaat, haven’t seen this monster. Good job!

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Thanks! The greens obviously did the heavy lifting, but it’s so so good!

wow it works… how about no rare affixes? :smiling_imp:

also, no love for BANE??? :imp:

Works just fine…

No rare affixes, like Chilled of Alacrity? Probably will make some difference , but why bother doing it? No bane, I need Nightblade +skills and also unlike with Chillhearts, don’t have fire to cold conversion.

Update for

NEW GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZem1KvZ

Video SR 85+bonus Ravager kill with no consumables:

Video naked Crucible run of 7:12

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Hi Nery,

Thanks for the build.
Been quite unfortunate with the Chillstrife drops so far, I got 2x Chilled of Frostbite so far, but with no attack speed on it. However, also got an Oathkeeper’s of Arcane Balance with 14% attack speed, but with flat elemental instead of flat cold and 70% cold dmg less then one chilled of frostbite. What do you suggest here? My attack speed is not capped


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Since Attack speed will help you triggering WPS skills, I will prioritize it. You can also use 1x Malkaddar Blade with good rolls, it’s decent choice here. Purple Chillheart weapon is usually good for Infiltrators but with SR flat damage is low, so I don’t recommend it.

Hi Nery, thanks for your reply. Think I’ll go for 2 chillstrifes with attack speed in this case :slight_smile: thanks!

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BTW: I changed devotions a bit, gonna check it out later today:
Used Ulo for Life Leech reduction, I guess that’s why you picked Rattosh?
And 11% attack speed win with Jackal and Spider

EDIT: with Yugol instead of Ultos https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NO1dRPV

Keep farming, Chilled of Alacrity drops will be there eventually and those you can work with rather than other affixes w/o cold damage or w/o attack speed.