Best class combo for DW cold?

Hi! I’m looking to scratch my DW cold itch soon, but I can’t make up my mind as to which class combo is best. I am looking for the build to be able to kill Mog and possibly Ravager. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Melee I assume? Because you can play DW Cold with Pistols and even Cold Caster with 2 daggers :slight_smile:

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Yes, melee. Sorry for the confusion!

Dervish, Infiltrator, Reaper and Spellbreaker are the best for melee dw cold. All are doable but I only saw Spellbreaker did Mog and Ravager, it is kind of hard consider the low armor, phys resist. You must time the phase of the bosses to potion at the right time.

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@Foehammer Ravager without pots :cold_face:


Infiltrator, Spellbreaker and Reaper all have specific pros and cons. Inquisitor will give you instant damage reduction and second heal. Seal will not be that good against heavy hitting super bosses. Arcanist provides % absorb, Mirror and Nullification to purge debuffs but usually health pool is really low. Necro will give % life steal, health and MoT but no second source of RR or permanent absorb like the other classes. Blademaster is also an option if you try stacking more armor and you can use also War Cry for big damage reduction.

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There is no mention of saboteur, so I will upload it.

Grimtools(Ravager & Mog) -
Grimtools(basic) -


Thanks for the replies everyone, it’s appreciated. Still can’t make up my mind :thinking:.