[] DW Chillstrifes melee fantasy cold Reaper!


Welcome to Forgotten Gods forgotten class edition! Reaper is not the most popular combination. Outside of Demonslayer set it doesn’t really offer much of a top build.Well let’s change this.Which is the fastest DW cold melee out there? Yeah I have some double rare greens ,for sure they help my cause.

Update for

  • permanent buffs, with Lethal Assault and Soul Harvest being active.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4mppm2

Decided to delete last update and provide new char. Full vitality to cold conversion is used and vitality devotions like Scales and Rattosh. Build is suitable for Crucible, for SR 75/76 good enough, for higher shards no. Also Ravager kill with two consumables and Reaping Strike over Belgo Shears. Videos:


GT - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2Ja3akN

Key items are two chillstrifes for cold RR,belt for conversion. This belt is way better than any legionaries, cause converts flat vitality from Soul Harvest and Harbinger to cold. Two parts of DM for set bonus,Ravager helm for extra RR. Relic is Serenity. NOTE for Crucible you can change component in chest to Bone


+3k OA
+almost 25k WD
+3.1k cold modifier
+190 % average speed
+superb RR
-40% veil
-20% chillstrifes
-18% amulet
-10% helm
-23% Murmur
32 flat storm
25% Ultos
+racial damage,especially humans
+100% wps with best for dw melee


+decent DA with OA shred
+24% Life steal
+damage reduction from item procs
+Dodge and Deflect
+CB Serenity+Ghoul


Gladiator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSgL3q92NbY&t=4s
MQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hONZQ0dGgEI
Lokkar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW2syG0wxg0


I lose a lot of time because of lag. Good players with better specs can probably do 4x runs and times like 5.45. Kuba is usually slow for cold builds, here is decent, I beg for double Reapers on every wave: :stuck_out_tongue: Success rate is close to 100% ,super safe build.

Reserved,Idk why

Looks very strong, Nery. But I have to ask, is it really better then full Deathmarked?

I am not the best pilot around but in same conditions my times are around 10-15 seconds quicker,but they are close.I think Reaper deserves some credit.
PS just look sheet dps compare to Beronath Infiltrator.

So full Deathmarked is 10-15 seconds faster? Or your setup? I am a bit confused by your reply :slight_smile:

Sorry for confusion,sleepy:D
My setup is quicker than DM.I hope Mercymaker sees my build and give it a spin.

At a glance frostdread + silver sentinel shoulders yields almost 20% more flat cold with negligible impact on resists (juggle augments) and crucial skill rank targets.


Interesting idea.I tested with two part Silver Sentinel,the times are basically the same,even worse cause 20% racial damage is lost.Also DM have better armor,but your idea is good.

With Alkamos Rings already providing reduced target’s damage what do you think of a setup that sources slowres from the boots (as stormtitans are just for stats here) and pursues kubacabra chausses for more lethal assault? Granted this might not hit your desired value of slow res given the high density on the Legwraps vs. something like Final March.

Yes is option to go Stonehide Kuba chauses of kings+final march+slow component and cap LA.

I actually tested with silver sentinel and pants for Soul Harvest.Times are slightly better,but I don’t want to go too green heavy.Weapons and belt are are must,pants or green boots are optional.

finally someone post this guy gj :slight_smile: I used chillwhisper helm on mine, but overall pretty similar

It’s crazy how high you can you can get the flat with some stupid greens, I got to 30k flat on cheater version :smiley:

Thanks!I like RR from Ravager.Yeah with full green setup you can reach insane numbers.Selecting Niddala for relic is extra boost.
But this setup is safe-full facetanking:p

I used to play a aether Reaper,but it’s really a torment while fighting reaper of the lost/Aleksander.
I have decided to change it into a cold one after reading your thread.
Nice build & nice performance in Crucible !

I saw your Infiltrator,you have affinity to cold DW melee,too:)

Hi all,
is this Build viable for the end game in Ashes of Malmouth []?

You mean without FG patch or just Ashes of Malmouth area?

You should at least read the title of the thread.

Which would tell a newcomer exactly zilch. :rolleyes:

Psylocibe, you’d do better to look for beginner builds in the compendiums which are more detailed on stuff like gear while progressing, levelling up, devotion paths, etc.

This sort of build is mainly for playing in the Crucible add on if that’s your sort of thing.

i mean without FG.

meanwhile taking a look at the beginner build.
Thx btw

If you don’t have much items this build is hard,cold Reaper is very gear dependent class.Also belt is only in FG,so I don’t think is new player friendly at all.

If you want beginner DW Cold melee,please check my Infiltrator guide.