[] [HC] CRATE KILLER - Ulzuin Canister Bomb Sorc (SR65+, Crate, vids)

I know this is HC build. But on softcore, it should do relatively easy SR 85+ with aggro abuse?

Perhaps, haven’t tried it.
I did SR 76 on this variant in season 1 of the community league as you can see here.

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Seems super chill on SR 75-76.

Also could i ask you. I want to try to go heavy on Demon Fire, and Codex + moltenclaw slicer. Because of this, i lack skill points. Would cutting Star pact and mastery points in Arcanist, and distribute them among skills like Overload, Mirror of Ereoctes, blast shield, Elemental balance etc, be stupid idea?

Star pact for lightning canister builds is much better than for fire builds, and with maxed demon fire i really miss a lot of skill points

I lose like 8% CDR in favour of damage in other areas and better utility

Idk, Aldanar’s Vanity and its proc are just insanely powerful both defensively and offensively and removing star pact’s 8% CDR is on average equal to losing about 8% damage on canister bomb, but maybe you can get more damage back via other points.
That said, I’m not gonna be the one that tells you to not try out things I haven’t tried myself, :smiley: so go for it!

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Hey! The build looks sweet. Could you please post a detailed instruction regarding devotions? Which constellation after which… cause I’m having issues assigning points the way they are in your grimtools link.

I think it is explained in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpIfyL5fyGg
otherwise just use some temporary devotions. What most ppl miss is that devotions can sustain their own affinity requirment when then get get completed, so one can use temporary devotions until a target devotion is completed, then you remove the temporary devotion.

Like say I wanna get the Magi devotion, require 10 green. Assume fresh devotion map.
Green crossroad, hawk, spider now I have 10 green.
Complete Magi, then I have 13. Now I can refund hawk and still have 10 green affinity because Magi devotion can support itself from its own completion bonus.

When you learn this technique, devotions becomes very simple to make.

Added “Getting to final devotions step by step:” under devotions :wink:

Many thanks! :wink:

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Added SR 65-66 run and adjusted GT a bit.

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Hi… very new player to GD. just wondering if you have a preference for faction for this build - kymon’s or death’s vigil…or if it doesn’t matter?

Doesn’t really matter that much for this build, but I’d rather go Kymon, they have better augments.

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This build look super cool, i want to try this on hc from like a half a year… but i dont know which one is better: this sorc or your shieldbreaker bomberman? Also if i try adversary shieldbreaker i want to use Mythical Mask of Infernal Truth and 3 pieces of ulzuin - what do you think about that change? I feel like a ulzuin helm is not the best , but maybe ulzuin gaze make a difference? Any advices are welcome :smiley:

Hello I apologize for necroing this. I was curious about the Ghoul devotion. Does any of our damage contribute to healing because it specifies “attack damage”? I currently have moved the devotions around a little bit to give me Behemoth instead as it seemed a bit more potent as a defensive ability.

I am new to the game and appreciate any help!

Ghoul’s circuit breaker gives you 18% phys res which is always good aswell as 80% “attack damage converted to health” (AdctH) as a global stat. This stat (when it’s global) works on any ability that has %Weapon Damage. In the case of this build, Canister Bomb gains AdctH via the 5 piece Ulzuin set, so whenever ghoul procs you heal a ridiculous amount from every single shell of the Canister Bomb.

Behemoth is a good devotion too and I prefer Behemoth on this build when you play a 1h+offhand variant like e.g. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7OY3JV
When you have %Weapon Damage, I personally prefer ghoul.

Thank you so much this really clears it up for me. I think I will keep Behemoth for now until I am able to get the Ulzuin set, then I will switch to Ghoul.

That sounds good!
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

how is this damage wise vs the grenado build? just looking at the skiils it like canister bomb has way less damage.

you should try to use the real skill instead of “just looking” at it. CB explode to 8-10 fragments, and the damage in description is for EACH fragment, so the total damage CB has is 8x to 10x damage the number you’ve read. Not mention the huge AOE those fragments spread around, rather than only 1 bomb Grenado did

I’ve actually tried looking for information on whether the bomb can shotgun like kallastor, but couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for solving that for me, but there was no need to be rude about it.

He wasn’t. Trying things out instead of looking at them at face value usually paints a better picture.