[] [HC] CRATE KILLER - Ulzuin Canister Bomb Sorc (SR65+, Crate, vids)

I finally did it and I’d like to share this moment and build with you! After the death of both my Blademaster and my Bomberman Shieldbreaker, I revamped my meme spam cold CT Sorceress into an Ulzuin char. The idea behind this was rather straightforward and the build is not super creative, but it got the job done :slight_smile: The Shieldbreaker could’ve probably made it already, if I didn’t misposition me in the fight and since there are no second chances in HC I decided to basically remake that Shieldbreaker. I had the above mentioned Sorceress ready at lvl 100 at the time, just had to lvl fire devotions. Why did I not go for adversary this time then? Well Adversary gives you +1 Oathkeeper, but not Arcanist. Also Arcanist has even more juicy passive nodes that you’d like to take (especially since last buff) and it simply wasn’t point sustainable to go for both Canister Bomb and Grenado. It probably would be on the lightning version with dual Barrelsmith’s though (you even benefit from Star Pact’s %lightning then). Anyway, enjoy the build!

^pic with low, pre Ravager’s eye augment, DA

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwG0dqZ https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlw7q52 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G46OnV


YT playlist

crucible 4 total runs, 2 without, 2 with extra spawns (average 7:05min, fastest 6:43min), 4 buffs 3 (tier 1) banners:


Tier 1:

  • Viper: OA, affinities

  • Hawk: OA, affinity

  • Ghoul: lifesteal, circuitbreaker with phys res and more lifesteal

  • Quill: DA, affinities, energy, aether res

Tier 2:

  • Chariot: OA, stun res, DA, armor and heal on proc

  • Magi: best fire dps proc, %fire, %burn, casting speed

  • Phoenix: nice flat absorb on the proc (stacks with blast shield), crit damage, %elemental dmg

  • Harp: %elemental dmg, pierce&bleed res, energy, insane energy and OA/DA on proc

  • Witchblade: %fire, fire RR on proc, must have for any fire build

Tier 3:

  • Ulzuin’s Torch: lots of OA, crit dmg, chaos res, %fire dmg, fire damage proc

Getting to final devotions step by step:

  • get all 5 crossroads
  • viper, ghoul, quill, hawk
  • solael’s witchblade
  • panther, toad
  • magi, harp, phoenix
  • remove panther, toad, red & green crossroads
  • chariot of the dead
  • ulzuin’s torch


  • weapon, helm, chest, shoulders, amulet: 4 piece Ulzuin’s Infernal Avatar set (skill bonuses, blast shield mod, 15% phys res, +2 demo)

  • belt: Mythical Ulzuin’s Torment (skill bonuses)

  • gloves: Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards (fire proc with %WD, which lifesteals)

  • ring: Mythical Time-Fux Band (+2 Canister Bomb, to max out the skill)

  • ring: Living Ring (use whatever fixes your res or just use Combustion Band for RR)

  • pants: Solael Sect’s Legguards (filler for DA and res)

  • relic: Serenity (+1 all skills, another defensive circuit breaker for extra safety, feel free to use any +1 demo relic or inskandra’s/eternity instead)

  • boots: Mythical Stormtitan Treads (my default boots up to patch 1.1.3, there are definitely other choices available now, also green boots to fix res can be used, in this case they give me HP, stun res and posion res)

  • medal: Mythical Mark of Divinity (BiS for defense imo, really good on any Ulzuin’s chosen caster, Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desires is insane aswell for +Star pact and OA)


  • level using e.g. Blackwater Cocktail and Grenado/Canister Bomb like this, which can also be supported with Arcanist’s Olexra’s Flash Freeze.

  • rush Solael’s Witchblade and Magi devotions

  • use a non mythical adversary or non mythical infernal brimstone if you have them or the green MIs mentioned in the video above.


RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage


Despite the history of nerf to the Ulzuin set and Canister Bomb, the build is still pretty solid all around.


For references I’d like to mention full Ulzuin Shieldbreaker of @John_Smith and my own Adversary Shieldbreaker, which almost did the job aswell.


Nice build! Actually I saw your stream videos from YouTube and wondered if you gonna share the build with us and here it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re discussing Ulzuin Sorc with Sir Spanksalot last week and he proposed me build with 4 pieces+ Barrelsmith, which is also intriguing. And I posted full Ulzuin Purifier last week. So Ulzuin is very versatile set.

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Crate on HC? Ballsy. I approve.

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Congratulations, Crate on hardcore is one of the best achievements imo :grinning:

Did you practice fight on SC?

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Thx and ty for watching! :smiley:

Yea this build was almost gonna be that aswell and as I wrote in Intro it would even profit from Star Pact’s %lightning, so it might even be stronger than this. That said Ulzuin’s 5 piece proc is pretty strong aswell and it also has lifesteal due to %WD. That’s the only thing that Barrelsmith is lacking compared to full Ulzuin or 4pierce+Adversary, but I’m sure you can make up for it via devotions (bat, giant).

Even after the nerfs it’s still really strong, probably the strongest single mastery set in the game right now.

Thx for the approvals @Lokarr (btw fighting you was a joke again :stuck_out_tongue: ) and @Maya !

Thx :smiley:

I did not, which is probably why I lost two chars prior to this one :rofl:

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That counts as practice. No pain, no gain.

Nice job :+1:

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Holy hell, I wouldn’t be so brave to practice him on HC :sweat_smile:

Now you need few more kills for amulet :laughing:

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Maybe next year :sweat_smile:

Yup practice one of the biggest challenges in HC, why not? Come to think about it, I am yet to beat any superboss. :sweat_smile:

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Try them, satisfaction is huge after first kill on superboss, altough Crate is strongest and horrible annyoing, dying one time means new game and marathon through desert and maggots :laughing: I was lucky enough to drop amulet after first kill but I needed many tries (few days because I had no nerves for this fight to try more than few times in row) with pet conjurer.

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WOOT. well done man.

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No chaos aegis. 0/10.

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:laughing: pls no h8

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@Nery In the chinese grimtools dump, there was a similar build designed to take higher shards with uses Barrelsmith :


They still really like the their ‘living ring’

Thanks for the link.

The major incentive of living ring is that it can roll multiple different resistances. And overcaps are welcomed in SR.

This is an interesting build and I have some questions. Can this build vork at endgame vithout all fancy equipment? I am asking because I never played HC and want to try it. Not sure if I should start DK or Battlemage first because Krieg set is much more easier to farm than anything else. For that reason I also made Battlemage on lvl 31 and cant decide who level first.

I have my Sorc currently at lvl 41. At level 10 I managed to complete achievment to kill Krieg under lvl 11 on Veteran difficulty. :smiley: From this long fight I understand from where survivability of this build comes from. Not the utterly low armor,phys. resistance. Its from running and kiting. Style fire and forget and never stop running. For panic button Mirror works fine, but on low levels it has horrible cooldown :smiley:

Is going past level 32 in arcanist tree absolute necesary for grab Star pact which gives nothing more than 10% CDR on max level to pure fire build? I gues You dont need that cold frostburn dmg with its 15% phys to cold and 45 aether to cold conversion :slight_smile:
From this perspective for example Oathkeeper do better thanks to fire RR on GoE + Vires might charge +HP from Haven + all Divine Mandate bonuses - 35% crit dmg, flat burn dmg (100% phys to fire conversion for trauma), + % fire and burn damage and slow resistance.

It can, but not to this lvl of performance. Check out this video where I talk about lvling a bomber Demo. It might help you with items to look out for, etc. when you start from scratch.

DK > BM. It’s just better pre Krieg set and more flexible in the endgame. And yea gearing a Krieg set char is definitely easier than this Sorc.

Even though this game has a high focus on just facetanking every boss, there are different playstyles available and they should be used. Especially the Crate boss really pushes the kiting and dot playstyle more than any other boss before him did. I initially hated the design for that, but I start to feel more and more that this is kinda ok to make ranged/dot builds have an endgame boss where they finally have an advantage over facetanking builds.

yea which is why I pushed it to softcap and have lots of cdr on top :wink:

Yes! The CDR is the best part out of all passive/aura skills in this build. You don’t need it for leveling, but it’s insanely good in endgame.

Oathkeeper is definitely a very good secondary class choice as you can see in my other bomberman and also John_Smith’s build which I linked under “References”. Oathkeeper provides more dmg, but Sorc is better defensively.

It’s marked as in your collection but there seems to be no content more recent than, will be adding as a build into compendium.

Updated for now with crucible gladiator 170 (extra spawn) and SR 65-66 videos. :slight_smile:

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