[] [HC] Obsidian Dream - Tremor Pyromancer in a Guardian’s armor (vids, SR50+, c170, Mog)



added videos for Mogdrogen and Bourbon clone kills

edit: added lvling VoDs and Demo lvling beginner video

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Build is unchanged for patch and stronger than ever due to the buff to the Obsidian Tremor skill.

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Bumping this rather than new thread for now as I’ve been doodling on a Infernal Knight Ob Jugg Pyro and was trying to find crucible videos for DISCORD EHONOR discussion.

Do the non-SR set versions reasonably survive in Crucible? This is my current test iteration which is performing solidly in SR65-66 range, expecting SR75-76 should be fine as well: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl5xmRZ

Pulling in scales with decent conversion and energy regen removed ever needing to take a potion and makes for great sustain with bat combo, but obviously the devo map gets weird and no way to grab Abom (or Torch for fully converted meteors. Fissure works well as a consolation prize). With just bat or bat and ghoul, build definitely felt glassy.

edit: old link, updooted

I love this build but I had some question about some things.

  • Like you said you went with rylok wing medal skill to reduce oa and da, but you have curse of frailty node and flash bang, so only for da removal?
  • Did you try build with riftstone in weapon? more flat damage and one less button to push
  • you can get sailor guide devotion if choosing rat over fiend (remove Eel) good idea? I heard you say this in video.
  • with new demon fire skill for cocktail, what points to pull to invest in it you think?

sorry for all questsions

Added SR 65-66 HC run on patch