[] [HC] Obsidian Dream - Tremor Pyromancer in a Guardian’s armor (vids, SR50+, c170, Mog)

Time to Sunder!.. wait a minute… time for Obsidian Tremor!!!

After checking out several Obsidian Juggernaut builds such as Valinov’s Deceiver, Malagant’s Deceiver on twitch some months ago and mad_lee’s warlock and with people asking me to try the weapon, I finally decided to make one aswell. So here is my HC viable result, a Pyromancer - an Obsidian Dream come true!

^ingame with Blood of Dreeg up


1.1.7 buffed Obsidian Tremor, so the build is stronger than ever!

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7R1ld2

beginner: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD4EwBZ

advanced: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62ayMdb2

Shattered Guardian: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxpGgbV

Highlight video featuring all three versions:


YT playlist

All of the following will refer to the „Shattered Guardian“ set up:


Tier 1:

  • Fiend: %chaos dmg, %WD proc, affinities (Fiend over Bat, are you sure? Actually I am not, feel free to replace this with Bat)

  • Spider: %CS, OA/DA, affinity (actually good now since the latest buff)

  • Candle: affinity. ele res, DA

  • Hawk: %OA, crit dmg

  • Hound: %armor, physique, affinity

  • Eel: pierce res, DA, affinity

  • Ghoul: best circuit breaker for WD based chars, lifesteal

Tier 2:

  • Kraken: good stuff for 2h

  • Solael’s Witchblade: must have for all chaos builds, RR proc

  • Watcher: the classic, best defensive tier 2 devotion in the game

Tier 3:

  • Dying God: OA, DA, %chaos dmg, chaos res, flat chaos dmg, insane proc with total speed, crit, %dmg

  • Abomination: actually useable since last buff, %chaos dmg, OA, poison res, proc with lots of flat chaos, %chaos and phys to chaos conversion


  • weapon: Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut (obviously mandatory)

  • amulet, chest, shoulders, helm: The Shattered Guardian (insane HP and res, especially cc, phys)

  • pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros (OA, proc)

  • rings: Mythical Combustion Band (RR proc, CS) and Voidheart (RR proc, CS)

  • gloves: Mythical Voidrend Talons (aether, ele res, CS, flat chaos)

  • relic: Korvaak’s Deception (+1 Demolitionist, % OA/DA, slow res)

  • belt: Rah’Zin’s Waistguard (+1 Occultist, racial dmg vs Chthonics, OA, flat chaos, res)

  • boots: Mythical Timewarped Walkers (slow res, poison, aether, bleed, phys res)

  • medal: Mythical Black Mark of Deceit (this can be changed to lots of other ones, like (mythical) Blood Sigil of Ch’Thon, Mark of Unlife, Mark of Devinity, etc)


  • level using Blackwater Cocktail and Fire Strike or Grenado fire spec (Demo) which has great overlap with fire devotions or Bloody Pox vitality spec (Occultist) until you find a (mythical) Obsidian Juggernaut.

  • rush Fiend and Solael’s Witchblade devotions

  • Demo lvling (grimtools)



RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage

Feedback & Final Words

Latest buffs to all 2handers (giving them flat damage of their respective element) made also Obsidian Juggernaut a little more consistent, but it would be nice if the weapon had ~45% fire to chaos conversion on top.

As most of my builds, it’s a little more survival based and tries to farm not the very hardest (SR 65+), but still reasonably high stuff as it is made for HC after all. You won’t find the craziest Crucible record times here, but the build is definitely good enough to be called an overall solid endgame char. That said Crucible 170 is definitely doable even though 11,5 mins is not very fast. That said, it was my very first run on this char ever and both Kuba healing and Aleksander getting healed cost me a LOT of time. SC Crucible Speedrunners feel free to push this build to its limits and post your times :smiley:

Special thanks to:
@Valinov, @mad_lee and especially to nanditodesilva from twitch, whose username I don’t know on the forums. You made me push this char into crucible all the way up to 170.


Did you consider severed faith, or darkblaze ammy?

P.S - loving the build <3

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Thx! :smiley:
I did check them out in GT, but I think that the 25% more RR that full Rah’Zin’s provides has more value as the build also doesn’t have any energy issues, even with SR set.
I actually did not play the Rah’Zin setup though so my judgement might be a little off here, I only played the SR setup so far. I mostly put it there for people that don’t have the SR set.

It’s hard as shit to test changes in MC, I’ll give you that :stuck_out_tongue:

But intuitively, I’m wondering if you could squeeze in solael pants, and sash of the bloodlord in it.

50% fire and vit —> chaos on belt!!!

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Those are some good suggestions, but the main problem with this build is OA and thus it’s kinda hard to replace Barbaros and Rah’Zin. So you’d need to have some insane affixes on those Solael pants.

Yeah, I know…

Why do you think I’ve never made a shattered realm build :stuck_out_tongue:

Cuz you mainly play SC? :stuck_out_tongue: SR set is insanely good in HC :smile:

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R u havin’ a giggle at me there, mate?

Fight me, IRL

Grim Dawn player meetup when? :open_mouth:

wait what happend to cratecon?


I blame zantai and his damn tribeers


Nice build!

I really like this weapon and the unique skill which it provides. Also up for a Cratecon. With or without the tribeers :ok_hand:

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Shut up, Nery. Only with tribeers. <3

Tribeers are hard to be patented as Medierra inventions and now he can’t create Cratecon due legal reasons :frowning:

Would be kinda cool actually, to meet up with other GD players, just to chill.

How old are you man? What’s internet for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk, really cool idea. Although if existed Cratecon will be probably in USA, which will cut the people’s opportunities to travel.

If there was a cratezon, I’d do my utmost best to dress up like Zantai.

:zantai: and I should be then :grava_yes:

Hmm, Maya will be dressed as Kuba cause it’s so fluffly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Maya would just dress up as a human, because maya is a birb.




@maya blahblahblah 10char

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