[] Im the Obsidian Juggernaut B**** - 2h chaos caster deceiver - 170/SR

NSFW language in video below (duh old video lol)


I’m going to keep this one short and to the point. Now that obsidian juggernaut and kraken finally have cast speed a good build can be made from this weapon. The new augments and new items from FG really fit well into this too. This can be done without greens although getting a thunderstruck pair of stoneplates shouldn’t be that hard. (purposely picked a rare suffix that doesn’t effect resists.) Shotgun x3 projectiles that can crit for around 170k with all buffs/debuffs against mobs with low chaos resist spammed at max cast speed. (unfortunately its very hard to shotgun most mobs with this skill)

The Build:


Crucible and SR videos will go up tonight or tomorrow evening.

Will add eventually with other videos



reserved maybe

Creative and fun, great build!

Seems like a fun build!

I tried to make similiar Warlock work in Crucible before the weapon and RR buffs and failed. Deceiver should definitely be able to close the deal tho.

But not because of Inquisitor!!1

Thanks for posting a good dps version of this. I;ve been meaning to do one for so long and kept dropping it.

Looking great. Deceivers master race:cool:

What the hell, I will just shamelessly plug my failed attempt video with Warlock here. Maybe someone here can figure out what can be done with that meme build.

I had one back in, but it required some unrealistic items and only cleared 9min(on my potato computer) crucible… Stats better here and realistic… So it was time

Been playing around with similar build, although I originally wanted to heavily use the cold conversion, so I’ve been trying out with blizzard devo as well. Base damage is considerably lower than yours (and still trying out medals/procs), not sure if blizzard will make up the difference. Also slapped on golemborn for an all purple version.


Nice build Valinov - great to see that Obsidian Juggernaut can finally be decent.

Tried it ages and ages ago on a Warlock back in vanilla GD and while it was fun, the skill was slightly wonky and would seemingly miss enemies even when in the monster’s face. I’ll have to give it a try again!

Tbh warlock is probably workable now too with new gearing and devotion routes, and the change to maivens should help it too


Now we have a good build of reference for this most badass skill in the game. Thanks.

Confirmed,with last two builds Deceivers have applications’.Changes to both Obsidian Juggernaut and Words of arms are helping here.

Did u try mythical entropic coil?

Nice Build OP!

I’ve wanted to work on some Obsidian Jugg builds for ages, This expansion opened up allot of options. Here’s my take on a Witchblade:


So far world content is a breeze. Wanted to really use the rah’zin set. Head and boots are flexible, Myth final march are actually a very solid fit for the build, but use what you have/want. I love chaos builds, and I love charge/forcewave combo, ended up being a perfect fit for me.

How strong is this build? Anyone remember what was Crucible/Dummy/MQ kill time or have any videos?
The flat damage and RR are pretty nuts.
I’d like to know where optimized Tremor stands and how it compares to the following build

Personally, I think Obsidian Juggernaut builds (and Winter King builds) will always suffer due to the lack of the skill following the terrain.

I couldn’t stand the skills since a small bump in the terrain would negate the skill and cause no damage…

This was not a monster build by any means but was fun. As mentioned the clipping on the skill is the most annoying piece. You’re basically a face tank build to try to shotgun and/or make sure any projectiles land home.

Wanting to try a variant around infernal knight pyromancer but have yet to build it in game


That’s my fledgling Obsidian Juggernaut Chaos Witchblade. There are times when, in a mad panic, I spam the heck out of Obsidian Terror. It really works against the totems that spawn a group of baddies right on top of you. If it doesn’t kill them, it weakens them. After that, I go in and pop them off melee style one by one. But most of the time I am in the thick of it. If I get surrounded, then I spin around spamming Obsidian Terror. It kills of the weak creatures, especially the annoying casters and range. Plus, for grins, I have Revenant bound to that spell. So I get Obsidian skeletons to help out a bit. Also, I have 18% life leach for those bad bosses. Of course I have 32% when I switch to Mythical Wrath of Tenebris and just go full on hack and slash who the heck needs a spell frenzy. Well, I do use Warcry, but that’s not my right click spell.

I wish I had better gear, but I haven’t been Level 100 that long. Honestly can’t expect to have a GG character anytime soon. It is true that that the spell is negated by terrain. If I encounter that too much, then I switch to my Mythical Wrath of Tenebris. Of course the only issue there, no spell since I don’t have points in Doom Bolt. I can’t stand that spell at all, especially since it doesn’t have any skills to augment it. No chance to split or jump the bolt to damage multiple foes. Plus it seems to only do real damage to weak monsters, even with a direct hit for that double damage.

Anyway, I love Obsidian Juggernaut so much. I used the Level 58 version for almost 40 levels before I found my Mythical Wrath of Tenebris. Lucky for me, I found my Mythical Obsidian Juggernaut soon after I hit 100. Now I just need to grind time away and hope that RNGzus smiles on me and gives me some good loot for my Witchblade.

Sure, there’s a lot more potential in the skill than you currently have.
For example check out how much more RR OP has:

  • 10% from amulet
  • 10% from ring
  • 10% from relic
  • 10% from helm
  • 26% from Word of Pain

The skill is cool that’s why I wanna know its potential :slight_smile: I made Witchblade in the past too and was about to make a Deceiver but since Valinov already done it I’d rather listen to his report first.