Obsidian Juggernaut Melee

I haven’t seen any posts about this since before the new xpac. Has anyone messed around with this? I was thinking of using it with Rah’zin set, but it is starting to seem pretty useless.

Any recommendations? Or is melee with this weapon not really viable?

Correct me of I am wrong, but this weapon was the one with granted skill. The skill scales with cast speed and also the weapon have just CS.

So considering low attack speed on two handers in general, you will not have enough for auto attack.

What can be done is to used granted skill in combine with transmuted Blade Arc Witchblade.

i havent went back to update this since the forum changed.

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im interested in that wep too,just like the winter-king helmet’s granted skill ,that’s powerful, and need update for the old Obsidian one plz :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Interesting build.

I’d use full Rahzin and Luminary Commendation + Runefather ring.

Thanks all for the replies!