Why is Obsidian Juggernaut so stupid?

Recently, I made a BD with Obsidian Juggernaut, it began so well, but after I use it to farm SR75-76 several times, I found something was wrong.

The skill is very easily disturbed by terrain, under normal conditions, it behave like
3 .
But when there are some small slope or steps on the ground, it would be
4 6 2 and deals NO damage to distant enemies.

On the other side, the Oblivion performs much better.

So if Obsidian Juggernaut could be better in next patch?
BTW, Crown of the Winter King has the same problem.


Think it’s a case of Obsidian and Winter King both come out of the ground while Oblivion doesn’t. That said, it does look like there might be some terrain issues with Obsidian.

Forcewave had the same issue for literally years and got much better when it started to go up slopes. If both Obsidian Tremor and Winter King’s Might went up slopes like Forcewave and Oblivion, it would make them much better.

i don’t mind the terrain thing, but only being able to hit with one projectile at range makes the weapon kind of useless.

Yeah, it’s a bummer. I remember being hyped for both of these skills and then realizing you’re forced to use them up close. The only advantage is that you get a chance to proc for every projectile.

Both skills really need to be changed to follow the terrain like Oblivion. It’s extremely frustrating to have a small bump block the skill (and the damage!).

Too bad it’s not a passive ability. I am not really a fan of weapons having spells, especially if they are better than the class’s spells.

man, the visuals for Oblivion are really poor, it could use some upgrading