[] 2h Aether Spellbinder - 5:15 Crucible, SR80 [g4][c+][sr+][vid]

It means I’ve gone to the illusionist to make the gear look like something else. Like transmogrification in WoW.

Have you tried eternity relic? Considering you have no chaos to aether conversion while all of your nukes alongside mirror and MoT are cdr based, it should be really good both offensively and devensively.

It would be great if it didn’t require an off-hand.

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My bad lol.

Are you able to repeat this result with Arcblade for Warder and Druid builds? What about Battle Mage build?

My point is that this statement sounds doubtful - I tried builds mentioned above with this sword and I didn’t get such good results in Crucible as you. So the weapon can look like to be overperforming for one masteries combo with certain setup, but not for others.

P.S: BTW, nice work and cool build.

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It appears that the skill proc has an error in Ashes of Malmouth that gives it 100% uptime (cooldown is shorter than the duration).

The cooldown is correct in the base game.

So expect it to be returned to its original cooldown of 3s (effectively a 1s delay between when the proc is active).

Em, is the proc Ok in FG or there is also an error like in AoM?

What about Ultos set proc? Descriptions look similar. When i tried to make a build with Ultos set with this sword, i compared two procs and decided it’s not worth it.

TBH i like 100% uptime on it, and it fits the lore note about being a “conduit” yourself :grinning:

Maybe 35% nerf on proc dmg and 100% uptime would be better? Would make the performance more consistent as well.

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So i was wondering why the weapon is getting nerfed despite looking terrible on Aether EOR. Well, there you go.

Also isnt it weird archblade gets CDR AND attack speed while wrath of tenebris only gets attack speed :pensive:

@sephelutis: Tenebris is also loaded to the gills with skill modifiers, and conversion though. :confused:

It is debateble if their modifiers are good enough. Frankly i’d give up 40% lightning conversion for 18% CDR on it anyday.

Soulfire is beyond fucked for Chaos EOR, might as well use it for the damage reduction buff.

That’s interesting. Out of curiosity, what would you use the CDR for? DB?

More ascension up time, infinite hungering void time, stacking sigil of consumption to trigger various procs. More doombolts to one shot pesky arcane mobs. Also, minor increase in flame torrent proc rate.

Its just to fill its own niche really. Rather than another boring one button build theres abit more going on, and with good sigil management you get the benifit of leeching while stunned. More hungering void up time would buff the build significantly. More ascension means its abit safer.

With 18% CDR it is also possible to go for time dilation + hungering void for basically infinite ascension and hungering void up time. That’d fill it’s own spot amongst other EOR builds.

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how do you even lvl up this character? when can I switch to 2h?

You don’t level with this build. Callidor’s Tempest and Bone Harvest have no synergy with each other without the weapon and the conversion. This build is for max level when you have the gear.


Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I would level the build by getting kreig’s set. @nery did up a pretty neat krieg set binder using callidor’s which is noob friendly.

Feel free to ask him for more advice

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Hi !

How are we supposed to get Kymon’s augment as Necro ?

I guess that you can choose them as single class but it’s way too late for me :frowning:

edit: replaced it with Flameweave Powder.

@Nery Is it viable to do a Aether PRM Spellbinder with Krieg set?

Builds like this were posted in the past and were moderately good, then medal and other support gear was nerfed. Now Spellgaze was added aether damage, so I think the best strategy is to go 4 pieces Krieg+Spellgaze for extra sustain. It will not be better than Invoker but will be decent build.

Oh right, my dirty GD Stashing self never considers things like that. Yeah, reconfiguring the augments with flameweave powder is the way to go to fix it.