[] 2h Aether Spellbinder - 5:15 Crucible, SR80 [g4][c+][sr+][vid]


I wanted to make an aether build and I really liked the look of Temporal Arcblade and the results were a lot better than expected. Almost full elemental conversion and 50%+ vitality conversion lead to some pretty chunky hits.


Melee version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvLQ4pN
Caster version courtesy of @sir_spanksalot: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy9l30Z

The Melee version is about 15 seconds slower than the caster version. It’s still very strong and has more leech so it isn’t a straight downgrade. Another viable option is stormfire over chain lightning. It’s 5-10 seconds slower so just use whichever you like more.

Try to highroll the conversion pieces to be at or near 90% elemental conversion. If you can’t then you can use the diviner chest to get 100% conversion at the cost of 1 to all skills. The belt is necessary but you can use other affixes. Just try to get over 50% conversion with some relevant resists.

Devotions are pretty standard for aether with kraken thrown in of course.

Character sheet with permanent buffs.


I couldn’t quite get under the 5 minute mark but it’s definitely possible. Average time is 5:15 to 5:30.

This was a pretty lucky melee run that was 20 seconds faster than my previous attempts. Average time is 5:30-5:45.

Video of SR80 with two stupid avoidable deaths. Again it’s pretty safe and consistent overall as long as you can pull one or maybe two bosses at a time.


The build is overperforming, mostly because of the weapon. The proc is super strong, so that might be a good way to nerf it, maybe some cdr or speed.


good work m8

I love the aether lightning effect.it looks so cool.

Great build. But is maxing Inferno and really worth no Devastation? Even without Aeon Devastation is great to boost your dps when you need it (like boss waves) or clear trash.

Is it worth weapon swapping just to use devastation? I don’t have an off-hand.

It’s probably a 100th time I tell someone to take Devastation when they can’t…:sweat_smile:

Serious though, Harbinger of Souls? Less dmg but that adcth would be real sweet…

All that adcth would be juicy af, but I feel like with all the free points I get in Reckless Power it’s hard to compete. 22/12 Reckless Power vs 14/12 Harbinger of Souls

A+ job. I do think you could make it a little better by dropping some points in siphon souls, and especially DREAD to hardcap fabric of reality.

Have you also considered using a seal granted skill like chain lightning?

EDIT: I agree with the decision for reckless power. 22/12 reckless power shouldn’t be underestimated.

@plasmodermic: I would personally do this - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwL5JbN

Not sure how much work inferno does, but IEE seems to be pretty damn good to me.


I actually didn’t even think of maxing IEE. I was caught between Inferno, Overload, Elemental Balance and Fabric of Reality. I’ll give it a try at some point.

Edit: Didn’t try chain lightning or any of the others. Do you think it could be as good?

I don’t know. It’s seem too competitive to tell.

Pros of chain lightning:

  • Casting speed is easier to cap than AS with a 2H
  • You get perfect conversion
  • Better trash clear
  • Save skill points on WPS

Pros of beronath

  • better single target
  • A little more OA
  • WPS

How beneficial is the WPS?

Oh, wow nice hybrid, man! I really appreciate your creativity. You’re kinda the silent champion of our builders community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice work with the sword! I have a lightning Druid built around it, it’s slower but safer. Good thing i don’t need to post it now :laughing:

Thanks Nery! That means a lot. The next build I’m thinking of is pretty spicy too, but it might not end up being good.

I noticed you don’t have null softcapped and you are hardly using it. It’s a very useful skill which allows you to bypass many oof moments like with Father on 4.33. Also clearing off Anasteria 50% RR after 169 is crucial (not sure she got you with it in the recorded run).

Wow. Just. Wow. Really great job, man. I’m speechless.

@sir_spanksalot Wasn’t this the concept you were working on during AoM clairvoyant era? Someone just made it real :stuck_out_tongue:


Reckless, yeah, too cheap to pass on. I’d drop all points from Inferno, though. As a direct dmg nuke it gives too little. Put them in IEE line. You MUST do it with Inner Focus at hardcap. Oa+crit=love.

Btw what’s that about not capping Mirror these days?

People are confident enough to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t really feel like I need the reduced CD on Mirror. I don’t even use it that much because I use Mark of Torment as my first line of defence. Between the two of them I pretty much always have one up when I need it.

I agree - If you’re not dying, go for DPS

@sir_spanksalot IEE is not so good here, he doesn’t need energy, and all you get is 2-4 flat per point, no %. Siphon is huge QoL with the mods to it. I’d just drop Inferno and max oa and crit. These things always have huge dps returns on binders.