[] 2H Ranged Lightning Savagery Vindicator (vid)(s+)


After patch, Evoker of Elgoloth now deals pure lightning damage, it’s very cool to play as two handed ranged shooter, so why not give it a try?Again, the best defense is a good offense!

  • The build

    Grim Tools Link.

  • Video

    SR 75 run 0 death, very stable

  • Build Performance

    5 SR 75-76 runs, average time spent is ~12m, not very fast as my other builds, for SR 75+ it is stable and fun.

  • Build Overview

    Build Explain:

    • Evoker of Elgoloth weapon, provided 20% weapon damage to Savagery, which is a huge boost for Savagery and WPS proc from it. +2 to Inquisitor mastery. Excellent damage modifier added to Deadly Aim.
    • Full set of Light’s Guardian, it gives huge armor bonuses, also nice boost for Storm Box. Granted skill Storm Shard provides very good extra lightning damage which performed pretty good when kiting.
    • Dual storm witch ring + storm belt is obvious choice for lightning build with Shaman mastery. 100% aether to lightning is not only provided nice flat damage and also benefits main devotion skills.
    • Devotions: As it is 2 handed ranged, so Hydra + Kraken is a good choice. Ultos + Spear of the heaven + Widow + Revenant is obvious option for lightning build.


    • Excellent AOE damage.
    • 77% WPS pool.
    • Very efficient kiting speed with Storm Box, Storm Totem and Storm Shard.
    • Good survival abilities for SR 75-76:
      • 70+ stun res, 60+ trap res, 50+ freeze res, 68+ slow res with Word Of Renewal and Savagery buff.
      • 2900+ armor and 25%+ physical res with Savagery buff.
      • All res capped 30%+ with Word Of Renewal which is good enough for SR 75-76.
      • 18/10 Inquisitor Seal provides 313 flat damage absorption.
    • High RR sources: Wind Devil 35% + Aura of Censure 34% + Arcane Bomb 35% + Storm Box 10% + Raise the dead 25 = 139.


    • 5 active skills need to constantly cast.
    • WPS skills are not that strong, since there is no fire to lightning conversions. Currently most of them are used only for weapon damage boost for Savagery.

Nice build and superb illusions. But do you think Savagery can be a match to Primal Strike for 2h Ranged builds?

Thanks Nery, For 2h ranged maybe, but 2h melee no.