[] Blood Mallet, Avenger Bloodrager Trauma Warder SR 75-76 No Greens

My warpath to make 2Handers great again continues, today I bring you Blood Mallet.

By mixing Avengers gear and Bloodrager we end up getting high OA, Attackspeed, Armor and most importantly mix of bleed and trauma damage.

Shaman and Soldier also provides us damage layering.
Savagery when crits, can proc WPS, Upheavel, 2 devotions (1 tied to savagery and 1 to upheavel), Bleed and Trauma damage; that is 7 layers of damage going out when savagery crits.

Soldier is really good for sheet stats.


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16K hp, 3k armor, when fighting spirit is poped which is always 3175 OA

Spam Blitz for DA shred and Warcry for Flat RR during boss fights.
SR 75:

SR 76:

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Nice one…but where is the Bleeding? :blush:

its there just tiny bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you would be better off using Arcanum Dusts in jewellery to get at least some overcaps (your elemental and aether overcaps look a bit dodgy) and compensating for OA loss with bigger Cunning dump.

Has the update necessitated any change to this build before I go all in?
Also, in adopting this build I had some questions regarding the reasoning for certain things. What makes seal of blades the choice over seal of might? And why restless remains in the gloves?

Both easily answered: ADctH. :slight_smile:

Ahhh that makes sense. Any idea if the build needs to be updated at all due to new update?

nothing that needs to be updated you are good to go

I presume the 2 last patches didn’t change much did they?

Could you please give more details about what atributes should I focus and what skills to use while leveling? I`m a noob but the build looks like fun =D

TY in advance