[] Chaos Theory - 6:30m Crucible 150-170 resilient no greens Chaos AAR Mage Hunter [c+][sr]

Don’t wanna stretch out the feedback thread so I will continue here if you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference between the build i used and yours is very small.

I didn’t use TD so less ritual circle for me and mirror. Also used Conviction and same boots etc. Idk how much that meakes up for crucible geing harder now.

However what I wanted to ask is, have you tried ignaffar relic? It seemed pretty dweet to me back then

I think you are looking into the wrong Grimtools, mate. My build doesn’t have Aeon and does have Ignaffar :slight_smile:

K idk where that GT is from then. I know i tried everything back then to make it work well, or to convince Z that i’ve tried everything.

ok so, back to basics.

Let’s say you would TD (which i also tried)

Losing the % chaos from abomination but gaining way more uptime on ritual circle this more 18% ttoal dmg and more durability.

Or have you tested it

I haven’t tested it I am afraid. It might be worth testing out tho. Thing is, Abomination with build’s CDR is almost 100% of the time up, so we have 260% to chaos + 160% from Devotion = 420% from that Abomination alone, which is massive. But permanent circle and more points into spirit might also be worth it.

Does Circle get reset by Aeon tho?

Yes, same way belgo or eternity reset other skills unaffected by % CDR. like runes.

THe abomination dmg is indded big. The idea was that you would gain more tankyness but damage overall stays the same.

edit: … talking silly again. So , bat goes? :smiley: At least you don’t have to worry about proccing it

So something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vxm15EZ?

That was the first choice i wanted to suggest, then i tried laking the Chaos DB approach with chaos fissure but skeele binding and even DG is infuriating here :smiley: . Provided that you do need 100% solael uptime

I will test it today. Although loss of %Chaos damage is palpable.


Ideally Fissure on box but it comes at a pretty big cost

At least Sash gives back 120% chaos dmg roughly

Idk about Sash tho. Cool belt, but loosing +1 to all skills seems massive.

is it?
you lose like 1% rr and a bit of crit.

But overall it’s only worth it if Fissure is doing a good job. If not then it’s just not good for this build

I also thought about Sash, that vit + fire to chaos is really juicy and does some interesting stuff to your devotion procs and actives too. For example your vit life steal from sash now does full chaos and heals you.

where is the warlock version and why is it so sad?

+1 to all skills is more valuable here. It means a little bit of more Maiven, bit of more Seal, bit of more RR, etc. etc.

This build doesn’t really rely on mirror actually. It’s pretty consistent. The only times I died is when I pressed wrong buttons too much. It’s a facetank Crucible build. SR is another story of course, but 65-66 is pretty comfortable if you aggro abuse.

It’s not here :). It’s not sad, it’s just slower.

Without that mark of torment and mirror cycle, expect to die alot basically.

Forget i said this, im still recovering from PTSD of getting one shotted through seal on my purifier by Aleks meteor.

Which wouldnt be so much of a problem on this build because of course Maven’s percentage reduction.

I tested the version with Aeon’s on Warlock it was in the old setup and extremely unstable. Eventually I spat on it and decided to try the God + Abom bundle and was extremely surprised. The time in Cruci runs was shortened by a full minute and the build was incredibly stable, although still a build remained difficult to pilot.

@mad_lee , Can you add my Warlock runs? It’s a bit of a shame for him, even though he’s not inferior to Mage Hunter.

I have also tried Aeon setup and it’s close to Abom one, maybe 10-20 seconds slower. Aeon is a bit more consistent tho.

Where do you want me to add your Warlock runs? To videos section?

It is better to have a separate line, so as not to mix everything in a heap.

Added @KoS9K’s Warlock to the end of the build. Check it out!