[] Dora the Exploder - Vanquisher Based, Fire Caster Sorceress


The Build

With all permanent buff.
DPS shown is stormfire.

Build Feature


  • Insane Cruci clear speed
  • Using farmable set
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • Super massive AoE


  • Set is not as easy to drop as dark one
  • Mortar trap projectiles cannot go through arches
  • A little bit pianist.
Build Overview

Freshly come from levelling, here comes the vanquisher!

Vanquisher is not a spectacular set. Decent stats, decent CT modifier, and CT has been nerfed hard. However, as demolitionist and arcanist have become proper, sorcerer can take the set to the new height!

The build is a fire caster utilizing untransmuted CT with little CD from Vanquisher, also BWC and mortar trap as another main source of damage. The build got a 42% CDR to quicken all the skills, defense, and heal proc. Simple concept, so many variations to go through. I believe I have adjusted it to my best ability with this build though.

Defense is good and has so many layers, 4.5 sec Giant’s blood downtime, Good health regen, 13.3 sec Mirror of Ereoctes, ghoul procs, Good life leech, 7 sec CD blast shield, permanent phoenix fire, softcap arcane will, and nullification. Use nullification generously for both offense and defense.

Equipment Choices

Try to get maximum CDR at offhand, conversion, and Craft 3 equipments for slow res and the res to stun res.

Core Items:
The Vanquisher Set
Main Hand: Mythical Warpfire [No way around it, we need more Fire RR, also skill bonus is crucial.]
Gloves: Mythical Dawnshard Grip. [for More mortar]
Medal: Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desire. [Mortar trap enabler, Very good stats, relevant skill bonus!]

Supporting Items:
Off-Hand: Mythical Aldanar’s Vanity [Very good stats, give plus to both mastery, give random flat CDR which is nice.]
Pants: Mythical Arcane Harmony Leggings. [Good defensive pants with huge spirit and crucial skill disrupt resistance]
Boots: Mythical Footpads of the Gray Magi. [Good defensive boots with relevant skill bonus for sorcerer]
Belt: Mythical Phantom-Thread Girdle. [Just the best in slot for this build]
Rings: 2x Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire [Very good stats and leeching proc that relevant to warpfire conversion]
Relic: Eternity. [Quicken your defensive procs and ability, make the run much smoother, get +Star pact as completion bonus]

Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use rune of Astral Rifts at the moment.


*All Fire Procs and Devo *

Flame Torrent > to Blackwater Cocktail
Fissure > to Thermite Mine
Eldritch Fire > to Callidor’s Tempest
Phoenix Fire > to Stormfire
Meteor Shower > to Mortar Trap
Giant’s Blood > to whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Stormfire
RMB: Point to move
Mouse Scroll Up/Down: Flashbang
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Nullification
Keyboard 3: Callidor’s Tempest
Keyboard 4: Blackwater Cocktail
Keyboard 5: Thermite Mine
Keyboard 6: Mirror of Ereoctes
Keyboard 7: Mortar Trap

Standard procedure:
Summon Mortar Trap, always have 3 active
Movement rune in/out.
Summon 6 thermite mines below enemies
Hold stormfire button while mashing CT and BWC button

Ensure you are always in mortar trap range while engaging enemies, otherwise summon a new one near you.
Use Nullification generously for offense and defense, particulary for shielded enemy, clustered heroes, madqueen red aura, any hero mage, and nemesis.

Cast Mirror of Ereoctes when you are surrounded by multiple nemesis or when giant’s blood is in cooldown.

Kite if necessary.

Build Performance

For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner (video with iron maiden):

6:30 clear time. Yes, this is a NO BANNER run.

Meeting iron maiden more than once make the clear time longer. She can’t kill you though.
Longest run is 7:00 in that case.

Shattered Realm:
Will be check later, too lazy to climb higher shards

Closing quote from señor @x1x1x1x2


So cool of a build!

Like the Sorcerer class, it’s like the proper casters’ class. I have a question, you say permanent Phoenix, when does CD starts to tick? If it’s when it’s depleted, it’s not permanent. But I always think it’s start when its triggered.

Thanks Nery! Finally it’s done after one week of levelling… :smile:
The CD start after it triggered. I am sure of it. You can look at the video, see the green proc with 7 sec duration.
Whenever I have high CDR, I always use it.

I might steal one more thing from you then :smile:

Currently leveling Shieldbreaker with Quick Jacks. :wink:

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Thanks Nery, always happy to become someone else inspiration… :blush:

Is it good? I actually havent tried levelling a demo with demo, always with their secondary mastery… :crazy_face:

Are you levelling shieldbreaker for vanquisher or cyclone or pyran?

Gratz on a solid build!

Would love you to try and sacrifice some OA for 70 da augment on jewellery and go for ~30 points spirit dump with 16/12 Inner Focus.

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Thanks Madlee!

I actually have tried it like 15 points spirit in Grimtools, but DA got lower and I don’t like it. The build is already very skill based also.

BTW, I am already on bed as it’s 2 am here. What will your suggestion gives in term of %damage from spirit? Current spirit in game is already give me about 400% damage

You’re definitely inspiration!

I want fire EoR Shieldbreaker. I intend to create the most expansive guide ever with leveling guide, budget build and fully armed End game setup!

Leveling with Quick jacks was pain in first few levels. But now with Virtue and Ectoplasm can push them to max level. Warden Krieg both forms die in 3-4 seconds each :stuck_out_tongue:

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^rough sketch. About 150% more damage from 30 points into spirit.

@Nery Nice! Are you levelling in Normal or veteran?

From what I experience, it’s better to level at normal until 40-50 level, then switch to veteran for more exp points. Though this case is with lokarr set and exp potions.

Hmm, maybe it will be about 10-15 sec faster. Will be check later but honestly I need to check my other build also. Particularly the one with the set you underestimated :stuck_out_tongue:

I am leveling SF on normal. Found Oversseer off hand with mod to Stun Jacks. Tuesday is my post day. So have to level it to decent level( I have SB ready) and figure both budget and end game setup. For budget build will use faction recipe crafted Blazerush. For end game version -dual Alldaran.



Dora: Muy Bien! We have successfully made hechicero vencedor conquer the crucible! What was your favorite part of the trip?


D: I like that too.

Boots: My favorite part was levelling the sorcerer and facing Warden Krieg at Elite.

D: My favorite part was finally assembling the hechicero vencedor and taking on the crucible. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for helping! Gracias!

(Mouse clicks)

(Play ending theme and find Isa the Iguana)

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