[] Elemental DW Purifier: A build concept


I want to first clarify that this is a proof of concept rather than a full-fledged build guide. Accordingly, I don’t plan to talk about leveling or placeholder gear. Also, my item and devotion choices were primarily driven by what I felt like testing after initially reading the patchnotes, so they’re unlikely to be BiS.

Also, some background: Any time I’m testing new item changes in the playtesting patches, I GDStash all of the gear that I need. This is so that I don’t have to farm for it and can test as many builds as possible before the patch becomes public. So yes, I’m a dirty cheater, but it allows me to give as much feedback as possible while patches are still in testing :innocent:

Build discussion

Without further ado, here’s a Grimtools link. Keep in mind this link is for a version of the build, and important changes which are not reflected in Grimtools are mentioned below.

Thils build is centered around converting pierce and chaos damage to elemental damage and then shooting stuff in the face. A good chunk of pierce to elemental conversion is accomplished via the Luminari Epic set, and full chaos to elemental conversion is accomplished via the version of Mythical Arcanum Sigilis. Overall it’s a build that is extremely consistent, rather strong, and lots of fun, albeit not the fastest on the block (as expected, since it uses 7 epic items). Builds like these are the type that I find myself coming back to over and over again because they just feel good despite the fact that they’re not top-performers; I call these my “Reefblower Builds”. What is a Reefblower Build? Glad you asked.

I wanted to make this build post for four main reasons. First, in this topic, the general consensus was that ranged builds are rather weak. Second, tri-element builds are rather rare (and some may argue that this build is not tri-element, but I did my best without making dumb sacrifices). Third, I wanted to showcase that epic items have the power to be powerful build-enablers under the right circumstances. Fourth, many important changes took place in which made this build more powerful, namely:

  • Mythical Arcanum Sigillis: now deals pure Elemental damage, values adjusted accordingly, replaced bonus to Reckless Power with +2 to Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange and added 100% of Chaos dealt as Elemental modifier for Fire Strike
  • Hydra: added 12 Physical damage and 4% Attack damage Converted to Health, removed Pierce damage and % Pierce damage
  • Empty Throne: updated bonuses
  • Spider: updated bonuses

Regarding itemization, I chose Arcanum Sigilis because I wanted to test the new chaos conversion on firestrike. The Luminari set complimented this item well, but I also chose it because I wanted a feel for how some epic sets perform before I began testing epic item changes whenever enters testing. The rings give some extra AoE due to their proc, and 2 pieces of Justicar help tank up a bit. The belt was for the demo bonuses alongside good OA/DA, and the relic was good all-around. I chose the amulet because I was intrigued by the prospect of a build with tons of epics, and the pants/boots help tank up considerably.

My devotion choices were rather simple. I wanted to test spider, empty throne, and hydra changes, and purple/green naturally led me down the path of pursuing Blind Sage. Points in Revenant are for attack speed/healing, and Chariot is for an OA boost alongside a reliable heal when blast shield activates. Rhowan’s Crown is for RR. I put 2 points in torch and there’s 2 points left to play around with. I currently have them in the right side of blind sage and the last node of Rhowan’s Crown, but both are up to the player’s discretion.


It does the vast majority of content rather comfortably from what I’ve tested so far. Here’s a video of SR Shard 66. I used a couple of potions to increase my health pool, although they ended up being unnecessary since I never had to use any healing potions. I was able to successfully face-tank quite a bit, but this build could very likely reach higher shards (I’d estimate somewhere in the low 70’s) if I kited, used aether clusters, and/or adjusted my skill point distribution to be more defensive. I always start testing my builds at shard 65-66, and I play SR rather than Crucible because I prefer the randomness of non-boss chunks. I also personally believe the skill ceiling is higher because nullifications exist in SR, and this keeps me on my toes.


So Demo + Arcanist build with this legendary gun is not considered as it’s “dead build” (bad synergy and etc)?

P.S: The build concept looks promising.

@Strannik probably because we don’t have mythical will of fate yet.

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Sorcerer was my second choice, but the luminari set fit so well with the gun that I decided to go inquisitor instead. Also, more RR and seal :heart_eyes:

I wish we had it. To my regret @Zantai doesn’t plan to add mythical or legendary version to support ranged Arcanist elemental builds. :pensive:

Yeah, the masteries combination is an obvious choice. BTW, any chance you try sorc build as well? :slight_smile:

Next time I’ve got some time off I’ll try to draft up a sorcerer version :+1:

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Hey, decent concept. I think you could improve it a lot tho, here are some of my suggestions:

  1. By not taking 15 flat elemental 50% elemental 70 DA augments you are missing on 150% of Elemental damage. Pretty big for tri-elemental builds.
  2. that Slow res is a usuall a downfall of any auto-attacker
  3. DA is a bit low for consistent endgame farming
  4. that amulet does offer us some nice max res, but I am not sure it can beat blue Beronath
  1. I’ll have to try those
  2. In-game slow resistance is about 40 due to the new throne changes (and I crafted one of my craftable items at a smith that gave slow res bonus)
  3. My movement rune was chosen partially to remedy this, but it could also be solved by taking some points from arcane empowerment and adding them to WoR.
  4. I might try beronath, but I’m convinced it would not be noticeably better.

Also, I’m not actually losing any flat damage on my jewelry augments. Chaos damage is fully converted to elemental.

well, obviously make a few ranged sorcs for the heck of it. Concrete builds, results, and footage can, not necessarily change a heart, but result in results.

I would recommend ~60% slow res if you want to try Crucible. Permanent ~2950-3000 DA is also what I would aim for, Disengagement is cool and all (with that OA shred), but it can’t be always applied to every dangerous mob closing in on you.

Essence of Beronath amulet is just good, you don’t have a lot of means of amassing flat Elemental damage, that amulet is one of them.

I know that you convert chaos, but 150% elemental from proper augments is still a lot for tri-elemental builds given how your Lightning and Cold damage values are quite low.

Also, I was reminded that the transmuter for FS doesn’t work with 1-handed ranged, so I’ll adjust that eventually

Cast your vote! :slight_smile:

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Because of your exceptionally timely plug, you get my vote :grava_yes:

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You got caught mister Praetorian :smile:

But I like your concept! DW Purifier is my only build, which I leveled ranged from start to bottom. Because at the time I didn’t have many items, I used just blue rings, set, amulet, etc. So am Luminari by nature and love your topic :+1:

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@Snazzblaster - I think you posted this in the wrong section since I don’t see a Crucible/SR time in the title. Must be a #deadbuild.

Can’t be dead if it was never alive :Ayy: where my discord emojis at

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I would use this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m2335EE2 as baseline. Crab is mandatory if you want to use our favorite nerfed blue beronath.