[] Elemental (Not Really) Forcewave Tactician SR75

@bryanw1995 Back in AoM, @superfluff made a FW tactician using arcanor and luminari commendation

It was one of the fastest cruci clearers back in the day

I linked my elemental one with shattered once but never posted it

hmmm, well, I’m making a FW tactician with plans to use arcanor and SR set, will see how things work out and post results here if I end up liking it enough to push SR and gladiator.

Forgot to mention that I’m hardcore, that’s why I wanted to use the SR set with it.

I’m progressing through ultimate so far, just hit lvl 97, devotions are still in single digit levels but getting better… it’s feeling super tanky and actually not terrible on dps, too. Will post a GT once I farm up enough ugdenbloom to finish all the components.

Just added ugdenbloom to my dictionary so spellcheck doesn’t freak out. :slight_smile: