[] HC Unkillable Retaliation Warlord

If you’re looking for power and clearing speed, this isn’t the character you’re looking for. Other builds do that way better. This character was designed for hardcore mode, and as such, my priorities for this build are: 1) Defense. 2) Double down on defense. 3) DPS. In that order.

If you’re looking for something with 30k HP, 5k armor, over 3k DA, resistances both with the maximum raised and overcapped, along with a block chance that can hit 100%, two healing devotions, plenty of life regen and lifesteal, multiple sources of damage absorption, and a couple of circuit breakers thrown in for good measure, you’ve come to the right place.


I did what I could to avoid requiring stupidly rare MI equipment, and I somewhat succeeded. Sadly, I was short enough on chaos resistance to need some double rare gloves, but at least they’re crafted, not MI. Actually, I give preferential treatment to crafted gear in general since, not only do you benefit from Angrim’s % armor completion bonus, but by avoiding the game’s autosave (by closing the game from the task manager, loading from a previous cloud save, or something similar) you can avoid wasting materials in your quest to roll an above average copy of the item, or get that double rare you’re looking for. Although it can require some stubbornness, it’s still far less painful than hunting for a perfect MI.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of that. Thanks to being stubborn about getting above average crafted gear, my character’s armor in game is nearly a full 1,000 points higher than the grimtools link says it should be–6102 vs 5265. Without temporary buffs active.

-Nearly unkillable. Stay away from the Avatar of Mogdrogen, though. He’ll eat your face. Pretty much everything else, including the Ravager and Callagadra, are entirely face tankable.
-Definitely hardcore viable. I did it myself, after all.
-Crucible 170 with extra spawn capable.
-Many enemies in the Crucible that give other builds trouble are very nearly ignorable–ex double Reapers, Archmage Aleksander.
-Multiple sources of sustain prevents single point failure.
-Simple playstyle. For active skills, you have 1 attack, 1 movement, 3 defense, and 1 res reduction.

-Retaliation builds in general suffer from being less effective against non-melee enemies. Fortunately, it isn’t nearly as bad as it was pre-FG.
-Damage, while better than you might expect given my near total disregard for it, isn’t great. It’s enough to outpace Van Aldricht’s stupid heal and shield, but not by a whole lot.
-On top of that, damage varies wildly depending on what buffs and random procs are up.
-Main attack is single target, which combined with the above gives the build a particular weakness to chaotic fights with multiple enemies capable of healing. The rougher levels in the Crucible are less about surviving a tough fight and more about overcoming a stalemate. At one point, I legitimately failed to realize I was being double Reapered because I was too busy chasing down some random Support elite.
-No ranged capability (Guardians are too weak to count), meaning fighting on damage terrain will hurt you worse than any enemy ever will.
-Leveling a retaliation build in hardcore is risky without good gear on hand from previous characters. Respeccing later is probably the safer option. That being said, the Perdition set and its Empowered version are common as dirt, as far as mid-level blue gear goes, anyway.

I’m not fond of the Shattered Realms, so I can’t say much about how I’d fare aside from I got the skill points from 25 easily enough.

Things I’m still looking to improve:
-More CDR. This build has a huge number of buffs, most of which are passively procced. More CDR is always better. I took Path of the Three instead of the otherwise far more appropriate Menhir’s Bulwark purely for the CDR, despite the fact that PotT hurts me by converting physical damage to acid. It might be worth swapping the amulet for a Mythical Azrakaa’s Sands, but I don’t have one of those, so I can’t test it.
-Building off the Sentinel of the Three set looks like you could get more and more consistent damage at the expense of worse RR if you rebalance the resistances. But again, I’m missing the equipment for testing.
-The build has exactly 0% skill disruption protection. Generally speaking, this character isn’t very skill dependent, so it isn’t a huge issue, but it doesn’t take much imagination to foresee a scenario where it comes at exactly the wrong time and ends up killing you.
-I’d really like to kill the Avatar of Mogdrogen, but I had to run away so fast when I tried I’m not even sure where to start.

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why u picked path of the three and not Menhir’s bulwark ? im so confused

Cooldown reduction. You need somewhere around 12-14% CDR to be able to chain Overguard into Ascension and back again without any gaps in the cycle. The 11% the build has at present is just barely unable to do that, but by a small enough margin that it never became an issue to me. Not to mention CDR shortens item and devotion cooldowns as well, and this build relies heavily on those, most particularly Giant’s Blood, Shield Wall, and Stone Form. The 10 extra points in the Soldier mastery bar was an issue too, since I needed to max Oathkeeper anyway for Celestial Presence.

MB is usefull to this build a lot then path of the three.

Tried both. Liked constant uptime on Overguard/Ascension more. If you have suggestions on how to get the necessary CDR through other means without compromising some other part of the build, I’d love to hear it, since you’re absolutely right that MB would be great for this build. As is, MB, while nice to have, gives us nothing but more of what we already have. That isn’t true for PotT and its CDR.

You might just die cuz of insomnia with that OA though.

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That is the reason I didn’t take the Assassin’s Mark devotion, yeah. Still, it matters less than you’d think. Two reasons. 1) The main source of damage against most enemies, retaliation, doesn’t use OA. They hit, you hit back. If anything, it’s the high DA that hinders your damage, not the low OA. But again, the point is to be as close to invincible as I could get, not to killl quickly. 2) Accuracy, since a few updates ago during the AoM era, is min capped at 60% for both you and enemies. It works well enough.

It’s a interesting concept. It certainly looks unkillable.

I guess it does what you set out to do. Double rare crafts can take 1000+s of crafts, though. I applaud your determination.

Trust me, I know. The grimtools link was pulled from my save file, it isn’t just theorycrafted. That’s pretty much exactly why I brought up force exiting the game to not waste materials. Still, the main purpose of the gloves is to cover the otherwise-deficient chaos resistance, so pretty much any combination of mods that does the trick will work. I got pretty lucky when the first pair that did what I needed it to came with extra HP and armor too.

I’m not sure how save-crafting fits into the hardcore mantra, but it is likely that if you keep your eyes peeled, you would run into a pair of misc green gloves with needed affixes over time. The only issue would be that the armor will be lower, but gloves are the lowest chance of hit (12%), so it won’t be that detrimental.

Thus, it’s probably possible in a self-found HC type scenario.

Thx NedTheMagicTrout for this build… I use it, and I love it…

The gloves are hard to craft, I obtain an ancient but not this one, despite millions spent, and at least thousand crafts :rofl:

Skin :