[] Iceman - SS RoH Soulrend Infiltrator SR 80-81+


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RoH is such an eye-candy skill to me and I decided to mix my Death build with it. I give you Iceman- The 2H Soulrend Shadow Strike, RoH.

With Soulrend we have 1.5 second CD on Shadow strike this way we can use it as main ability. But what are we going to do inbetween these 1.5 seconds? well now we have ABB and RoH to support it.
RoH CD is also down to 2 second due to artifact handling and CDR

Rotation is SS>Inq Seal(If Seal is down)>ABB (If buff is off)>RoH


Build is super tanky Soulrend has built in ADCtH as well as Shadow strike. The cooldown reduction on soulrend also helps with two heals that we have and with a pot we are pretty much unkillable unless you decide not to dodge alex’ meteor.

Sheet OA seems low but once ABB and Deadly Aim rolls in I have seen it get as high as 3100 OA.

SR 80 Timed:

Sr 81 Timed:

I could have went higher I am just too lazy.

EDIT: Winterkings sword could be used if you want to be more offensive. I love the CDR on double heal tho

For Belt, Blade Breaker can be used and for boots galewind could be used instead of the greens
GT Link without Greens: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B1G0JN

Special Thanks to Official Community GD Discord

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hi, cool to see the soulrend in use. No youtube? cause im just curious how this would work in action.

I dont record videos, I didnt die at sr 80 and died twice on 81 cuz alex meteors. Its pretty tanky for SR. not sure how it performs in cruci cuz I dont play cru. 75-80 was a easy enough with triple heal

how well does it do without the greens?

did SR 77 with purples rest it pushes hard.
EDIT: with greens you can go beyond 81

IMO the build could be improved quite a fair bit more

Hardcapping LA for example is a must

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