[] Jack-in-the-Box - Quick Jacks Purifier - 6:05 Crucible [g4][c+][vid]


I’m back this time with a shotgun caster that melts everything within a few seconds. This is a difficult build to pilot due to the nature of Stun Jacks. You want to be right in their face to hit them with as many projectiles as possible, but the skill has no weapon damage or adcth, so sustainability can be a problem. Always make sure to be standing in a seal against nems and be ready to pop potions/word of renewal.



The green has BiS affixes, but as long as you have something with cast speed and some other relevant stats it should be fine.

Character sheet with permanent buffs and Word of Renewal.


5:35 is my fastest run with the average being a bit over 6 minutes. The build can be difficult to play but once you get a feel for it it becomes pretty consistent. 4 buffs are necessary, I still need to use energy potions, so no way around that one. You can drop the vanguard banner if you want to farm.


LoL, literally suggested in one other topic title Jack in the box :smile: Nice coincidence.

And also nice build! Your piloting is also top tier, sir!

can an elementalist work as well?

I’ve tried Elementalist, I couldn’t get it to work. It’s just too fragile, you need the extra tankiness from seal/word.

I think Thinderstruck of Scorched Runes is BiS off-hand affixes for inquisitor lightning builds.

EDIT: sorry, I noticed Jacks need cast speed and slow res, of Sands is BiS indeed.

Yeah but it feels like Jacks are a nuisance, and you feel like you want Stormfire instead or anything with adcth. Besides, maxing Jacks = not maxing 4 Totems (Sky Effigy) = wrong decision.

Good ol’ lightning quick jacks.

I see you’ve given up on harra quick jacks. Pity it’ss absolute shit at what it’s supposed to do. :confused:

Did you ever try something like iskandra offhand? I feel like it’ll be more valuable than +1 projectiles because it’s near impossible to shotgun enemies with SJ

I was never using quick jacks with harra, it was big jacks + PB spam. The times were faster than this build but it just wasn’t reliable enough. I’ll revisit it next patch if it gets any buffs.

I haven’t tried any other off hand but I really don’t want to use one that doesn’t have cast speed. I feel like it’s pretty crucial.

Good point about casting speed. What about the SBoE offhand? Adds -10% lightning RR to SBoE

That sounds pretty good, I’ll try it out.

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