[] Light Defender/Cataclysm sets Storm Box+procs Mage Hunter


This is similar build to my latest Bonemonger build, it’s combination between Storm Box and procs. Super colorful and fun but at same time have pretty decent damage. Nothing groundbreaking. I am not sure if something like this is posted but credits to these people and to all of community builders, that explore every options and create some pretty spectacular builds!



  • with permanent buffs only

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bn7Or2

Mage Hunter?

Yup, Arcanist don’t have RR but lot of other goodies. And I tried Purifier, for some reason is significantly slower without any suitability gains :thinking:


Going for two sets usually lead to "sweet’’ results. Here Cataclysm set proc is nice bonus to Box and defense of LD. Both sets boost quite high the OA. Relic+Gun are for RR, weak point here.


Box on steroids, Chain lightning on spam, Cataclysm proc and also nice damage from Spear+Ultos devotion combo.

This build crits virtually everything. 3.8k OA but Deadly Aim increase it further, also great DA shred by Storm Box, sitting pretty at 26/16.


Picking Mage Hunter class, next…

Actually I don’t quite like the physical resistance here, but Ghoul proc and boots can compensate for that. Also heavy armor on a caster should be considered illegal. Build have instant damage reduction from Censure, absorb from both types, heal, Mirror, just multiple defensive tools.


Build is sturdy in Crucible, not unkillable of course. Times depend on mutators and if you run into stupid Maiden. Grava can be dangerous too. Valdaran is harmless but he adds some time on the clock with his innate high lightning resistance. Kuba and Reaper is what you want for speed&comfort in Crucible. I haven’t tested the build in SR, 75 should be possible probably with little tweaks.

So times… I clear on average probably in like 6:45 or so, here’s my video 6:25!

Have a blast!


if maiden is troubling you, have you considered blood sigil?

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Maiden adds time, Grava is more dangerous but nothing that troublesome. Don’t like Blood SIgil medal here.

yeah…it’s a shame. maiden and fabius are probably the reason why lightning is the best elemental type

Most of the cold builds can’t even kill Kuba in Crucible :frowning_face:

Fire is lot more resistant and also lightning RR devotion- Widow have higher value than Murmur and Solael. But also lightning have nice sets. So overall is great damage type, just like fire and even tri-elemental.

But solael and rumor spreads incredibly well.

i think what sucks the most for fire is the difficulty in acquiring OA with fire-based sets.

cold damage is just in a bad shape overall. Not enough item support imo.

Nice Mage Hunter.

I would change a few things here tho: take Barbaros pants, drop Seal of Might, take Seal of Corruption, bind Mines to Chain Lightning, Revenant to Corruption, Bat to Storm Box. Drop one OA augment for Arcanum Dust (your OA is way beyond a treshold where gains are still effective) and take Bone in chest. Or you can leave OA augment and fix elemental res some other way. But I think Corruption + Sanctified Bone + Barbaros combo should take your build to the next level.

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Wow, you have nice suggestions! Wait, why am I surprised :sweat_smile:

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Are the cataclysm pros that good? Because e. G. RakkaJax could vastly improve the CL damage.

well i’d say its pretty damn good, a ton of oa res damage and 1 to all skills is hard to beat

Ah, I overlooked that CL also has Cold Dmg. Therefore the conversion on the gun comes quite handy.
Really looks like a very fun build. Gonna try it! Love Chain lightning. Though the “sound effects” of that skill is soooo meh!

Chain Lightning, Ultos devotion and the cold part of elemental damage are all converted, so it’s a nice gun. Plus CDR, OA and RR proc.