[] Lightning proc based Mage Hunter, Gladiator on 6:35 on average


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Bonemonger it’s very flexible set, so add MH to the mix. Also I grow accustom to spirit dumps, so also present here. Big thanks to @thejabrixone for his help and advises, I actually went shield initially, so big difference. Also will tag here @belzzzz cause he search for reasons to come back in GD. See buddy, how much you are missing :slightly_smiling_face:



  • pic with permanent buffs. DPS for Chain lighning

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Bnlbw2


Decided to use some strange looking gun, but have OA and RR proc, so couldn’t be bad. Electrocute isn’t very strong here since I have low % modifier on electrocute. Spark of Ultos is option, also:

  • Off hand - Cube. Storm Box RR, Arcanist bonus, OA. Only thing lacking is cast speed. It’s good to feature this item. And I like Skyreach Bulwark too.

  • Relic - Ignaffar. Maybe Iskandra is good too. Eternity or Bane are mediocre for my build.

  • Pants/Boots - Yup the classical combo for spirit builds. Also Magi proc is good defensively and legs proc is in sync with my build concept.

  • Belt/rings -full aether to lightning conversion. Much needed for Spear and Bonemonger set proc.

  • Medal is another crafted gear piece. Always working fine at elemental based Inquisitor builds. OA and bonus to Censure, yes please.

Craft 1 item with stun, 1 with slow and rest with physique.


Bonemonger and devotion procs, chain lightning from component and items, Storm Box on spirit steroid. Just everything deals more damage with that spirit and OA, I really like how it looks.


It’s Mage Hunter, that’s enough of a explanation.


Crucible is easy to complete. Although health is low, so need to avoid nuke skills like Alex meteors or Anasteria/Korvaak combo attacks in 169. Times are between 6:15 and 6:55, so let’s say 6:35 on average. Maiden or Valdaran can slow you down but perhaps 169 and Grava are the only somewhat troublesome opponents.

Video form Gladiator 6:16!

SR, I did few tries for giggles. And yup, still spirit dump RLZ. Actually too lazy to respec character again. Used one potion for health, because of - health mutator. No problems with SR 75. Although for deep shards, I will go with more defense. Build is still better suited for Crucible.

Video from SR 75 Boss chunk

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Finally posted!
So mythical spark of ultos is worse? I thought it will be beastly with its 400% lightning damage?

BTW, that OA should be about 3.9k with deadly aim, damn.

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It’s good too but gun showed slightly better results. So I left it at optional gear. RR is much needed, since Arcanist lack source of it. Also flat damage is still important, since procs and chain lightning have decent WD compartment.

EDIT: @thejabrixone don’t forget about massive DA shred from Box at 26/16 and Seal of annihilation triggering on crit.

Freaking 4k OA should not need anymore DA shred… :scream:

I am surprised that you guys like chain lightning that much. Last I checked, it is always inferior compared to stormfire and chillspikes.

Wasn’t you who said “f*ck OA diminishing returns”? :smile:

I like Chain lightning for thematic purpose here. Also gun is converting more than half of my cold to lightning. So it’s very good skill. And Stormfire was nerfed too.

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It’s incredible how a build with pretty much no main skill except Box (and without much in Tether to boot) can do 6:30. Moreover, a non-double RR class like Magehunter.

I guess people who claim that 6:30 is an average build now are actually right.

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Another solid Bonemonger build, @thejabrixone

Oh wait, it’s actually @Nery! JK, but that looks like a fun proc build. That OA is also pretty sick (maybe even too greedy with one 75 OA augment, but if it works it works).

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Yeah, it’s the newest memeber of Bonemonger fan club :nerd_face:

It works, don’t know how or why, but yeah.

Mage Hunter is top tier class though both offensively and defensively. Spirit dump also bypass the Arcanist lack of RR.

6:30 is still good time for build. But elemental casters are current meta. So even proc based ones can do some “magic”.