[] Loxmere's Daggerfall - SS Frostburn Spellbreaker - Expensive crucible build

While it’s probably too slow for consistent impact in crucible have you considered tsunami proc on blade spirit?

The ideea has been thrown around yes. But i’d have to give up the frostburn nodes on both Amatok and levi/or the sage one. Which is a pretty big deal both for SS and globally.

If maybe BS was amazing at proccing, it might be worth. But I’ve never found it to be so. It would have to work as well as tether from Storm box does with high CS in order to be really worth it and crits off tsunami

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Dude how the heck can you achieve such performance playing on that potato. :open_mouth:

What are you on about mate?

MY PC is upgraded and i can play pretty much anything on it.(And I have been playing them too ) :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that is old is the monitor. VERY old at 60 hZ and 1280x1024 rez max. I think a good monitor would improve my kill times by a few nice seconds

Wait, so you upgraded. That’s awesome, did you finally get around to doing the Lokarr quest? I recall it used to crash on the potato.

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everything! ,without upgrade FG was impossible to play. crash in MC everywhere. So i said fuck it and got a good PC with a Ryzen 7 and a good gpu. I think Nvidia 1050 4gb

but the monitor is laughable

Nvidia 1050

Cries in 750 Ti and an empty bank balance :disappointed_relieved:

but it just goes to show how bad the monitor is because it looks like shit in spite of no lag. And i recorded at HQ with 3.5 GB videos. takes forever to upload

Sony or Samsung might have some good monitors at fairly reasonable rates, I think.

Not really up to date with this stuff, I still use a decade old monitor on my setup back home. I guess I am too used to it to feel like I need a replacement.

a decade is good. Mine was Second hand bought in 2007

Don’t wish to derail this any further. Good build as expected.

Like the frostburn touch, as for the flat damage version. You mentioned it’s demerits, but what about it’s reliability and performance overall? Do those dip too much making that route completely useless?

Slightly off-topic how is Pierce SS doing these days? How is Pierce in general now?

Nope, it’s good, just less stable. It’s better for 1v1.

As for pierce.

No greens Valdun performs best

With greens Belgo performs best, at around 3k cunning :smiley:

SS pierce, there’s that MI Halberd but never tried it seriously

Better for 1v1, eh. Makes sense.

Wait that halberd that you get from the secret quest’s camels right? (EDIT: yup, got it https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13738)

That looks sweet tbh. I was thinking of going with my old Blind Ass setup, but this one has got my interest now.

DoIT. TEst Halberd and Nadaan . Just please no pierce FW :stuck_out_tongue:

I might pick it up end of this month. Recruitment seems to be dying as we are approaching the holidays so with near dead job market I have more time to dick around (ideally should be working on polishing my skills, but meh :p)

Polish the tip of your blade :eggplant:


I’m glad to see you around more

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high five to the fellow broke 750 ti user!

beats my old nvidia 9600 gt :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Superfluff, did you update this build for

Not yet sorry :smiley: I’d have to use the new Morg set for sure

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