[] Loxmere's Daggerfall - SS Frostburn Spellbreaker - Expensive crucible build


For anyone who played early GD, they knew that crossing paths with Lox was the end back then. He was the real GD (gimmick) boss.

Any fans of Spellbreakers, especially shadow strike users, also know that once Alkamos rings arrived, these boys dominated the GD dps scene, until a higher power decided otherwise* :slight_smile:

This builds aims to reenact the glory of playing this build. The only downside is that there are no other realistic options aside from Lox dagger, or main theme, Spectral Sword to cap SS and get a bit more conversion and maybe a Chillstrife if you so choose to use one. As the title explains, the build is expensive and even has a ridiculous magi prefix which is not mandatory to enjoy the build. It’s just there to push for a few extra seconds.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QGufgCl6jU&feature=youtu.be 5:18 Crucible - It can potentially go under 5:05 and perhaps more provided that you get really good mutators, which never happened for me

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vxm56pZ

You can use any prefix that enchances cold by any means. Understand thast this is a Frostburn bulild first, applied by SS then gear procs/devotions.

You can use a more flat dmg oriented approach with Silver Sentinel shoulders, Undying Oath (I don’t suggest Frosdread armor, build is unstable with it). The flat crits will greatly improve but your build will suffer globally due to waeker VoS in both Range and RR. So all your procs and devotions will be weaker and less versatile.

I’ve tested both versions quite a bit and I get the same results with both. The version I posted feels stable and very smooth. Just don’t be greedy like me and use Mirror sooner :slight_smile:

A warm shout-out to @sir_spanksalot. I tested, changed the build over while having a nasty cold half dead and he helped me realise I was using Wretch devo and when I didn’t need to in my final iteration if the build. His help got me the Frostburn node in Leviathan which is needed.

Have fun …oh and, almost forgot, Nightfall is a beast on this build :wink:




Nice and inventive. (a refreshing change from set-mania and certain sets).

Why not use the RoS transmuter for a little more cold conversion when in use - too tight on points?

Oh, my eyes are full of tears of happines :sob:

SS Spellbreaker is one of the eternal classics in GD. Your build is very strong and you know how to pilot it well.


I tried it and it’s not much of a difference. But you sure can use it if you want

What the fuck


Breakers gonna break.

Infiltrators: Eat your hearts out!

It’s a very beautiful gameplay video.
No wonder SS spellbreaker was a fan favorite.

Good job on maximising it fluff! That max nightfall is definetely needed for all shadow strike build. Acid one is hard to make though because of hard to find cold>acid conversion aside from the impotent DG set.

Wow, masterful!

Why the Shadow Dance at 11/12?

Great build @Superfluff

Spam SS before they nerfed CD reduction on SS was simply awesome! Great to see this type of build is still viable.

Here’s a video from the BAMF! (Nightcrawler) build @sunandsteel71 put put out in B27 that started the SS nerfs…


Why does it feel like I’m video chatting with a crazed serial killer who’s locked up in a maximum security prison?

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Any thoughts on belgothian relic on this build? For the cdr on mirror.

Yes - no. bad decision

Strange, Xervous was a SS enthusiast and IIRC he recommended this one.

Yup. But fluff is stacking frostburn on this spec. Nidalla offers way too much here.

EDIT: That is not to say that running belgo’s slaughter on the BYOB variant is bad. It’s just a DoT twist on a classic

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you will gat much more out of nidalla.

With belgo you get weaker burns and weaker SS, and weaker everything really just so every now and again you get to cast SS twice.

The proc activates off of every crit your build makes including other procs so a lot of time it will activate when you don’t need it to cause SS is already ready for use.

Belgo relic was really good in vanilla with pierce SS since pierce builds don’t have that many procs going around. You would just SS into a mob and get a recharge.

Also, a thing i forgot to mention in the build. The Amatok Rune + Blizzard bound to it does a great deal of work too.

Between the low C SS and Rune skill casting, and ABB activation you don’t have much time to really capitalise on Belgo CD anyway

Fluff, I have 2 questions:

  1. I get that nightfall is what lee calls “a skill within a skill.” This would mean that the frostburn you’d get from 80% WD on nightfall will not apply to the primary target…yes?

  2. I also know that flat damage gets applied to both weapons when DD, and that SS hits with both weapons. Will this multiply your DoT by 2?

  1. I think everything from NF applies to primary since the flat damage does too. Gere is a pic SS is lvl 1 only and ND lvl 16, no procs, white weapons. But it is the flat Frostburn that applies, not the %WD one since it’s overriden by the higher WD from SS
    In the picture SS +NF dmg is flat, upwards from them you have the stacked dots

  2. Works the same way as it does with tricksters WD dots. Not from the same source. Which is why I didn’t use a second lox even if it has innate frostburn. Was a better deal to use a weapon that amplifies the flat damage.

CDR has reduced value on a DoT build where the main thing it’s granting is another roll at max crit on your DoT. SS already double taps nightfall and it’s trivial to get a large OA value for comfortable crits in crucible. This is in contrast to a flat damage focus where another jolt of SS is a chance at killing things instantly.

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Half of that is true but…

Not if you make your entire arsenal weaker just for that other jolt. It simply does not perform better in practice with belgo relic