[] Mage Hunter. SR 90. 150-170(3+1) 6m. 150-170(no buffs) 8m 45s

Hi, everybody. Wanted to show very strong and tank builds. This is a mage Hunter who uses the fiery Albrecht is Aether Rey. The results were excellent. Build deals damage well and survives well. Passes crucible without buffs and takes 90 SR.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXmJoB2

Dmg in SR:



150-170(3+1) bad mutators 6m 03s

150-170(no buffs) 8m 45s

150-170(no buffs) bad run 9m 42s



Mad queen:


75-76 Full run with no deaths 9m 13s:

3 run 75-76 no deaths 38m

New run 75-90:

75 without AI abuse

76 without AI abuse















90 SR 3 horrible monsters :japanese_ogre:


Nice build!

I have two questions though, which class you is better for fire ray, according to you Sorcerer or Mage Hunter?

Also isn’t Arcane harmony very good in here?

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Is that max damage dealt a…900k+ tick…on fire AAR 0_o

I made a sorcerer on a fiery beam + mortars on the set of Piran https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g98E6Z . He dealt more damage, but was very poor at surviving. This option I liked much more.

Barbaros give survival rate(physical res) and have them an excellent buff

It is max damage in SR by there Damage-Souls
It is normal to have 1KK damage if you play high SR

Welp, there’s why I don’t know that. What do shattered souls do anyway? I read damage absorb and some kind of damage boost; is that % total damage modified, or just straight % all damage?

Nobody knows
Z don’t tell what exuactly do Damage-Souls
And why some builds who play SR 75+ have 2KK damage, but in campaign only 0.5K

I suppose that’d be difficult to test due to mutators and stack duration.

Nice to see +42% to Chthonics :innocent:

Wait for some patch where Z will delete all racial bonuses

Ok now could you tell me the build to reliable get the Ravager’s Dreadgaze helm?

This one can (vid is in the thread) [] (Retaliation) The Dawn Is Breaking - Retaliation Warder, SR80+ [c] [sr+]

very nice. the seal also works well with AAR. I wonder that damage over 600 k dps i mean that cant be without stacks in SR right?

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+54% Chthonics ))

9l VbleXaJl 3a To6ou

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Shattered souls add significantly more damage than buffs/banners, with this value increasing the deeper you go.

It’s obviously with shattered souls. But AAR ticks crazy in SR, because the nature of the skill. MH is also very strong defensive class, so it can carry significant damage focus.

Wow, seeing how fast an SR boss gets melted is awesome. I found this after seeing your link in Duchy’s post. Are there any changes to this with the current patch? And what crafting bonus do you get for the amulet? :slight_smile:

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