[] Malakor can't be denied! DW melee+procs elemental Purifier

  • My damage , splash of colors.


So Malakor is nice weapon, usually it’s used as Tactician and cold Infiltrators. But if you look it’s really crying to be used in Purifier. Since pure DW melee usually is under performing, let’s try it as hybrid. Lot’s of cool devotions, Bonemonger set proc and spirit thing meta. So end result is pretty, at least visually and as concept.

Credit to @afanasenkov26 cause his Tactician tests gave me ideas, to @mad_lee the original DW Malakor build creator and to @thejabrixone and @Valinov cause they were the pioneers of using all kind of interesting builds with Bonemonger set.


  • permanent buffs, DPS for Fire Strike

GRIM TOOLS - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkOx4RN


Key are full Bonemonger set and 2x Mythical Malakor’s infusion. Also used:

  • Pants - Tranquil for OA, spirit and resistances, slow is especially important.

  • Boots - Here for nice proc, skill bonuses and stun resistance, overall pretty little boots.

  • Relic - Bane provides flat fire and % elemental. Also OA, speed and sustain. I think it’s better than Combustion and by lot.

  • Rings - Controversial choice but proc is always up in Crucible and also RR allows me to skip Viper and use different devotion route.

  • Medal allows to dual wield weapons.

  • Belt for aether to elemental conversion. Useful on Seru and Bonemonger procs. Affixes are cheap common ones.

  • Gloves - I like blue ones over Dawnshard. No flat damage but DA and Spirit.


Very interesting path. It’s super rare these days to see 0 blue affinity points. My focus is on getting Magi+Seru. Also took Leviathan to the proc. It’s possible to complete Magi but Leviathan nodes offer nice defensive stats as well.


Fire Strike+WPS are doing some damage but diversity is key here. Triple T3 devotions in sync with Bonemonger proc and huge spirit dump. For campaign, please siphon some points from spirit to cunning for more reliable crits.


Purifier is sturdy class, having both Seal and Blast Shield. Also Ghoul is present, Bat too for sustain, although not very good on BwC here, maybe another configuration can be better :thinking: Physical damage protection isn’t impressive. But damage reduction and absorb eases the pain significantly.


Build is pretty sturdy. Health is going up and down a bit but passive defense gives you some comfort. Since main damage types are fire and lightning enemies resistant to both can be slower. Kuba is dangerous for this build in Crucible for some reason. As usual debuffing guys can create trouble. 170 wave Korvaak+Grava for example or even Fabius. My completion rate is high but not 100%, I think that did 8 out of 9 or something similar.

TImes are around 7 minutes on average with some ups and downs. Here’s video from my fastest try, nice 6:32 time!


on paper i would think this build would clear faster. hmm :thinking:
nice build none the less :slight_smile:


Actually DW Purifiers are usually slow. Pure fire DW melee barely can do 3x runs and this is 1 minute or so faster. And not sure pure flat damage route can provide even that clear speed. But this isn’t the fastest member of Bonemonger family for sure :smile:

I wonder what would happen if you took cyclone mark, belgo relic, and dumped for demon fire

probably deaths due to lower seal and less heals :laughing:

Under 10k health :scream_cat: But other stats looks juicy!

good job, Nery!
also interesting devotion route. do the procs work well here?
I’ve tried such stars on my tactician (in gt only) but ended up with the complete lack of stats.

and I see, Cuba is problem too?

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To be honest if you want procs to perform well you need few things, high % damage(spirit helps too) and CDR. This build don’t have sadly any CDR. But spirit with decent crit damage helps. I feel pure melee will suck lot harder on Purifier. Tactician have more flat damage and Cadence damage is lot bigger than FS, so different concepts. One of the reason, I didn’t try to influence your build :slightly_smiling_face:

Kuba is nasty, especially if you get it on 160/170 with bad mutators. But haven’t cause death, just some minor issues.

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Yup, Bonemoger Malakor. Somebody had to do it sooner or later.

I love the devo path but are the three procs (especially Leviathan) really worth not taking any rr devo?

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Malakor is the real fashion king, too!

To be honest mines and Censure provides RR and I don’t have dominant damage type, so decided to skip RR devotion. Leviathan nodes provide some health, DA and physical resistance and proc is OK.

Hm, interesting build, Nery. I keep thinking that Seal of the Void is a huge waste here. I would go for something cray like dual Blessed Steel and shift points from FS to elsewhere (like BWC), or just go with dual Seals of Resonance.

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I was wondering about void. Maybe even double flintcore or destruction are possible?

I wanted to build hybrid but caster route looks more promising. Although lack of CDR for this purpose :thinking:

That’s why I am recommending trying out double Blessed Steel. It hits with both hands, so you can have two nukes and fill the gaps with casts.

I give you 9 sacred strikes out of 10 for the idea :smile:

First, I read as haunted steel even. No, Blessed are the champions, peace keepers of the just!

Nice build as always nery.

Have you considered running 2x spelldrinkers?

Nice idea, although Malakor provides Demo bonus, -16 RR to Censure and additional points to it.

Maybe DW Spelldrinkers Sorc will work :thinking: