[] New Meta, Auramancer 150-170 3m 30s (Using GI game speed scaling)

Newcomers always asked, as them for a brief time game to garner a large number of things? We’ve always done builds, which were, as fast as possible pass the crucible. But there is another interesting option. Take a very strong Auramancer, include in the GI X3 speed of the game and now you can in an even shorter time, collect the right things, including rare green items :sunglasses::zantai:

Build I took specially very durable and which does not depend on a large number of keys:

The results are very interesting:

150-170 3m 30s:


And tried these builds to go for X3, as can be seen, the time difference is minimal on the X3 than on x1, so now we need a very tenacious and strong builds for effective, stable and rapid passage of the crucible

150-170 3m 10s



so…it’s actually a 10m30s clear?

I’m kinda confused what the point is here.

when x1 is a lot faster than 10 minutes, the video link is. This post is made to the fact that if you have a very very strong Assembly, capable of passing the crucible in the center, you can speed up this process and get the long-awaited reward much faster))). It is clear that it is not immediately fit in the head, but the fact of time, there is a fact, just 3 minutes of real time, you get awards 150-170 crucible))


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So why stop at 3x? Go for under a minute or bust.

Reminds me of making a regen/retal build (before rata) and sitting afk on Alkamos for “5 minutes” at 20x speed.


because in GI the limit is X3 :joy:

Cheat Engine works fine for Speedhack; default max is either x50 or x100.

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3:30 minutes, when using GD stash as hack tool is clearly not enough :smile:

Poor chaps, thinking 6 minutes Gladiator runs is too fast.

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Point is this is an auramamcer so player input is minimal and you can play at whatever speed. I don’t know what currently is the fastest build in Crucible x1 but I’m sure you couldn’t comfortably play it x3. Thus, auramancer x3.

I was hoping for a new build, though, @AlexGoldFish_322 :pensive:

BTW how do guys think SR is being done on Octavius? x3 speed and still feels worse than pre-nerfs lol.

I can say just one word- Virtue!

Can someone edit this because it’s a clear click-bait.

Why? Character. don’t make 3M 30s??? :grinning::oncoming_police_car:

Good point! The fact of the matter is that Auramancer is almost independent from us and that are mostly auras. So we can speed up the game by getting a bugle reward for faster real time, that’s the point. Similarly to Purifier, it is very durable and you only need to put a mortar trap)) :smile::+1:

Rip Hardware, I guess

Title is wrong, I’m playing at 50% speed. Clearly 20min build.

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