[] Octavius Caster Paladin - 6:30 Crucible, SR80 [g4][c+][sr+][vid]

Amazing results plasmo! There goes my wish to have a decree of circle five supporting full aether instead ;). Decree of circle five is a perfect fit. Shame that I can’t see your devo now. Tho I am not sure about the strength of aetherfire because it has such a low flat.

TBH, from the GT, I really don’t know how can it deal that good damage. Most of your skill aside aegis inflict small small damage and will be absorbed by armor instead. How much your IT ticks in game?

Because all other Inquisitor’s support skills are fucking bad.

Build has 20% cdr, 2k% phys, 100% vit convert - so bat proc on lance is filler and does avg. 3.5K per spam (not counting RR and %wpn damage). Lance itself deals around the same damage.

Then you have SB machinegun damage for around the same damage number per pulse for more Chaff clear, which procs Aetherfire at a very rapid rate which will again do around the same damage and stack for any damage above armor reduction. (thus the need for aether->phys conversion for this and lance)

^So that above is trickle damage and chaff clear.

Big hitter is RoK fragments for some big physical chunks and IT. And Aegis…alternating with RoK cd; Aegis here has significant IT %WD as well as a big chunk of phys.

It is a nice collection of damage.

And in this case it seems stacking Aetherfire is more profitable than bat for SB.

I guess it doesn’t need that much sustain beyond Aegis and lance filler as lance has %WD = all that skill flat will benefit from leech iiuc. ( I am still hesitant that about the idea that skills with flat and %WD apparently see leech on the flat portion - in case I don’t understand it correctly)

[Plasmodermic can ofc speak from his experience.]

Whats your take on aegis warlord and this pala? I am not sure which deals most damage.

Really nice build, love it! Beautiful useage of bone lance as a filler ability and conversion instead of beronath.

Hammy explained it better than I could have. Nothing in the build is responsible for huge amounts of damage on its own, everything just works together nicely. It all adds up.

I’m not sure, I’ve never played aegis warlord. This is one of the fastest shield builds I’ve seen posted, so it probably compares pretty favourably.

Ever since that one hand released i always thought its gonna be vendor trash or intermediate gear, doesnt help people actually complained about the skill on it too. Congratz on making it work, and make it amazing!

Well be like sparklot and only run it naked.

Honestly crucible difficulty is abit weird. In SR you typically die to bosses. In Crucible you can be fine against gimped madqueen gravathul wave then immediately die to a bunch of star mobs.

I run Naked Cruci with Extra Spawns to test my builds…

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Aegis warlord is a different build. It’s main dmg type is internal trauma. Here, direct phys makes up the bulk of dmg output.

I do 7:20-ish on my Oct wl on hardcore with average gear (legit). Wl has better dmg mitigation but much much less sustain. Overall I’d say (just by looking) that this is better. More piano, though.

All of which are heavily gimped by enemy armor

@sephelutis, @maya: I think of all the nicknames I’ve been given - spanks, spanky, sir spanks, etc. - sparklot takes the cake. #iloveit

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What do you think about “ANGry Spanks”?

After I troll, usually have the desire to redeem myself and say something on topic. Ummm, nice build :sweat_smile:

Btw how is the performance of Paladin vs Warlord. And do you think piano is the best suited style for Octavius WL?


I don’t have any experience with Warlord, but ya1 says this build is stronger.

Everything I touch ends up turning into kind of a piano so I’m going to say yes, it’s the best style.

Hmmm, interesting.

But you use spamming skill still. And I think Octavius can’t. You need the weapon slot and also your components are settled.

Still one can get creative and use Oblivion relic combined with conversion from Beronath and Gladiator belt. But that’s too many skill points lost. So Warlord should be without spamming skill I think. Plus there you have Forcewave on low CD.

Its like Lancelot but sparkling lol

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Warlord is ofc better than classic paladin with full Octavius and maxed Aegis, phys devotions, etc. But THIS paladin seems stronger than the classic warlord. Maybe there’s a novel way to make a warlord as well, idk.

In my latest Octavius I realized The Pummeler was overnerfed and not worth it so FW is at not so impressive 1.5s cd. I used Warborn mace and Spellscourge amulet.

@Plasmodermic you want to know how awesome your build is? How great your result is?

This is the amazing pile of dung my variant was on release of Forgotten Gods. It turned into a shitty, long, rant video where I lamented how shitty Decree of Five was. It still is, even after small buffs.
Your build actually works and seems kind of strong, while mine could barely kill Heroes. Not Bosses! Heroes.

The problem here is that you basically have one intermittent (5s every 10s or so) AoE damage ability in Devastation and were hoping that Decree spam would do the rest. Even with full conversion on the Decree skill, Decree would only be ~16K physical on one projectile. So subtract armor and …

The Decree spam alone is just not good enough for that. Idk if Tome of Arcane Wastes could have helped and maybe another Arcanist skill to add in such as CT or TSS. Imho the complete Spellscourge is a very restrictive set for the intended masteries.

The OP build sees a lot of trickle damage that stacks all around the character. So even if you have a 3k armor enemy, you see stacks of the following (rounded and approximate, after 3k armor…but not including RR or the substantial amount of critical damage %):

  1. Aetherfire with full conversion 3k (stacks with itself)
  2. SB 1k per pulse per stream + 2k IT ticks per second.

And then 2 rotating big hitters (RoK and Aegis) ~ every 2s, with a fair bit of IT on top of the physical. The IT is notable because it spans the cds.

(Note that not many enemies have anything near 3k armor, either. Usually ~2k or less, and it is 70% absorb)