[] Physical Warder - Oleron goes Frenzy

Physical warder was one of my first characters back in 1.0.0.something. I think it was jajaja’s beginner warder build with Leviathan that caught me back then. It was quite frustrating though after something like 60-70 level I found out that Savagery line actually gives me not so much to go with my Physical damage and that Cadence is actually way better (it was time after it was buffed). Then this character died (it was HC).

Time passed, I got my first Ultos set, tried it on a Warder, faced absence of Lightning RR on Soldier and got a little bit disappointed comparing to Vindicators and Elementalists. Started to tweak in a grimtools, switched first to physical Primal Strike, using Nature’s Avenger, took full Nature’s set, combined with a Bloodrager and then accidentally picked GUSTMASHER! The ultimate tool, that makes Savagery great again actually Physical.

Once this faithful devotee of Ultos met a Trickster with a cool pants and nice outfit. He asked if he could just try on his outfit. He even had a nice-looking maul just to make a cool pic with it and some jewelry in a stash. Trickster laughed and agreed easily, anticipating what would happen next. But once the Ultos Faithful put on the Coat and Cowl, he heard Oleron’s Cry in his head and after he took his Maul he couldn’t resist the urge to kill. Since then, he stopped laughing in eye of the storm, but began to do so in the rain of blood.


It uses Bloodrager set for the physical damage without bothering about bleeding part. Why wait them bleed when you can simply smash’em? On top of it we got some trauma and hit for a 190*1.2% WD to start with WPS multiplying it to something like 456/433% WD half of our hits which is actually not bad taking in account how fast this dude go Super Saiyan (once all of the procs starts to work).

Press LMB and smash the guts. Aim for the biggest dude in a crowd. Smaller stuff will die of WPS. Cry if you want to go Super Saiyan, dps go up to 295k. Jump and Blitz around as you see fit. Drop Wendigo Totem to get more lifesteal if you fight some boss.

I tried it with a transmuted Blade Arc and found it a bit frustrating to stop smashing everything with LMB to use Blade Arc (I even tried mouse macro to make it automatically, still bad experience). LMB for the win!
Also it uses Oleron, no joke. Oldschool, binded to Upheval. IT node for more OA, probably doesn’t worth it.

Didn’t tried it in a Crucible (I don’t play it).
For SR it lacks resists overcap that I found out meeting Kaisan + some Aether Basilisk, this combo could one-shot this dude. Probably could be fixed with more augments/components optimization.
Killed MQ without bothering.
Once met Kubacabra, simply killed it without moving.
Failed to kill Ravager (his RR was the case, need more resists overcap), didn’t tried other celestials.

Open for suggestions, esp. on how to fix resists. Don’t offer to go for bleed. Trickster was bleeding and I got bored of casting Devouring Swarm.

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Nice one! My Warder got a similar history. First Ultos, then switched to Bloodrager + Avenger and it was so much better. After the patch I switched from Avenger to Gutsmasher as well, here’s my version if you’re interested https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDvRW12
But I’m using half-assed Bladearc instead of Zolhans, no Totem, also my devotions are completely different. I cleared SR76 with that setup, but it is risky, with a bad mutator combo I sometimes even died to regular mobs. I bet it could be more consistent with further tweaking. When I find the time I will try your setup.

Can this build do crucible 150 and SR 50?

50 is ok (never tried higher than 66 though because RR is hell), haven’t tried crucible.