[] Purple Ray Monger vs. Crucible no greens (4b, 1vb)

Probably should have went for 3 buffs, 1 banner considering the amount of OA, DA and energy regen this… thing… has but hey here’s a vid of it and it looks like it works :D.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B16dKN

*retweak for a better setup, partial idea from @thejabrixone build
GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pbvapZ

Crucible 3b,1vb

EDIT Forgot to mention. Many thanks to @sir_spanksalot for some hints to make this better :D.


solid spec, I like it! You sure that’s not too much DA? JK :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, very similiar to what @thejabrixone did, but interesting choice with rings (I guess you wanted that fat OA).

I wonder if it’s possible to homogenize purple ray’s damage a bit with those horribad legendary rings that convert everything into fire and if anything good comes out of it.

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Oh. I actually didn’t see jabrixone’s one :D. Looks a lot better than this one, more sustain and feels a lot more burst damage too. Regarding the ring choice i wanted the oa and the conversion from pierce to fire for more output. What rings that convert everything to fire? :thinking: still dont have every item in my head xd. Thank you for the kind words!

EDIT Eternal Pyre, just saw them. Might work but dunno how good would they be tbh. It would make obliteration half fire half lightning mostly, or mostly 70-30. I even considered going double witch rings + storm shepperd to convert all aether to lightning but also can’t really tell how good would that be with the addition of chain lightning on top.

What kind of Pierce damage are you converting exactly? One on ring procs?

And set proc. Currently trying to improve this for more output and damage via conversion and procs. :smiley:

Hmm. It’s just you do convert Pierce on set proc, but you are missing out on %Lightning damage there. There is also a blue Luminari medal for that. But I don’t know, I think other than trying to make ray mostly fire you and Jabby came pretty close to maximizing this concept.

Judging by the looks of his setup too its clear that we both wanted to go for full elemental rather than just one damage type :D. But let’s say we would try 2x Pyres. How would we get the extra 50% needed? ^^

What rings would you suggest instead lee?

I feel like the set proc is pretty big in terms of sustain, and you also get flat DA shred from light’s oath.

@romanN1: Did you consider using ignaffar’s gauntlet or hagarrad gloves as well?

There’s also a green belt with +1 to all inqui, and which has 50% aether/ele conversion

Yes. Tried them too. I actually have something in mind to improve this :wink:

They were worse than ignaffar’s glove?

I didn’t really felt the difference tbh :thinking: mostly just a little gimp to the ray itself

fair enough, maybe try runesinged gloves instead?

Has nice spirit boost, and fat DA on it too.

Definitelt better than mageslayer’s

Will surely check :D. Didn’t look at epic gloves :confused:


Also, if you don’t need the RR, iskandra’s relic is probably BiS

Such a though call to ditch rr tho :joy:

Worth a test my man. 1-2 runs, 10-15 minutes. Ez pz.

I’ll come back with the results :wink:

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Updated with new vid, 3b+1vb and tweaked setup.

The armor on this thing though shudders

Those extra shitty ones: Burning Pyre or smth