[] Spark of Ultos, ArcBlade CL Caster Mage Hunter SR 83+


I have been trying to get chain lightning caster working for a while now. I am happy to pull of this build especially with a 2hander. Temporal Arc Blade is amazing with its proc. Provides us the umpf CL needs for single target. Box, Chain Ligtning and Temporal Effect are our damage layers as well as Calidors Tempest for nuke and knockback.

Mage Hunter was the choice due to Crit OA buffs from Arcanist and Stormbox RR Crit OA from Inqusitor.


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Sheet is shown with renewal buff. Once Deadly Aim rolls in I get to see 4k OA and 2.6X-3X Crit damage numbers. You can take points off from some IEE Augments to max Calidors Tempest but I went with IEE augments for more crit.

SR 82:

SR 83:

I could have went to 85 but Grava owned me on 84.

Special Thanks to: @romanN1 and Official Community GD Discord. You guys rule.

SR 75 Gameplay: https://youtu.be/Tubeaxy4UHg

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Added a youtube link for gameplay since it was requested by discord community

Nice build. Just a heads up…@plasmodermic is getting temporal arcblade nerfed in the 1.1.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a “bug fix” not a nerf :stuck_out_tongue:

@Drakhan have you tried Imp bound to Storm Box? It does some serious work.

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Whatever helps you sleep at night, mate.

no but I can try that. thanks for heads up

I hope they buff other 2Handers. 2Handers other than Arcblade are lacking hard. builds with off hand or DW are performing better than 2Handers

I dunno…hellborne, arcanor, death’s reach are some top tier 2H which comes to mind.

EDIT: Can’t forget desolator too

also I can swap the set to ultos. Ultos set has better and more procs

Been playing Nery´s CL-Mage hunter lately. Compared to that, this build clears trash faster - due to the weapon proc (its amazing!).
Boss clear speed is about the same, from my feeling. Probably due to less crit and RR.
Equipping this one with Light defender or even Light defender + Ascended Pauldrons (cold conversion) would also be an option. Amu could be Aetherbolt.

Hello new player here. Could you please explain how the chain lightning effect works cause ive been wracking my brain trying to figure it out. I watched the video on youtube and you had it as a skill on your left click. Is it from some items or from the weapon?

It’s a skill granted by the magic component “Seal of Skies” that’s applied on the weapon. You need to find the recipe for that component (AoM expansion) to craft it.


Ah ok thanks bro ^^

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