[] Storm Boss of Elgoloth - 6min buffed/bannered clear, 10min naked clear, 15s dummy kill time

Well, lmk if you come up with anything. I’m super tempted to try 3x skyshards, but I feel that’d be one shot city all day errday

Yes, and no.

Yes because of deadly aim.

No because of increase in monster difficulty + debuffs. It’s fine without SCP, but with that huge crit modifier on it, id ideally want to find a way to crit more consistently even without deadly aim

EDIT: change to storm bearer also lowers the build’s OA. But that’s clearly BiS here

what if we went with bane to help sustain and OA? Maybe swap behemoth for bat

Hmm. Good call. I keep forgetting about new/improved bane, and that electrocute damage + RR is pretty tasty on ignaffars.

I’ll test it some time this week I guess. Tbh, I’m wondering if there’s a suffix I can change on my offhand for better OA as well.

Would you agree as well that +2 to storm totem isn’t that huge here? IMO, OA and casting speed is of higher priority in SCP,

Totem isn’t the focus here, agreed. Maybe go with “Of Rituals” for +2 seal or “Of the sands” for capping slowres?

What about ‘thunderstruck,’ with slow res on all crafted items (it’s currently physique &/or armor, i don’t remember).

That’s 3 - 4% OA, and I still get to keep ignaffar’s combustion. Maybe also get 1x skyshard?

EDIT: Also really like the ‘of rituals’ suggestion. That’s a nice +3 to seal if I change skill bonus on relic too.

What’s a SCP? ‘Screw Censure, People!’?

stormcaller’s pact :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA the most underrated exclusive. Just that lot of people combine Shaman with Inquisitor and is not difficult decision to pick Censure.

@xervous: Ok. Did about an hour of testing with stormcaller’s (3x naked runs + 3x buffed/bannered runs)

  1. Naked crucible: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxmOdEZ (note…in game OA value is 3k)
    a. Clear time: 11 - 12 minutes (about a 90s increase from AoC); of 3 runs, I cleared 1.
    b. Reason: To make full use of SCP, you unfortunately need to give up DA by way of augments. This means suffering more from crits, especially because of your lower health pool.

  2. 3 + 1 crucible: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m2336Pn2 (in game OA value is just shy of 3.1k)
    a. Clear time: 6min 30s
    b. Reason: To try and squeeze in more damage, I focused on arcane empowerment over inqui seal (see inquisitor mastery in GT). This meant that I had to kite more during nem waves, but also meant that I cleared trash mobs incredibly fast. With sufficient min/maxing (e.g. finding the optimal DA balance point, or maybe trying storm titans) I believe this crucible build can go toe-to-toe with the one in OP.

Other comments:

  • Elemental resist was a struggle to find here. Wyrmscale boots just so happens to fit the AoC build perfectly. However, by going SCP, I was forced to give up revenant for crown, making reaper that much harder to take down. I was also forced to use ‘flamecaller’ suffix on the offhand to try and pad resists. Of all the nems, reaper was the one which forced me to kite the most.

  • I believe this is the single biggest reason for the discrepancy in clear time. In naked, I don’t believe it’s possible to beat 2x reapers.

Is SCP weaker than AoC?
I can only comment on this build, but yes. It is. Not because of the skill, but simply because of how devotions, and itemization played out.

Would you be able to mention what order you picked the Devotions in?

I just took a quick look at the devotions, there doesn’t seem to be anything too complicated about it.

Did you even try doing it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get yout green crossroad, get hawk + scholar light.

Chaos crossroad - jackal, viper, eel, sailor’s guide, solemn watcher, widow, giant’s blood, revenant.

Refund chaos crossroad and get ultos and spear

So Z% RR doesn’t require WD% to be applied?
Or Does it?

It does if it’s a global stat (e.g. from viper).

But if it’s associated with a skill (e.g. ultos, vanquisher’s vire’s might) it doesn’t.

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playing your build as a mage hunter, with sboe as actual only attack.
rules hard.
playing with chosen mask - no downtime to sboe + script so i can attack enemies per single leftklick, kinda like with chain lightning.
display dps with no cooldown and mask is 184k . freaky!

I have made few Mage Hunter builds with Box as main attack. It’s definitely the best and maybe the only great Inquisitor offensive skill. Plus lightning damage is probably the best damage type.

Nice. Been playing your Chain Lightning builds as well, Nery. Must say: SBOE with 0 cooldown is superior. Range & damage - wow.

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I’ve tried the chosen mask. Was way too difficult for me to use efficiently :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: It also becomes a lot weaker in boss chunks as there are a lot fewer targets to SBoE

Yay, !
11% less total damage for me.

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The trick to avoiding nerfs is to rely on a whole mish-mash of different things to create a gestalt effect.


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