[] Storm Boss of Elgoloth - 6min buffed/bannered clear, 10min naked clear, 15s dummy kill time

Link to jabrixone’s original allagast/cyclone vindicator: [] The Lightning (Mc)Queen - Allagast+Cyclone Lightning Caster Vindicator
@thejabrixone: Sorry mate, didn’t mean to not credit you, I just didn’t know a similar build had been done previously. <3

Creds due to: John smith for demonstrating the sheer power of stormbox, the OG veterans for being so supportive (you know know who you are), and da1andonlykitty whose devotion pathing I’m using.

Special shoutout to…: Mad_lee, strukto for all the TLC they’ve shown me

^Before all procs. Word of renewal and inqui seal are, however, active.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G4p06V
YT: https://youtu.be/h8tHYYRgvWc


Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus. I had/have lots of life to do and couldn’t afford to be distracted by the forum. Activity will be intermittent.

Decided to announce my return with a new build – the Allagast Vindicator.


  1. More than -182% lightning RR (I’ll expound on this in the section titled ‘Funky Mechanics’ for those interested)
  2. 6s deadly aim with ~3s downtime + 200% lightning/electrocute damage during deadly aim
  3. Base of 2800% lightning damage before deadly aim
  4. Cinderwind + Cyclone wind devils

Defense: 0 problems in buffed/bannered runs, ~40% naked clear rate.

  1. Giant’s blood is taken to fix the lack of sustain
  2. Stacked CC res
  3. DA galore with -95 OA shred
  4. 15k hp
  5. 18% damage reduction

Funky mechanics

There are 2 things I wish to discuss here: (I) 10% CDR to deadly aim, (II) X% RR

  1. 10% CDR to deadly aim:

AFAIK, this is the only example of X% CDR on a temporary buff that I know of. What makes it crazy good is that this CDR affects the inherent cooldown of deadly aim itself. In other words, assuming that the 10% CDR to deadly aim is the only source of CDR I have, the downtime of deadly aim will be a perpetual 4.5s, instead of its usual 5s.

I’m not 100% sure, but I’m also fairly certain that the cooldown of all skills used during deadly aim will not increase once deadly aim wears off.

Once you factor in the 200% lightning damage bonus to deadly aim, it becomes the most powerful tool in the allagast vindicator’s arsenal.

  1. 20% RR from Ultos: TL; DR - the efficacy of X% RR increases the more negative you can make a target’s resistance. So, above all else, I chose to stack -X% RR.

As many of the veterans are aware of, the formula for X% RR is as follows… |Target’s resistance – RR| * (X% RR)

Example 1: Target has 100% Res, I have -50% RR, and 20% RR…
|100% - 50%| * (20%) = 10%
Therefore, 20% RR here amounts to an effective -10% RR. And the target will ultimately have 40% res.

Example 2: Target has 100% res, I have -150% RR, and 20% RR |100% - 150%| * (20%) = 10%
Therefore, 20% RR here amounts to an effective -10% RR. And the target will ultimately have -60% res.

Allagast vindicator example 1: Target has 100% res, I have approx. -200% RR, and 20% RR
|100% - 200%| * (20%) = 20%
Therefore, 20% RR here amounts to an effective -10% RR. And the target will ultimately have -120% res.

Allagast vindicator Example 2: Target has 20% res, I have approx. -200% RR, and 20% RR
|20% - 200%| * (20%) = 36%
Therefore, the target will ultimately have -216% res.

Levelling by madame spanksalot, written by sir spanks
With the changes to veteran, levelling with the inquisitor is an absolute nightmare.

  • Word of pain? More like Word of lame.
  • RoH sucks the big one with its long arming time, and the 25% damage reduction on it. But like it or not, it is the only single target skill you can rely on.
  • RoK lacks the single target capabilities of RoH
  • Getting WPS isn’t very effective either as you don’t have an autoattack replacer
  • You have no RR until you get AoC
  • You have no defences outside of seal/word of renewal

What I suggest is using the shaman instead. Max out raging tempest and maelstrom ASAP. Get storm totems too. And use deathchill bolts as your spammable skill.

Pretty standard lightning devotion, with the exception of revenant. With the high aether/lightning conversion, skele’s actually do quite a bit more damage than elemental storm. Net loss of 7 RR is totally worth.

1. Offhand
I think the enslaved wraith is BiS. Definitely beats out yeti’s horn because of the higher base %lightning damage.

As for as affixes go, sandstorm is BiS, ‘of sands’ is pretty good too. Any other relevant affixes is just a nice bonus.

2. Gloves
Cindertouch > Light’s defender by miles. Fire/lightning conversion benefits both wind devil, and the elemental damage to SBoE from the medal. Cinderwind is also a massive damage spike. Then there’s OA and crit damage too.

Hope ya’ll liked it!


Hey Spanks, welcome back to the forum :wave:

Damn, that’s a way to make a splash. We know that Vindicator is strong class, but that’s really impressive time for that concept. Also playing naked Crucible requires special talent, but also dose of masochism :slight_smile:

About forum, I understand you can’t be regular as before, but you know you’re valuable member!

Valuable at bringing in more nerfs to the base skill…

But otherwise, nice job, nice to see some set combinations coming.

now do an elementalist.

Which base skill are you referring to?

Thanks beautiful <3

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He probably means that in last few patches were nerfed some skill’s base damage like Storm box. So I doubt they will be further changed.

I see. IMO, it’s not storm box’s DPS, but rather the combination of several things coming together:
i. Deadly aim
ii. Wind devil + cindertouch
iii. Crazy -X% RR

They synergize well because all these 3 things causes your dps to go up when more enemies are clumped together.

TBH, you could increase DPS more by shifting points from inqui seal to arcane empowerment, but I ultimately chose not to because of low fire res.

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Not Storm Box but Storm Totem has seen nerfs to the base skill. Wind Devil has also had some of it’s Lightning damage in Maelstrom shifted over to Electrocute in the past I think.

Looks like a great build spanks, good to see you’re back and posting.

He’s back! Awesome :slight_smile:

Nice build btw.; I tried to make a more trozan focused allagast MH a while ago but it never even closely reached the levels of this beauty…

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Box+devil+totem concept will always be strong unless Crate intentionally makes it unplayable. I even made an all green meme spec that could clear cruci in 6 mins lol.

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god damn, you are back!

Some old school itemization choices: 3x living armor + ancient armor, Ignaffar over Bane. Damn, son, you came back in style!

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Love me a SB build. That boom when you cast it on mobs and they just vanish:laughing:

Nicely done

Ignaffar is more than appropriate here. The bane love is real on this forum

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cool stuff, i made something a while back which works in a similar way just not allagast and the amu. I do believe you got a better fit with the items. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn6YRwN

Just noting that N Reduced takes place after N% Reduced from Ultos. See here: Actual Resist Reduction formula

Your explanations are still more or less true, if you are not considering the RR from Raise the Dead.

Inquis nerfs when?

Ah, thanks for the clairfication Ceno. I didn’t know that. Will update OP.

Still though…-160% RR before revenant is pretty damn good.

While I don’t quite know the meta anymore, I think the inquis is fine. It’s mostly a support class now. You can’t really use any of it’s skills as a primary attack besides SBoE. You could consider FoI, but it is both super clunky, and the damage on it is just lackluster.

P.S. On the note of FoI…Has anyone made a successful voidsoul build? I tried making a voidsoul sentinel but the damage was abysmal.

Blasphemy! :smile:

I would rather see it’s offensive skills got buff, like FoI or RoK. Oh and there’s even Inquisitor skill called Horn of Gandalf. As FoI with Voidsoul ya have Paladin…

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Hi Spanksalot,

Nice build. Some theoretical suggestion: I think good returns would be from cast speed investment for maxed Tether and general casting flow. Restless Remains or something. I would also recommend Shoot’s approach to casters - spamming Stormfire (from Seal of Destruction) for sustain. Or since it was overnerfed and taken away 1/3rd of its weapon damage, maybe Chain Lightning from Seal of Skies? 200/1100 health regen alone sounds a little testy…

I tried using stormfire and chain lightning from seal pre-nerf actually. I also had ghoul in that set up. But with the CDR, SBoE has like a 0.4s CD. You really don’t have time to maximize said seal granted skills.

As for casting speed - totally agree. But the only way to maximize CS is to use light’s defender so you can get more relevant resists + restless remains.

DPS loss isn’t worth the trade off in my experience.

So it would increase the build’s speed if maybe two restless remains are used iand the boots are replaced with some green ones? I can really see the worth in replacing the trousers so. Maybe the medal slot can be used here as well? Used to be the cyclone mark in the build of @thejabrixone:

this build heavily relied on the aether conversion as well