[] Stronghold Purifier - Palliona goes to SR 75-81

the wps from pyroclasm works with 2h ranged too.

If my eyes decieved me, which is entirely possible since i never actually tested this specifically with 1h gun, then Bursting round longer animation simply doesn’t make the cut here, unlike builds such as dagallon

Tested by taking yout all other wps and light shows and it does not work with 1h. but does with dw and 2h where it takes a kneeling animation

So there it is. I still dont recommend using bursting round unless you are leveling or using another build. More WPS isn’t always better. But i played both with and without and it’;s ok

I was talking specifically about your Stronghold build for Pyroclasm Mark, since you said you used it partly for the WPS. So if I understand you right, Bursting Round is bad for 1h and 2h ranged due to its long animation time but usable for dw ranged since hitting with both weapons sort of makes up for the long animation?

Stronghold does not hit hard but hits a lot, with many projectiles, and Bursting round gets just a bit in the way of that. It’s nothing that kills the build but a personal choice I made after doing dummy tests.

For 2h it’s nice. I mean take Desolator. A Bursting round crit, especially when you invest in it will obliterate everything a mile in front of you. And most 2h AA have transmuters that make a shot with bursting round stronger.

The best way is to try it out for yourself as I did and maybe you will want BR on Stronghold.

But thank you for noticing the 1h thing on medal. Forgot about that and also kind of emphasises BR thing for this barticular build (not by a lot though :slight_smile: )

Wait, Pyroclasm doesn’t work with 1h + shield, does it?

Nope. Medal is still good for DPS but if you don’t mind the AS loss, Luminari Commendation can be BiS if replacing Pyroclasm

Shouldn’t non-mythical Blood Sigil of Chton be like light years ahead of both of those medals?

was kinda nerfed. Flat dmg on proc by quite a bit, particularly flat fire on it, they were sneaky

Pyroclasm gives 20 flat damage on a good roll that is always there and AS.

You know i’m a sigil fan sint the Terminator purifier build. It’s not bad, but no longer the best

Shouldn’t Chton’s medal be better just because of Brimstone bonus (extra projectile and extra flat), OA and super valuable racial damage to Humans? I mean, it should show in tests, but on paper it looks so much better than pyroclasm.

I didn’t like the massive Dps drop with chthon vs dummy where i got better results with pyroclasm. Especially when proc is not on .

Not to mention the build for SR is not super high on AS. I mean both work but I don’t think sigil is better unless in very specific situations like fighting humans. And I’m still mourning %racial vs humans. I need closure :laughing: