[] The Belladonna - Full Dreeg Set, Acid/Poison Caster Witch Hunter

And it somehow just ends up on phys retal with beronath :stuck_out_tongue:

Really masterful build!

Dreeg is one of the weakest sets in the game and it’s not an easy task to make it work. My first ever character was WH, which was DW melee DEE build, go figure. :smile: So I always enjoy seeing this class posted. How do you think fare Sentinel against the WH?

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Thanks Nery!

that always in the back of my head because technically Path of the three synergize well with occultist and this set in particular. However res will be a pain because technically, oathkeeper doesn’t give any if you dont use RF.

I just did a quick GT, maybe it will be something like this:
Just need to fix that res.

Matter of taste, I guess. Mad_Lee used it on his Dark One but there it has like 100+ vitality ticks.

I take Lethal Intents even on acid Fervor dervish. 90 oa, 3 ranks to LA and being craftable settles it. And since you get more fumble for 2p from RoS which is needed as proccer anyway…

I think Rotgueist + Plaguebearer might be fairly competitive to this concept in Sentinel. (One of the few areas where Rotgueist may work.)

I can’t even make it work as (vitality) cabalist. Rotgheist stats is worse than dreeg set imo. At least dreeg has phys res and very good full set proc.

I was thinking something like this: RG SoC/DEE Sentinel.

But it does suffer from lower casting speed for the Biting Blades spam.

Nice build! Why not acid purge instead of biting blades? I find the blades to be more clunky especially working around obstacles and uneven terrain. Not every blade hits and even when it does it usually doesn’t hit twice. But I do like the looks, those blades are a true eye candy!

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Looks decent, still not sure though. Need to test to see if it’s really viable.
BTW, switch the amulet component to seal of annihilation for better casting speed.

Also, can’t help to think that scion of better winds will be better for this for full vitality>acid conversion and higher %acid/poison.

Tested it, poison tick is better and got a bit more damage. However the leech is worse as it doesn’t have high WD and energy became even more nightmare to manage. Hurting the consistency of the build a lot.

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hello this is my witchhunter build. what do you think?https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV7eX7wN

Your devo is too defensive and you took so many irrelevant devo. Try to take one for acid damage. My devo is the standard acid devo, use that one for more damage.

Other comments:

  • You use transmuted DEE, then invest only on the first two nodes of DEE and one pointing others.
  • Not sure if that lethal assault is relevant for the build.
  • Shield is irrelevant. IMO shield is only worth it in soldier or if you are building around skill that need to use shield. In other cases, offhand is always better. You can use the same offhand I have, groble toxic effigy, acid offhand from faction, or mythical contagion.
  • If you still want to use shield, at least pick one that give %Acid/Poison, e.g. Occulant or perdition.
  • Pick only one spam skill, I suggest biting blades.
  • Ring is not bad, but eternal rot is better.

Other equipment choices are still relevant, just need to adjust depending on what challenge you want to face… :slight_smile:

You know your stuff, jabby. I missed both of those. (I wish there was an bowing smilee icon for this…)
This will have to do: :muscle:

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Do report the results afterwards! :slight_smile:
Rotgheist should be even more difficult than dreeg because the stats are even worse.

I haven’t leveled a sentinel so can’t test. Also all of sentinel I’ve been theorycrafted, for some reason, doesn’t seem to be good on paper… :sweat_smile:

Hah! And here I was thinking you’d test it. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not playing much these days. (But I enjoy thinking about playing…)

Damn hamster, stop advocating for Nerf and play the fucking game instead! :rofl:

Acid caster is one of the most painful build I worked on. I need to build more elemental build to refill my energy.

That percentage absorb from possession playing its magic here.

Nice build, I played something similar way back before AoM but never got to finish it. I dropped that character around level 70ish IIRC.

I’m coming back to GD and thought about starting with this build again but I’m wondering if you could make a leveling guide?

At least for early levels and devotions since I tend to loose myself a little bit regarding devotion progression, it’s something I never quite understood about GD.


or you could headover to the guides/tutorial section :stuck_out_tongue:

Both are slightly outdated, but the underlying core principles remain ever true

P.S - welcome to the forum

Wich mod/tool are u using so you can see al the countdown timers from spells etc to the left of your screen?

grim internals