[] The Belladonna - Full Dreeg Set, Acid/Poison Caster Witch Hunter

The Build

Screenshot with all permanent buff + Blood of Dreeg, Pneumatic Burst, and Secrets of the Guardian.
DPS shown is Biting Blades.

Build Feature


  • Insane cruci clear speed
  • Full spellcaster gameplay
  • Acid and poison hybrid, can kite efficiently while also resilient enough to stand the ground


  • Witch hunter has no good flat absorb skill (blade barrier doesn’t count), cannot facetank Mad Queen’s rage mode.
  • Not arcanist, cannot dump more points in spirit… :frowning:
  • Acid/Poison caster, only few good item support.
  • A lot of item choices are constraint by res and cc res.
Build Overview

Dreeg set has been long forgotten since the late AoM. Many threads have been made to push for some buff to Acid/Poison gameplay. A lot of threads ranting about how bad DEE and dreeg set is. A lot of ppl has judged that Acid is worse than Chaos now. Then there’s me who just want to make it works.

Dreeg set was used in vanilla GD by Drizzto as a witchblade to overcome the squishiness nature of Witch Hunter. Literally NO ONE in this forum can make this work since AoM released. Lo and behold, here comes an Acid/Poison Witch Hunter with full Dreeg set equipped!

Acid/poison Dreeg witch hunter problem is the usual lack of status, lack of res, lack of CC res, not many good itemization, phys res problem, RR is not that high, and freakin huge energy cost in every occultist spell. This build attempts to solve most of them. Well, the main problem is always squishiness though.

Note that the build did not pursue spam DEE. At the current state of the game, spam DEE can never work because its direct damage is very low, super huge energy consumption, and a lot of points needed to max out. Transmuted DEE is the way to go. With it, you just need the first two nodes to max out and maybe some points to softcap the third nodes.

As it stand, the set doesn’t provide any CDR, and DEE cannot work on their own as a stand alone skill, thus a lot of procs and all occultist skill except DB are used. Usual acid devo is still the best here, SoC is used for more sustain with most of its damage get converted to Acid, bloody pox is used as usual OA debuff and additional damage, and lastly biting blades as filler and more leech. This build used all of the tricks to survive. The Key trick here is sigil of consumption, allowing the build to stand its ground in front of multiple nemeses in cruci.

Equipment Choices

Craft all for stun res, get 100% Chaos>Acid conversion, and get as much as Vitality>Acid conversion as possible.

Core Items:
Deception of Dreeg Set.
Off Hand: Mythical Wretched Tome of Nar’Adin. [Just the best in slot for any transmuted DEE build]

Supporting Items:

Pants: Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind. [More Spirit, OA, and slow res. All the status we need]
Boots: Mythical Venomspine Greaves. [I wanted to use stonetreaders, but this boots gives more relevant skill bonus, res, and also DA]
Gloves: Dark One’s Grasp. [Always good in occultist to give Bloody pox a damage reduction.]
Belt: Mythical Girdle of Stolen Dreams. [I wanted to use Deadly Means belt but the build need more OA and +1 Occultist]
Rings: Mythical Ring of Eternal Rot + Mythical Ring of the Black Matriarch. [Ring slot is used for more %Acid, poison duration, Res, more poison proc, and relevant skill bonus]
Medal: Mythical Mark of The Forbidden. [The Bloody pox modifier makes Kuba a child play, also the proc is so good with more poison and Fumble, thus we can skip RoS.]
Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak. [Deathstalker will be nice but I need more aether res and nightblade’s skill tree provide more elemental res . Completion bonus to night’s chill is the best, but I am just too lazy to craft another relic]
Movement Rune: Use whatever you like. I use Rune of Amatok’s Breath currently.


Usual Acid Devo

Guardian’s Gaze > to Bloody Pox
Rumor > to Curse of Frailty
Scorpion Sting > to Biting Blades
Tainted Eruption > to Sigil of Consumption
Raise the Dead > to Dreeg’s Evil Eye
Ghoulish Hunger > to whatever permanent buff
Black Blood of Yugol > to whatever permanent buff


LMB: Biting Blades
RMB: Point to Move
Mouse scroll up: Curse of Frailty
Mouse scroll down: Bloody Pox
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Sigil of Consumption
Keyboard 3: Dreeg’s Evil Eye
Keyboard 4: Blood of Dreeg
Keyboard 5: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:

  • Always have Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst active
  • Scroll up and down to spread curse of frailty and bloody pox.
  • Movement rune in/out
  • Hold your Biting Blades button while mashing SoC and DEE button, also casting CoF to new incoming enemy.

In Trash waves, you want the enemies to surround you. In boss/nemesis wave, you want the enemies to be in front of you.

You want to leave the enemy at its half health and move on to others. Except in nemesis wave where in most cases you want to kill one nemesis as fast as possible.


When she comes in wave 162, she will almost immediately goes in to rage mode. Cast CoF and blood pox to her and kite her while killing other enemies, after the red aura dies down, focus all your attack on her. This build takes a while to kill MQ because it has more Acid res. If she doesn’t die and activated its second aura, just kite again and let the poison do the job.

Build Performance Crucible: For 170 Crucible, video with 4 buff without banner:

6:33 clear time. As usual, this is a NO BANNER run.

The build need some time to get used to, but after that, it is a consistent cruci farmer with 80-90% cruci clear rate. With unfavorable mutator, how many alek, and how many enemies stuck in its spawn zone, the slowest clear time will be about 7 minutes. The average clear time is 6:45 minutes.

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t checked yet.

The Dreeg Witch Hunter you’ve been waiting for… :crazy_face:



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Nice job. That offhand is the bomb for acid DEE as it currently stands.


Which [consistent] buffs were used for cruci (I didn’t watch, so my lazy …but also this is fairly informative.

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I still can’t believe this worked and not what I have been testing. How good is that Sigil move, gratz!

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Nice Dreeg build you put together here @thejabrixone! :+1::+1:

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Dreeg set is honestly one of the most tiring set I worked on… I’ll be surprised if it get nerfed instead :crazy_face:.

TBH, more cc res, res, and vitality conversion will be nice…

Just watch it. I always use 4 cruci buff in all of my videos.

%Acid and Poison need to be pushed as high as possible, sigil then act as a good supporting skill providing AoE leech.

2.8 da, 1.6 armor with 82% absorb, 18% phys res, 10k health, how…? :upside_down_face:

Also, isn’t Hawk+Candle better than Spider? Get’s you more res, energy, oa and crit at the cost of cast speed. I was thinking https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2E4ykvN

Magic… :dizzy:

I took spider for its %spirit. But you maybe right, elemental res is always a pain to get in occultist build. Not sure about your medal choices though, I find mark of the forbidden is very good for this build. However I am not gonna touch this build again, it’s too tiring to min max. I have done everything I can but it seems the concept cannot push below 6:30 without banner.

@mad_lee’s DEE WH:

@thejabrixone’s DEE WH:


I keep telling you that it’s morethan just phys res, etc.

Damn Terry Crews’ impeccable pecs!

I miss grumpy cat… :frowning:

Yeah, 3.3k effective DA, AoE leech from sigil, and biting blade’s leech with 200% CS, fumble, also kiting, make up for the low armor n somewhat acceptable phys res.

@thejabrixone: Educate my ignorant ass, mate.

I don’t get the softcapped terrifying gaze, nor 9/12 PB.

Why not leave TG as a one pointer, and 6/12 PB?

If you need more heals, wouldn’t BoD be better than PB? And wouldn’t anatomy of murder be better than 12/12 TG?

I just want more %poison and duration. You can one pointing it, correct.

Running speed and a bit more CS… :laughing:
Almost capped running speed just increase the QoL of the build a lot because you need to get close to them due to Guardian’s gaze.

I find anatomy of murder is not worth it anymore in acid build because it only gives 1% human racial damage per point.

Right, how helpful is the increased duration?

P.S: Thanks for answering my questions

yeah, you can’t really feel it. You can take those 2 points and put it in possession, CoF, elemental awakening, or AoM. It was a left over points I put from my first iteration of the build.

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Thanks for that. Also, great job as always jabby!

Now find a way to make crest of winter fortitude work

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Yeah, someone need to make a kick-ass blade barrier retal build!

Saves you some piano on RoS thx to the little fumble but in general this medal sux. No da/oa. Is it that 30 dmg on Bloody Pox ticks? Because I can’t see any reason to use it outside that fumble. Not even good skill bonuses.

Lethal Intents is CRAFTABLE and I’m sure you wouldn’t say no to extra 12% stun res…

It’s all about that summon to RoH, baby :joy:

Not true really. I really like the medal.

Constant source of poison, +2% ele res, and if you forgo ulzuin banner, which I’m 100% sure this build actually needs to sustain itself, it has +3 energy