[] The Fastest 2H for SR 75-76 Ultos Lightning Primal Strike Vindicator (vid)(g4)(s++)


Ultos set has been buffed for 2 patches in a row, now it’s time for it to shine. I only post build that is good enough for SR 75+ runs, I’m not a big fan of crucible

  • The build

    Grim Tools Link, crafted freeze res on helm boots and pants.

  • Videos
    SR 75-76 8m36s (starts at 0:14, ends at 8:50) with Bad mutators

  • Build Performance

    • SR 75-76 100% success(timer never goes to 0), regardless any combination of bosses. As it’s a insanely aggressive build, even with the worst case( Grava + Kaisan, and they all spawn in small arena( the scene without lava)), you may still be able to efficiently kite using Spear of Heaven and storm box to trigger gear procs like Ultos’s Wrath and Lightning Chain, etc.
    • Benchmarks the speed with 5 SR 75-76 runs, 6m50s is the fastest(close enough to regular crucible 150-170 run), 9m is the slowest(died 2 times it only cost a bit more time, but still succeed). The fastest SR 75-76 build I have ever made. It’s not a beast but the mighty God of Thunder. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • Build Overview


    • Insane damage dealt(see image above) in 4.9 meter target area by Primal strike every hit, 3 hits(with savagery buffed attack speed) per second.
    • 3600+ OA with deadly aim toggled.
    • 59% critical damage bonus with standing in inquisitor seal.
    • Being able to kite in SR 75-76 in worst cases with even surprisingly speed.
    • Good survival abilities for SR 75-76:
      • 60+ stun res, 50+ trap res, 50 + freeze res, 80+ slow res( buffed by savagery).
      • 2300+ armor and 40% physical res with buff from savagery.
      • all res capped 30%+ which is good enough for SR 75-76.
      • 10% ADCTH is quite enough for that insane AOE damage from Primal strike. Even if health almost reach the bottom, one shot may heal you to full.
    • 100% Aether to Lightning ( dual storm witch ring + storm belt)
      which benefits Spear of Heaven, Arcane Bomb, Flame Torrent, Raise the Dead(half to lightning), rings also provide neat OA and flat lightning.
    • Enough RR sources: Aura of Censure 30% + Wind devil 35% + Arcane Bomb 35% + Raise the dead 25 = 125.


    • Not very high DA(~2600 with word of renewal activated), might be dangerous after SR 80, for SR 75-76 it is enough though.
    • No mastery bonus for inquisitor, skill points is not quite enough for all other good skills.
    • There is no damage absorption skills, so Aether Cluster is very important in some cases.
  • FAQ:

    • Q: Why you choose Seal of Skies over Seal of Corruption and Why using dual storm witch rings?
      A: This build is mainly aim for primal strike, primal strike has 235% weapon damage and dealing damages in 3.7 meter target area. So every flat damage source is precious, thus 10% Physical to Lightning conversion is huge: primal strike main skill 436 flat physical, that is 43.6, any other flat physical source I don’t wanna count(Modrogen’s pact, Steel Resolve), that is pretty much HALF of flat lightning damage that FULL Ultos’s set added to Primal Strike(105 flat lightning). Dual storm witch rings are obvious choice, 100% Aether to Lightning which benefits Spear of Heaven, Arcane Bomb, Flame Torrent, Raise the Dead(half to lightning), rings also provide neat OA and better flat lightning damage.

    • Q: How do you even survive with 2500 DA in SR 75-76?
      A: I have tested with a lot of tank build using GD stash after patch Some of them may stack to 4500 DA and 8000 armor, with all res caped up to 60%, those builds seem to be immortal and even face tanking every celestial bosses( except crate) without even move their ass a bit. The truth is they still die a lot in SR 75-76 even before boss stage. In SR75-76 if you are not able to kill foes as quick as possible, anytime anywhere no matter what foe you are facing, you die! That is simply because debuffs and skills cast by bosses or foes especially DOT are way more strong in SR 75-76.

      With 2500 DA, Fabius has ~10% chance to critical hit me in SR 76. So what? Did he ever killed me? No, he never got a chance even My DA somehow have been dropped to 2200 with 4 critical hits by him in a row, since 10% ADCTH with primal strike nuke is way enough to tank him.

      How about foes surrounding you, that you get critical hits a lot? This never happened, foes may never stand that long enough to stack.

      In the end, this build has same dying rate with all of those tank build I tested in SR 75-76. no matter how good your stats sheet looks, certain bosses may still one shot you for sure. However tank build had a big chance to make the timer goes to 0, and rage quit when Kuba spawn.

      GD is a good game, and I love SR75+ most. New SR after also reminds me “The best defense is a good offense”.


Nice but I think this one is g4 at least :joy:

Looks a bit unrealistic, i’ll be fair. :slight_smile:
Will be great if you post videos of build’s performance in SR.
Also, there’re some questions about gear and one note: your attack speed is not hardcapped (200% even under all buffs, I mean). Does the build feel okay?

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I will be recording some videos tonight. until then u may test it with GD stash to see yourself.

Attack speed is no way to cap to 200% in this build, if you could, let me know, thx.

Video is up, randomly recorded right after your reply, with bad large scenes and bad mutators.

Softcapping tenacity of the boar and Word of Renewal should help you with this issue, you can take points from storm touched, feral hunger (is it really worth as a WPS, when you use savagery just as a buff?) and upheaval (same thing). Overcapping storm touched that much is rarely worth it.

Seal of skies seems like an unnessessary overly aggressive choice here imo. Seal of Blades, Seal of Resonance or even Seal of Might (losing some of that aether-> lightning I know) seem like more reasonable choices imo. And if you want more damage, then seal of corruption would give you more RR.

You do habe Inquisitor’s Seal, that counts as flat absorb. Having a cluster on your bar is always a good choice (in HC) though.

Also as others have pointed out your current Grim Tools is definitely g4/g5 and not g3.

TL;DR: Good job with the build! DA is certainly too low though and dying two times on a run out of five runs… well idk how that is considered in the SC community, but for HC it definitely is too greedy.

thx for your suggestion, I just gave up with DA parts, even with hard cap for tenacity of the boar, it would only provide extra 60 DA, that dose not help, most cases dying is because of Grava. So I decided to get more attack speed to increase overall damage.

Seal of skies is for physical to lightning conversion, since primal strike has physical flat source. 10% is a huge deal.

So this build is like I have to kill enemy as fast as I can, otherwise will be too dangerous to survive in 75 76 as the video I post it. So I do whatever to make it more aggressive, that is on the other hand more defensive and stable.

I only invested 1 point for each 2 WPS skills, that at least have a chance to boost savagery, otherwise it has a chance to die when using savagery due to low damage dealt to a single target.

Nice but 2.6k da with 3 unreal greens? Seal of SKIES? No Wendigo Totem for SR? Maxed Storm Touched on a PS build? And last, since you GDStash why not hardcap Torrent with the relic.

  • 3 MIs doesn’t mean DA should be stacked very high. ultos set lack of resistance, so those 3 MIs is primarily for stacking basic resistances. Feel free to try yourself with GDstash, I’m happy you will come up something MUCH better.

  • 2600 DA is quite enough for SR below 80. In my video I face tanked all bosses in the final SR 76 boss fight with no potion used.

  • Seal of skies is for physical convert to lightning, primal strike has very decent physical flat source. 10% is a big deal.

  • Maximize storm touched is just for stacking attack speed as high as possible, attack speed is the most beneficial attribute to invest since every primal strike is a nuke.

  • Wendigo totem sucks in this build, the time spent for you to cast that skill you may had a chance to die if you are surrounded. On the other hand, if you are not surrounded, then you don’t even need that, 10% ADCH is quiet enough with this nuke build. I tested it, it doesn’t help with surviving at all.

  • Good point on the relic, I will change it. I accidentally used the one I crafted in game. :grinning:

Most ppl would say 2.6 da is hardly enough for main game…

8% rr from Corruption packaged with 44 oa is better. The very Corruption spell gives you more DPS than that 10% phys to lightning for PS first node. Especially now that Ultos does pure lightning now. That 10% phys to lightning translates to weasely 36 lightning to PS first node (not to forget about the crazy 2 flat from Steel Resolve :wink:)

6% attack speed for 10p… Only if your really got points to spare. Debatable even on Savagery builds.

Wendigo is golden in SR where all you do is facetanking bosses one on one. Free 6% adcth. One cast per boss (per 15 seconds). For SR, Wendigo Totem was taken even by the best Stormreaver builds that didn’t really need it (with massive single target damage from Savagery and Feral Hunger) just because it’s free 6% adcth for 2 points.

Wendigo sucks in Crucible where there’s too much movement.

In crowds, sure, even 4% is enough. But SR is all about one-on-one-ing bosses, isn’t it?

I don’t know about “much” (I think this set is still mediocre at best and forces to fix core stats with augments and components you don’t want but gotta use) but here’s a solid no-green: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p6nzaZ. If to leave that da at 2.6 dmg would be slightly better due to more rr and more oa+crit dmg.

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I agree with ya. Maxing out torrent is a must. If you want AS, get dying god. It’s by far the best offensive devotion for this build. Furthermore…you’re missing out AS components on glove, medal, and chest piece.

You’re also missing out AS on rings. Would suggest astral ruminations. EZ 14% AS with average rolls.

EDIT: You’re giving up 22/12 torrent for 1% AS, but trying to get ~14 flat lightning damage on your rings. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Oh, hi! Long time. You cannot really take DG here, how? Spider got buffed just now. His devos are good except dropping Hawk for half-assed Aeon, imo. Ruminations… yeah, I wanted them, but Ultos got such terrible core stats…


I would give up either ultos or spear for DG. AS is king IMO.

Has been proven by jajaja in his old school ultos elementalist. I’m not sure, but fluff might have done the same on his ultos conjurer too.

Hmmm… That must have been before the DG nerf, wasn’t it? Anyway, my best solution for Ultos is screw it and play Stormreaver. Set where the main has to beg for attack speed and there is no hybridization with casts and da is, as you see, at 2.6k even with Dranghouls and Kings unless Ravager Eye & Co… no thanks.

DG is good because cdr but is it if you gotta drop a T3? How about Reckless Tempest? What is that cdr even for? (genuine question, not bitching! :wink:)

I wish it wasn’t tbh, it feels so dirty.

1 on 1? Did you guys watched the SR 75-76 vid he recorded? He took all the bosses on the boss chunks head on.

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No, I didn’t watch it. What bosses were there?

Not trying to take anything from the build but the spawn was on the easier side by SR standard. The toughest enemy was Valdaran which this build pretty much countered by nature. I can show you vids like that too, doesn’t mean that I can do it all the time.

Thx for the feed back, Valdaran is not the thread at all, in my vid I hunted him in the end of 75. He has the most lightning res, but still face tank him without any kiting is not a problem at all, 100% guaranteed.

The most dangerous combination is Grava + Kaisan, and they all spawn in small arena( the scene without lava). it takes 30~40 secs to kite Grava using Spear of Heaven and storm box to trigger gear procs like Ultos’s Wrath and Lightning Chain. Then just face tanking Kaisan without taking hits by his Shard. Eventually, even with the worst scenario, this build is able to make SR 75-76 run successfully and efficiently.

HI, ya. I give you a suggestion that before you trying to judge someone’s build, please make it piratical and realistic, please don’t just do paper work with grim tools.

This time I will do it for you in game, According to your GT link I adjusted in game:

Compare to my build:

  • Offencive part:

    • Pros:
      • 8% more RR from Seal of Corruption applied to a single target. if counted the time that you spent with the animation of the skill, this should be included in cons. as u missed 3 primal strike hits every 5 seconds.
      • 8% more Critical damage modifier.
    • Cons:
      • Damage drops 11% for primal strike ( see image above).
      • Weapon Damage dropped 2000~3000.
      • OA drops 70( with buff from Tenaticy of the Boar).
      • Global Lightning damage modifier dropped 200%.
      • Global Electrocute damage modifier dropped 200%.
      • Due to 25% less Aether converted to Lightning, Damage from Spear of Heaven and Acane Bomb all dropped 12.5%.
      • Attack Speed dropped 1% (with buff from storm touched)
  • Defensive part:

    • Pros:
      • Increased 265 DA.
      • Increased 1442 health.
      • Increased 20% freeze resist.
    • Cons:
      • 0 trap resist, dropped 54% from mine.
      • 25% stun resist, dropped 35% from mine.
      • Dropped 285 armor.
      • Piercing, Cold, Fire resistances could barely reach 80%.

I know you mainly focusing on Crucible build, which may had much more fun with Colorful Buffs surrounded you which are Crucible exclusive. But things get quite different in SR 75+ runs especially after patch You always get bad debuff from bad mutators and all monsters in SR 75+ is way more powerful than Crucible ones. Even elite foes has ability to reduce 25 of all your res, With such low capped resistance and CC res in SR75+ is pretty much suicide.

Please at least watch the vid first before commenting, its embarrassing.
With downside of DA part from my build, I have explained and even proven with a vid to face tank all bosses in the end of SR76 boss fighting. Around 2500+ DA in SR 75 76 is quite enough, as long as you do not go further into SR 80+.
Again, if you enjoy your crucible run pretty much, then don’t even bother with SR builds.

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