[] The Infernal Champion Sorceress, Gladiator 6:15 on average!

Wait, I thought I am just being positive!

I see Light’s Oath. Blue one converts vitality from Bat, but this one will covert the pierce, so good, proc is interesting but isn’t BWC already doing that?

Sanctified Bone perhaps is better, indeed. Fire builds can have troubles against chtonics enemies being resistant to fire.

Proc will be just a free damage in your case. Selling point was trading 30 OA for a Sanctified Bone goodiness.

Then why not blue Blazing Inferno ring. Or 25% pierce to fire is worth it?

Damn, you are right, bet you never heard this before in GD forum :wink:

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Does she look like this under the armor?
I have a Sorcerer on the way who can’t do magic. Can you set him up on a date?

I use the invisible armor illusion :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Your Sorc need to learn how to do magic and will have no problems with dates.

Throwing molotov cocktails isn’t magic :roll_eyes:

Ah, good old IK BWC Sorc. One of my favorite builds from vanilla and glad it’s still great.

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very cool. seems to melt everything very fast. Is that mortar mostly isnt it?

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It does have quite a lot in one item: +1 to [basically all] skills + 130OA + 130DA + -5s active CD proc +16%CDR + energy regen boost. This is superior to an entire T3 devotion(imho). Elemental certainly seems to be the recent flavor.

Some single item boosts still catch me by surprise and bewilder me. I’m am a little surprised that some of that single uber item isn’t moved into the 4-piece IC set. Or something like that.

But ultimately I am happy to see sorcs and Nice! to this build. Very good to see the IC set used.


It’s Mortar+fire procs+BwC. All in together makes the damage.

Thanks, it’s definitely great now. Arcanist+Mines buff is spot on.

Hater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have Star Pact and Nullification and… why my build is called Sorceress? :thinking: