[] The Infernal Champion Sorceress, Gladiator 6:15 on average!

  • When you play fire Sorceress you have many options to choose for intro pic


Sorc is always considered proper class for casters and generally the state of it reflects the status of casters. Right now casters are the hot commodity in GD and fire is suitable damage type for that. Infernal Champion set actually supports Shieldbreaker, but meh, let’s play with Arcanist. Arcanist class allows for big spirit dump. Since the changes to it finally can be used as support class. You’ll see I didn’t take any Arcanist offensive spells.

Credit to @thejabrixone for some of the ideas for the build!



  • permanent buffs, DPS for Stormfire.

GRIM TOOLS- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25JxQyV


Build have nice burn damage to BWC, but main source of damage are fire procs from devotions, powered by the big spirit and CDR, also set proc. But probably biggest damage source is Mortar traps. I boost their number to 4 and they blow quite the punch. Also Stormfire is used as damage filler. It have some weapon damage, which helps with sustain. Termite mines at 26/16 offer some damage and staggering -50% elemental RR.


Maiven absorb, Blast Shield, Ghoul, Bat, Giant’s blood, Phoenix, Serenity, Turtle. Build don’t have much life steal, so need to stack few defensive layers. As whole it’s safe to play it in Crucible, but require concentration and minimal kiting in Nemesis waves. You can run if you are low, while Mortars doing damage and BWC ticks triggeres bat. It’s emperative to bind Giant’s blood to Blast shield for reliable procing. One problem can be the low permanent physical resistance. If you play in SR, you can take Seal of Might in the off hand.


You can get Cyclone to empower further Termites, but I decided to play with Vanity-OA, DA and +1 to both classes. Medal, Hands and Conduit for Mortars. Relic is defensively, cause offensive make this build too squishy. Rings are open for personal choice.

Crafting bonuses are all over the place. build have lots of craftable items. So I choose 2 with slow, 1 with stun, 1 with armor and 1 with physique or something like this. Slow resistance is low other than crafting bonus, but it doesn’t really matter much here.


Put Mortars on the ground, mines and BWC. Lure enemies in that spot. Shepard them with Stormfire and run in circles if in danger. Passive defenses usually will make build not needed the running though. Remember to use Crucible environment for your advantage.


I say build have good clear rate, but isn’t 100%. Biggest trouble is Iron Maiden, she hits hard and also is crazy resistant to fire. Kaisan and Grava, double Reaper are other minor problems. In combo there are dangerous. Average time is probably around 6:15, hard to say cause difference is large. Good mutators can push it to crazy clear times territory, while bad can make it a drag.

Here’s my :four_leaf_clover: lucky video with favorable conditions, time is stunning 5:44! Like they say better to be lucky than good :stuck_out_tongue:

Reincarnation of this cult classic completed!


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@Nery Classic Fire Caster! :+1::+1:

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Thanks, it really is!

Solid :+1:
Likes the fact that mortar is somewhat splashable in caster demo now. Shame that lightning get unconverted…

This season is not so bad. DW melee is dying but caster is thriving…

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Natural order of things. I can use rings for conversion, but they aren’t good enough and I am already tight on stats/resistances. But 100% physical to fire, 4 at same time, extra boost, they are doing nice damage. Plus my lightning modifier is nice and mines are giving me instant 50% RR, so not bad at all.

Damn that aldanar is on every fire sorc nowadays. Did that thing get buffed? I remember the stats being crappy before.

I think recently the DA and OA was buffed. But it’s useful if you need the skill bonuses, place not occupied by set item like Cyclone or Cataclysm. Also is good, when I tried make big spirit build, cause otherwise my DA and OA will be low.

Stats is good. Also every plus to arcanist is valuable nowadays. Well, especially in this build where Nery used a lot of points in both masteries

Swear that wasn’t in AoM or even early FG, that’s why people would use arcane wastes or even cataclysm book without the set.

Yup, it wasn’t there. I think credit is to @adoomgod threads. I think he can shed some light about Aldanar’s Vanity. But is good. I was thinking about Cyclone off hand, but since I use calamitous desires, isn’t worth it.

I got aldanar base OA/DA buffed. Maybe overbuffed? It’s nice to see it again tho.

Sick sorc, Nery! Very solid defensive layers I should say! I like it.

One small thing I would change is component in chest and a ring: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy91j0Z

Seems like it’s much better that way.

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I am scared to ask now. I like it in my spirit dump build. But Imo it will not be universal fit. No health, resistances, proc/skill/, no RR, just the OA and DA. So it was nice buff, it help me with this build!


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There is no balancing. It is just “season”.

A way for crate to entertain the long term players… :wink:

Thanks a lot, Lee!

I like my OA to be higher, these days OA give great return but Sanctified Bone is nice component too, maybe will run more offensive version to see if it can survive the pressure :thinking:

PS, I always appreciate your advises!

But my suggested version has just 30 less OA but it has Bone + better ring with a proc!

This is Crate’s community manager, pls delet this

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Or put it in a frame…

Today’s the day when all my posts will create controversy!