This game has 0 balance. OMG is it unbalanced!

Don’t forget about Multiplayer bro. We have lost too many chars due to those positive auras cancelling each other. MP is out of balance for sure. Other than that I agree about competitive aspects and lack of balance in general. But I don’t really think it’s a big deal in a mostly SP game with no global economy and ratings. Asking too much. I’m longing to see a hardcore viable 2H ranged build that can be used for reliable SR 40-60 farming. Or any kind of viable battlemage lol. Poor battlemages.

They want the same thing everybody else wants…

They just make easy targets cause they have an extra title on the forum.

The only difference between Praetorians and other players us that they help is iron out gamebreaking bugs before the patches go live. A good number of Praetorians doesn’t even give a damn about endgame, and recruiting them was a deliberate decision.


Grim Dawn excells through the wide variety of thoughtful integrated game mechanics. If u knew what all got sharpen and fleshed out in terms of gameplay/item/skill decision u wouldnt even dream of to complain like this.

So in such a spectrum, looking at the extremes (forcewave early,this that etc) and cancelling anything else out of your view could lead you to statements like this thread.

Without any judgement, condition/playtime/circumstance…
Exploring the game in its wholeness would easily justify some stuff being complained. So lets not freak out on thinking soldier is op (those aspects you described are what soldier is, i mean… thats the living archetype of how it is designed, its not bad, just how it is :kissing_closed_eyes: )

Soo chillax injoy the ride and abuse the op-ness in a good way :sunglasses:

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Although I think diablo 3 sucks on a lot of fields (vanilla campaign, childish atmosphere, very few variety, set forcing you to play how the developers want… and so on) it is by far the most competitive.

The reasons are simple: leaderboard with access to gear vizualisation, timed challenge rift, and so on.

I think Grim Dawn should add such a mode, like a timed small shattered realm with a defined build from the community, AND an open version where any build can be played. Would allow to easily spot builds that are overpowered for example.

The GD foundations - minus the graphics - are amazing, just some details that can be improved.

They make easy targets because they flock every player trying to express his/her opinion based on his/her personal experience. Somehow, in every similar thread, it’s the praetorians who respond first, jump the gun and start the flame wars. At least this is my subjective impression. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them, even if it may not always seem that way. I actually have a lot of respect for the work being done. That doesn’t mean that they are always right or that I have to agree with their points of view just because some of them have invested 11k hours into this game (kudo’s by the way, I’m only half way there lol). Also, as you have said, many of them don’t give a damn about endgame. But many of us, players, do give a damn about endgame. Same goes for different modes including HC.

But let me try and be more positive and provide some constructive feedback here. Let’s take baby steps and fix battlemages? How about just that? Maybe make some of those epics synergize with the physical devastation or blade arc so that both builds become cruci viable? Same goes for 2H ranged builds. All it takes is a couple of good blues to make them tanky enough to earn a good spot in your middle line.



Then everyone will start complaining about nonexistent build diversity and how this season everyone is playing warlords or purifiers. And Zantai will have to work hard every season to rebalance things and give chance to other builds next round. Same as happens with Diablo 3, PoE and similar games.

the world needs your birbs. send them all over around and inbetween lol Maya :sweat_smile: :relieved: :dizzy:

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I hardly ever respond to these types of thread and if i do as often as you say i do, you are gonna have to come up with evidence if i actually do. Because the way i see, this is grossly overexaggerated just in order to make praetorians look worse than they truly are.

It’s really a crime to, i don’t know, counter argue? The point of the forum is for discussion and if you post a thread with arguments that people disagree with, expect people to disagree in the posts below.

Really, the problem here is that instead of discussing the arguments we present, you instead have to twist everything into a “you against us” narrative.

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Name the last time a Praetorian that doesn’t rhyme with wowbam started a flame war.


Yeah, I’m not sure it’s fair to pretend they’re all named powbam. :wink:

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Maybe it’s simply because they are already heavily involved in the game, and like any group of people, some are more opinionated than others.

And on the subject of Battlemages, most of us agree they are underpowered. In fact, one Praetorian in particular reminds Zantai of this pretty regularly.

You mean they aren’t already? :rofl:

Last three comments are the proof :slight_smile:

…of what? That we exist?

Good, I was getting worried there for a sec.

Haha, no. Of jumping the gun. Regardless of whether you are right or wrong.

Generally it’s not jumping the gun when someone overtly accuses you of something in a thread of 140 posts with dozens of people in it.

If you want to make bold “PRAETORIANS ARE EVIL” posts, yeah, expect some objections. But we’re hardly the ones to be ‘starting’ the flame war in that circumstance.

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Don’t know how that’s proof that we flock to every thread criticizing the game, but okay.

The funny thing is that if people actually knew how we are during testing this misconception that we must defend the game at all costs would evaporate in a second.

Alright, that’s enough of that…this thread was obnoxious from the beginning, but even that has gone seriously off-topic. Let’s cut the personal attacks, please.


Well, if you read carefully, you aren’t being overtly accused of anything other than being overtly present and jumping on every hot topic as if there’s literally nothing else to do. In fact, just a few posts ago, I stated that I have great respect for the work you do. But we don’t live in a black and white world, and I don’t agree with some of your opinions. Which is fine in my opinion.

You know what would be most fucking helpful? If everyone would enter these discussions with one simple question on the forefront of their mind, “What if I’m wrong?”