[] MEGASORC - BwC+Canister+Mortars Super Duper Tanky Sorcerer (c5:30 average) (sr80 no aggro abuse)

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQa1ORN
(crafted w/ 2 x slow res and credits to @mad_lee for the Silvercore Bolts component) :wink:

Saves _Marvelius.zip (1.6 MB)

Cru 4+3 in 5:32 https://youtu.be/ICq3Wlu4s5M

SR80 no aggro abuse https://youtu.be/2imVi62WVuc (by no aggro abuse I mean failed aggro abuse)

Alternative devotions bindings https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B0vobZ (Wendigo, more dmg, better for Crucible)


Welcome to the land of truly sorcerous shit. I have moiled over this build for days. The goal was to create the ultimate BwC sorc based on Infenal Knight set and a little something on top. I tried everything. First AAR in each and every way. CT, too. Then Mortars but with Pyre rings + Elemental Seekers. Then this one with dozens of gear and devo and component/augment and devo binding combos. Finally, I arrived at this gem - if I may say so - of the noble art of GD buildcrafting. Some may say I ripped it from Nery but NO 1) I never saw it 2) this one’s DIFFERENT! 3) I saw it long ago :wink:


The offense is obvious - 3 demo mains (or 4 if to include Mines) with all the support that could be mustered as well arcanist oa and cdr. Defense is more interesting - beside the standard Blast Shield + Mirror and Maiven, we have double Blazeseer rings with up to 60% vitality to fire conversion paired with Bat and Scales. Sadly, this caused quite a low global %fire/burn and quite a low for a sorc crit dmg but the sheer number and intensity of skills more than make up for it. Also, Mortars force to drop the standard sorc combo of Eternity relic and Aldanar’s Vanity offhand which affects the Blast Shield+Mirror playstyle.

Build can both facetank just about everything in Crucible (with the right handling of Blast Shield + Mirror) and kite with little dps loss against SR monstrosities. I haven’t tried Celestials but there would have to be a serious shuffling of resistances involved. However, with some pharma and lots of kiting, why not, can do.


  1. Start with demolitionist and grab Blackwater Cocktail. Pump one point in it and 2 in mastery every level. Grab the first off-hand available and put first a Searing Ember and then Flintcore Bolts component on it. The granted skill of Fireblast/Greater Fireblast will work better than softcapped Firestrike at this point. Together with BwC, it will carry you long way. You can use Conflagration relic with it’s mini fire AAR if you have it. Use Seal of Destruction with Stormfire as soon as you can. You can use some Flashbang to fix holes in oa and get another layer of defense.

  2. Grab 1 point in Flame Touched, Vindictive line, some Blast Shield if you don’t wanna die, and once you get to Mines and Agonizing Flames, pump them to the max like BwC. Dont bother with arcanist side until you did that. Then move to arcanist and grab everything as is, 1p in skill, 2p in mastery.

  3. Devos, either get Bat first and then Ghoul or get Eel and Sailor for an early boost in run speed. Don’t bother with Scales until you get double Blezeseer rings with good conversion rolls. Follow the path to Torch. Best take devotions with procs first so that they start leveling asap.

  4. On gear prioritize resistances and %fire dmg.

  5. Don’t bother with Mortars until you get the off-hand, the gloves and the medal. BwC and Canister alone are plenty strong for Gladiator 120~ and SR 50-65 even with ragtag faction gear and random drops. Here’s an example of an half-assed sorc from my start-from-scratch corner https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvBmLvV and it works just fine for SR70.

  6. In endgame prioritize rolls on cooldown reduction, conversion and phys res. NOTE: Unless you got good enough rolls on cdr do not bind BwC to Fissure from Magi devotion. It needs to be at 1s cooldown. If it’s not, you’re not gonna get many Fissures anyway so better use BwC (it has increased proc chance) for something else.

thx for reading and all questions/comments welcome


Nice devo map, someone is keeping with the meta. Also, smart use of Silvercore Bolts, I wonder, where did you see that? ))

I would only suggest to drop one point into Hellfire Mines since you have decent Chaos damage modifier (and decent RR to it with Hellfire Mines). With added radius to Mines damage boost from Hellfire Mines is worth it, especially for one point investment.

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This looks like something i can get behind. Thanks as well for the brisk leveling guide, ill be giving this a shot soon.

Yes. The +60% fire to Mines is also worth it. Can also get Demon Fire for points in Flame Touched. But I don’t like the chaos tint.

damn, no credit for dem Silvercore Bolts!

You sure? Look again.

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Damn what a mega good build!

And yes it’s very different(and better) than my build. Blast them bombs! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like your devo so much. Might steal it for testing another build… :shushing_face:

Can’t finish Torch though…

I dig the build and the devotions! Have you tried using Wendigo with your conversion? Cansiter bomb is a monster wendigo proccer.

Yes, I did. I think it was this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRrPmvZ. It was close. More raw dmg. But another active devo messes up the bindings in way I didn’t like (like Torch on the movement rune or no BwC on Fissure which is a powerhouse when it gets to 1s cooldown). And also energy became a slight issue. But it’s also a great way to make it. It’s much better in Crucible where you always have lots of enemies to leech from. But with scales it’s more universal, I think

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Converted scales is just so good


edit: sorry @Crittrain


I’m not entirely certain that BwC is better for Fissure than CB, even with >=34% CDR and a strong BwC focus.

Very nice build. I have question about devotion route as I’ve played kinda similar fire concept but canister/mortar : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EkAr8Z

Going for Elemental seeker made my clear times way better, I couldn’t go under 5:30 with any other fire damage oriented devotion route and after switching to it I had consistent runs under 5:30, fastest was 5:15. Would it work here?

I think the only way to finish torch is to remove Phoenix, Spider and the yellow crossroads point and replace them with Raven and Oklaine. I don’t know if it’s worth it btw, you lose Alladrah’s final which is extra tankiness, some health, DA and 5% crit dmg, to gain some OA (about 100 I think) and tiny damage multipliers.

Damn, you’re right. The delay of the cluster bombs makes 2 Fissures proc with every CB. It’s certainly better against few enemies and close enough against many. Tested in Fort Ikon just now. And BwC on Phoenix makes the uptime better for sure. WIll update the build later. Thx.

I did a setup with Seekers and double Pyre rings. I did 5-ish runs so it’s definitely faster but died every second run.

Without those Pyre rings and and Warpfire, I’m not sure Seekers are worth it. Have you tried sth like this? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28LGaD2 (quick craft)

Not worth it. Last two in Torch give 100%fire/100%burn. Phoenix gives 120%fire/100%burn plus a bunch of good stats plus a a very good proc. Raven and Lantern minus Spider don’t make up for it imo.

I’ve tryied few routes, with phoenix either but probably not this one from your link, once I find motivation to go with it sub5 I am going to give it a try :grinning:

I have one question either about “The big one”. I see you corected it in my GT link and you don’t use it in your sorc. Is it not worth for mortar traps? How does it work exactly? Description is not full clear at all for me.

I have played it and confirm that the build is really good. Here is my really fast Crucible run with it:

But I have tried to be cavalier in SR and died quite a lot in SR80. Shouldn’t be that hard with aggro abuse tho:

It needs buffed… :kapp:

Nobody knows how it really works but here’s what I observed:

  • one Mortar can only shoot one Big One throughout its life
  • it’s more or less random when it happens
  • sometimes it doesn’t happen at all

So when you have 24s lifespan Mortars at 2s cooldown and you spam them, it very often happens that you kill your first Mortar before it had a chance to shoot its Big One. Conversely, if you summon them coolly, not in a rush, Mortars that already shot Big One are left alone to never shoot it again as long as they live.

In practice, when I spam my Mortars I see Big Ones sometimes every 4 seconds, sometimes 2 in a row (rarely), and sometimes I don’t see any for 10 seconds (quite often). When you summon them coolly, then you’ll see noticeably less Big Ones. On the average with 5 Mortars, idk, looks like maybe one in every 20-25 shots is a Big One.

As for clear times, it would be a boost if you maxed Big One if it was for free. At 1p, however, Big One deals less dmg than your normal shell (it matches dmg around softcap) so it’s DPS loss. Radius is cool but, hey, it might not work for 10 seconds or longer. Not worth 12 skill points for 5.5m radius increase and 25%dmg increase (on this build) in this system for sure. If you have many free ranks then compare the tooltip and see if it’s worth it for 1p.