V1.1.8.0 Mastery Combo Discussion

Bug fucking no
The game has become harder, converted leech procs are musthave now. For example, my venomblade works properly only with 14% ADCtH + fully converted Scales proc; Trozan druid is barely playable without green belt + Bat.


I am for nerfing vitality leeches but devotions like scales shouldn’t be touched.

I’m not sure I understand why this is? Abilities like War Cry have -RR debuffs with no effect duration (other than to other debuffs already being applied via the same mechanism), and there are plenty of examples of -RR being applied by an aura with no fixed duration (Censure, CP, Night’s Chill etc)

Not to mention that 2 out of the 3 skills you mention already apply another debuff - including Grasping Vines - so what particular difference would it make to the game engine what debuff it is?

War Cry’s RR is worded as “x reduced target’s y resistance” not “-x% resistance”. The first is often called flat RR in the community, both are different in how they work and how they are applied. War Cry can never have -x% RR.

These are debuffs that last 1s and pulse constantly, the duration is just not shown but you can observe the behaviour in-game for yourself. Pets like Wind Devil or Inquisitor Seal are also marked as debuffs internally and exhibit the same behaviour:

Wind Devil


Inquisitor Seal


I don’t know the specifics of it or the engine in general but this is just how I’ve come to understand how it works and it has been confirmed by older players than I (including some of the most prominent modders in the community) and Zantai in the past.


“Nerf all the fucking Vitality! Even the devotions!”

I don’t mean nerf vit across the board like raise all monsters’ vit res. Just nerf the outliers such as Blighlord, Dark One, Nightbringer (like why the hell was Bane nerfed and not this?), RE, maybe Vines, maybe Eldritch relic, etc.

Top vitality builds are ridiculous right now. They are just as fast as some of the best glass cannons but also immortal.

I know it would look like a dick move on the part of Z to close the door to SR100 for builds like Trozan or VB but… is it really the place for such builds?

Just look at Z trying so hard and nerfing wpn dmg on them Stormfire, Chillspikes, Biting Blades to limit sustain for casters, unbeknownst that it doesn’t really matter cuz Scales. :wink:

I know it’s the favorite devo and basically a universal build enabler but there’s no two ways about it: Scales is op af. Scales is even better on aether binders than the classic Aeon-ed active defense ([] Melee Krieg Spellbinder two builds - DW and 2H -> 5:30-6:00 CR/SR 100/sub2min Ravager + Crate killer/75-76 farmer) or on fire with measly 50% conv from crappy blue rings ([] MEGASORC - BwC+Canister+Mortars Super Duper Tanky Sorcerer (c5:30 average) (sr80 no aggro abuse))

I hope it’s possible to make it that when you cast null the null effect only applies on the first tick and then the other effects stay for like a 5 second tick so that you can put RR in it, then have cdr and duration mods so the RR application is at least a bit consistent

It has dmg redux so in theory should be capable of -x% rr.

I know. What I’m concerned is if I get it correctly, the null effect is applied per tick in one second ticks. If we build an item around null which has say a 5 second duration increase to null (that’s the only way you can put usable -RR on null, otherwise it’ll only last for a second), then the null debuff effect will also last for an extended 5 seconds, which is super OP - you’ll fight nems who can’t buff themselves and you don’t get debuffed with random stuff for 6 seconds. Unless that issue is addressed (or I’m wrong with how null works) then it won’t work, but I’ll love it if it does work.

I think Null has two parts, one is the null and the other is the lingering debuff. I don’t think the null itself refreshes ever second.

And the lingering effect is already 12-16s so no problem there. Just the cooldown is a problem because rr with long cooldown and low radius is not viable.

Or give it a freakishly large radius. Would be super cool.

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Also, checked some blue items . I’d love to see a decent burning option for Vire might.

Unfortunately there is no 2H fire with %CDR rolls on them and the best thing right now is that blue mace. MB push it to purple and give it CDR? I like burning spot, its cool =)

I’ve split off the debate over Devotions and sustain to its own thread.

Please keep this thread on topic.


I would like to see Bleeding Reaper.

Therefore, a AA-Replacer would be needed and maybe some changes to Blood Knight Set to support Nightblade.


I want to say, there are Arcanist, who have NO ResistReduction (except of Null, which is not comfortable) and Soldier, who have no stackable RR, only nonstackable RR to Phys.

Compared to other classes, who oftenly have a lot of RR with very handy ang good to use skills, Arc and Sol are underdogs.

So, Arc+Sol lack of RR desperately, and this combo is very hard to play. Is there at least one good Cruci cleaner? Nope. Even harder to make non-phys built due to absense of any “natural” RR.

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Literally the first build from the subforum :wink:


Nope. 5+ min with 4 buffs and 4 banners is very mediocre result.
I bet it cant even finish 170 without 4+4.

What’s the point of not using 4 + 4 though (aside from personal preference of course).
Steroids are meant to be used in Crucible.
5+ minutes mediocre :laughing:
Zantai now cannot nerf 5 minutes builds because they are mediocre.


Tis’ not a 4buffs+4 banners! I use 3 buffs only :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also 5:12 is still top tier time. And mind I have some lag.

Build can’t finish without 4+4? Apparently can. If you mean no buffs and beacons at all, then probably no.

But if one build clears 170 in 5+ min naked (no buffs no banners) - he is definitely more powerful then build, who clears with 4+4.

On your screenshot 4 buffs and banner (at least 1)