Men and Women Stereotypes in Games

The rest of the guide is irrelevant

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:-1: Really?

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Is there are problem?

No, I just find the skimpily clad seductress stereotype so old nowadays. As if anyone could fight anything dressed like that.


Ashes of Malmouth lady?

I get your concern, but most of pictures in google are with similar context :smile:

I had words to say about her when testing as well. Not so much the stereotype, but I just didn’t think she fit the AoM expansion.

But you see the point of developers, most of the audience for RPG games is males, very often teenagers/young adults. So certain body features are added to make the game more visually appealing to the target group.

I don’t think that was the point at all actually. And you need to revise your thinking.

" Surveys conducted by analyst firm Superdata Research have found that in the US, women play more PC games overall than men. They also play more RPGs on PC than men, while men outnumber women in the FPS and MMO genres."

No need to continue with stereotypes for games these days.


Stereotypes are based on reality usually. Plus 95% of this forum users are male too, that’s statistical correct. If you think my picture violates the rules, I will remove it. I find it with google search of “fire Sorceress”. As I say most of the pictures have similar context.

I never said it broke any rules and it doesn’t. I get that it’s something guys like, I just get very bored with seeing it.


What about muscled chest dude on the loading screen?

His chest hair will stop the blades :rofl:

He’s okay. I don’t drool over any male though. At least it was a balance to Byscilla. :wink: But this is off topic since it’s Nery’s build. Your fault spanks for reposting the screenshot alone. :smile:

It was a complete joke medea :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose my question is - why the beef with women being depicted in skimpy outfits, but not men?

Feel free to shift this to another more appropriate thread. I also want to add that I’m genuinely intrigued by what you’ve said. Any questions I pose which pushes against it isn’t meant to challenge you. that’s just how I go about understanding things.

It’s my fault for posting it in first place. But see the how society norms affect how we understand our environment. Woman’s cleavage is focal problem in this topic, but man’s naked chest isn’t. Different standards :smile:

After going off topic, I usually say, Um… Nice build. But here the build and topic is mine, so don’t know what to say.

I think it’s different mindsets spanks. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think women get the same sort of turn on that men do.

The fact that the characters in GD wear proper gear is a plus point for me. Much as I love TQIT, the gear there isn’t very practical for fighting a war against monsterous foes.

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Because Medea, even proper gear in Grim Dawn will not protect you from meteors falling from them sky, comets, Termite Mines and whatever. Just like you can’t carry 40 shields in your inventory. The games are set in fantasy world and are not 100% accurate and their point isn’t to be.

I dunno…I think men are just as equally objectified as women.

He-man and tarzan are but 2 examples which pop into mind.

If the issue is with skimpy outfits, then it shouldn’t be gender specific

True… but it is practical for fighting human men. A beautiful scantily clad woman can cause some havok… tho she runs across the wrong type of men - well, they may just go on ahead and take what they want and since she’s ill-armored the odds are against her.

Anyway, no complaints here… plus I dig the redheads Nery. Keep that pic I say!

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They are… women just like to play “dumb” and pretend they don’t do that… but it’s 2019 and the cat has long been out of the bag now. We know they are actually worse than us!