[] The Tornado - Pierce EoR Dervish

This certainly is a Whirling Dervish - excellent job x1 :+1:

Maybe, but I value + skills too much in this build. Also, I’d need to change items to cover chaos res if a relic change happens.


if the relic is not alluring enough on this build of all pierce builds, then maybe it’s not good enough and needs a buff.

I can think of no other build where that relic ought to be bis.

My issue with not having belgo relic is low upkeep on Ulzaad and RoS rr

The original version of this build had belgo but with the tweaks I did after this patch I lacked chaos res so I jammed in serenity for an easy solution.

Azrakaa relic has very good stats as well as the proc, It’s just a shame cause relic slot is usually reserved for skill bonuses and it doesn’t provide any

I think what kills the proc for me is that the damage from the summons do not stack

I thought it stacks like wind devil?


It does not. It’s actually pretty useless.

Regarding wind devils, only maelstrom stacks.

For a mythical relic, azrakaa’s epoch is trash.

50 OA, 50 DA, ~120% relevant damage, vit res, petrify resist, and a garbage proc.

I can literally get more stats than that from 3 jewellery augments.

EDIT: The funniest thing about azrakaa’s epoch is that it requires eye of the storm to craft. So you’re trading one of the best lightning relics in the game (and more) for a relic which is somewhat comparable to guile on physical builds:


Shattered Set + double Reaver Claw combo should be banned! #Shatterdsetisforweakclasses


^This is a belgo player jealous of the new kids on the block :stuck_out_tongue:

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a question can this build be viable by self found items until i can farm up the neccesery items ?? (im a beginer so im sorry if its stupid question)

Depends on how lucky you are. If you find both swords early then that’s just what this build needs. Other than that, you just need to get decent stats from random items so you can farm the realm set.

BTW, anyone knows at what shard the full shattered set can be bought nowadays? Haven’t played SR since before Crate changed the realm set drop mechanics.

60 I believe.