[] The Tornado - Pierce EoR Dervish


So I got interested in spin2win and what’s better than to make an offbeat spinner? Fire, lightning and phys are all boring. Pierce is cool. Dervish is cool.

The Build

GRIMTOOLS > Current Version for EoR was nerfed and build lost around 10% damage. Devotion was also changed to reflect Oleron changes. Boots is probably not necessary but I’m too lazy to check it out.

GRIMTOOLS - outdated version.

Char sheet wit all permanent buffs active and Pneumatic Burst

Build Explanations
  • Swords - obvious pick. No better swords than these
  • Realm Set - it’s currently a no brainer for melee builds without a set. I tried to go 3 pc belgo for more damage but I can’t get paper defenses right.
  • Devotions - Copied the setup from my previous pierce build. Can still make some optimizations but current setup works so damn well. Ghoul could be used since this isn’t as immortal as cadence blademaster.
  • Greens? - can’t cap aether and chaos without them, but a no green setup is possible with serenity relic. Don’t like the paper stats without belgo relic tho.
Cruci Performance and Video UPDATE

With the EoR nerfs build after tweaks lost like 10% damage but is still really good compared to other uncommon eor variants. I heard from @sir_spanksalot that phys eor warlord does around the same times as this so I think pierce is now tied with phys as third best damage type for EoR after fire and lightning, especially since acid dunefiend isn’t viable without a lot of MI.

Spec pretty much clears around that time. I also made a 6:03 run but can’t upload at the moment.

Gameplay is pretty relaxed, just spin, RoS, blink if needed then spin more. The only real trouble is Kaisan so make sure you kill the crystals as soon as they spawn. Kaisan usually takes too long to kill compared to any other enemy in crucible (and likely in campaign bar superbosses).

Other Stuff

Campaign single target DPS tests - Not really impressive. 14s MQ and 21s Dummy. Meaning this build shines in cruci where it can kill multiple nemeses at the same time with its AOE.

Realms - Don’t like realms. Haven’t tried.


Thanks again to Safarel - 2nd time I used his devotion setup as basis for my build. And to Crate for the game. Thanks for reading!


Soulfire 15-12. T R I G G E R E D.

(jk, what a sick performance for something that looks so gimmicky on the surface).

I hope Z. sees it and doesn’t think it’s because of Pierce. It’s because of how silly strong is EoR.

Two posts of successful EoR builds in short time,nice!

Needs to start playing acid with Dunefield or cold.Damn,the potential in multiple damage types.Pierce looks clunky on the surface,bur 6.20 is really great time.

There’s no better skill to put points in :stuck_out_tongue: unless you use serenity then you can probably cap RoS with the extra points.

Anyway pierce is actually very good even without double RR as long as the main skill is great and you have enough stats. Luckily realm set = automatic stats. I tried 3pc belgo but I can’t get the stats right with that on dervish.

Thanks! You only really spin and cast RoS. That’s less clunky than most AA builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops,bad choices of words.And I like the fact it doesn’t use LA.We had discussion about that with Sir Spanksalot,before some time,I really hate to charge it,even in cold EoR Dervish.

I always did paladin when I tried Pierce eor. Nice one

looks ~perfecto my dude, well done

i am pleasantly surprised by this ones performance. always kinda avoided it thinking it would be a bit lackluster xD

@Valinov @TomoDaK thanks guys. Passive RR best RR so no paladin. Also you lose RR as paladin cause no glove mod.

This came out while examining warborn EoR really. If phys is good with all the armor and the fact that there aren’t much mods on it, then pierce should also be good since it (imo) has better mods than warborn.

I’d love to see cold melee without LA.

For cold EoR makes sense,for pure melee not.Unless you want cold Fire Strike Defiler :sweat:

looks nice! Hail Mamba!

Writeup finished - the vets won’t need it but some people do.

Also I modified the setup very little. Swapped Oleron branch flat phys node with Unknown Soldier Branch Attack speed node and cleartimes improved by like 10s. My fastest is at 6:03. Can’t upload right now tho.

Hail mamba! UPDATE

Build updated to reflect current version, it lost a bit of damage and such but with defensive relic (which is required cause I lost a bit of chaos res from the devotion change) it’s tankier. It’s harder to make some offensive changes for the build cause diamond is required for energy absorb.

Are you kidding me???

It’s because of the freaking SR set.

I tried this exact concept using 3 piece rimetongue + ravager helm and it got demolished

EDIT: just saw the date of lee’s reply :stuck_out_tongue:

@x1x1x1x2 - nicely done on the build

That statement was pre EoR nerfs. This was originally a build. i just edited the title.

Thanks. Btw, this build was basically a product of me looking at Reaver’s claw after posting that sr+double reaver blademaster and then seeing that it had eor mods. Changed class to dervish then got some ele to pierce conversion and kaboom build is done in like 5 mins :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried using a paladin back before ascension nerfs. I even named the spec the imPALA (lame ass pun combining impaler and paladin).

Even with 20/12 seal + ascension god mode it couln’t beat crucible. And that was before the difficulty spike.

I feel like its SR set carrying the build moreso than anything else

I don’t disagree, but it’s not like pierce has good options for builds without any dedicated sets. If there was a sensible option that gave more damage then I’d probably go for it.

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I might be forgetting something, but pierce damage has 2 good sets imo - valdun’s, and belgo

and its rather difficult to incorporate them into a build outside of what they were designed to do.

On a side note, I’ve found 3 piece harra to be excellent on pierce spam casters.

real dervish here :slight_smile:

Have you tried sands relic?